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Thread Editing MP3 files

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1 Editing MP3 files
Hello Everyone,
Could anyone help me?
I have been given a live recording of a band I played bass in some (many!) years ago,
The chap who did this has recorded a whole gig as 1 MP3 file!
Is it possible for me to break this file down into individual tracks (so when I put the cd in a player I can choose which track I want to hear) without losing the live feel (i.e. no silences between tracks if played all the way through)?
I have Sound forge 7 and audio maestro as editing suites.
Any help would be appreciated.
If you have Nero, it has the ability to 'slice' the file wherever you want. just burn it with no gaps between the tracks (default is 2 secs)
I make mix cd's like this regularly.

also cool edit can do this :)
Thanks for the info,
Ive had a look around Nero but can't find anything about slicing.
Would I be doing right if I chopped the large file into individual tracks then used the "disc at once" feature of my other cd burning software (roxio) which says that this eliminates the 2 second gap between tracks.
You will have to excuse me if this sounds stupid but all this is new to me!
In my day splicing tape was "cutting-edge technology"!
It seemed a lot easier when I was in the studio and an engineer did all the fiddly bits!
Thanks once again for your help.