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Thread Kid with an ambition, but in desperate need of help....

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1 Kid with an ambition, but in desperate need of help....
Hey all, my name is Drew... and I'm going on 15 years old and I've been really interested in sound, being that my dad is somewhat of a novice at the whole thing. I am in a band and I just recently went to a studio for the first time and realized what I really wanted to do.... I have a decent equipment set up, but I still am without the knowledge of how to hook it all up to my computer. Heres some of my equipment:

Behringer UB1202 mixer (soon to upgrade)
Shure Beta 57a
Shure Beta 58
Audix OM-2
5 or so cheap CADS
1 Audiotechnica Kick Drum Mic (the cheap one but surprisingly good)

I have a Sony Vaio but no recording software. What are some good recording softwares at decnt prices? Also, what do I need to hook everything up to my computer.
Help is grately appreciated!
Instead of upgrading your mixer which is not that bad I would invest in a multi-input soundcard.

As far as softwares are concerneed, you could start recording with a freeware (ex: Kristal audio engine) before purchasing whatever you like best (Cunase, Sonar...)
Yes first you should buy good multiinput sound card. I suggest you cooledit pro 2 recording program. It is very simple to learn and it is good for start.
Agreed - cool edit pro is great - you can get very good quality recordings with it.... For the technical stuff here's a website I found extremely helpful myself:
----- gives step by steps for setting up your studio, everything from The Basics of Equalization and Feedback - How to effectively approach equaliztion and avoid feedback - to - Microphone Techniques for Music - Studio Recording.
It's a lot of reading - but you'll learn a lot.
Hope that helps some.
Thanks everyone,
I just downloaded a demo version of Cubase SX and wow... It's cool but confusing. I don't know how to make siunce of what I'm about to say. What do I need to plug my mixer into my computer so that each channal on my mixer can come up as a seperate channal on Cubase. (When I used this crappy plug in "a 1/4 inch jack from the input to an adapter which plugs into the "Line in" on my computer.) Then in Cubase it asks you if you want Input 1. I select Input 1 and then, even though i may have four inputs into my mixer, it will only show it as one. I am obviously new to this... If you understand the slightest bit of what I say please feel free to help me out.

What you need is to have as many inputs on the soundcard as the number of tracks you want to record. This is why I suggested the purchase of a new multi-input soundcard. Then you'll have to connect each track of your mixer to the soundcard (thanks to direct-outs or inserts if you do not have direct-outs).
In cubase you'll open several tracks at once chosing a different input for each tack...hope this is clear enough.
I suggest you PCAudiolabs.Cubase.SX.Manual.and.Tutoria if you can get is somewhere. It is very good video manual for cubase.