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Thread Recording to Hard Disk, Sonar

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1 Recording to Hard Disk, Sonar
Hi there

Does any one else out there use Sonar, its seems everyone is using Pro tools or Cubase or something else.

I'm wanting to record live drums, (my system is Sonar 1.2 OS WinXP, on PC 1200Mhz Athlon 256k Ram, I have an older Echo audio Gina sound card it only has 2 inputs,

I'm wondering the best way to go about it, if I go straight in to Sonar through my card i will have to sub mix the drums down to two channels, which might not be great if I screw up the sub mix,

I was thinking of buying a 8 channel (or something similar) hard disk recorder, recording the drums with this , multiple mikes on kit then getting info of hard disk then into Sonar for mixing...... is feasible

Also if I was going to upgrade my Software, is there better options than the Latest Sonar does any one out ther have an objective opinion on whats available


I'm a Cakewalk kind of guy- still using Pro Audio 9.0

For recording live drums, I'd look at a multiple input sound card, like the MAudio Delta 1010.
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Yeah I'd love to get a big sound card problem is budget - it'll probabl cost me 1200+ New Zealand dollars to get anything with more than 8 inputs, hence the reasoning on going for a hard disk recorder,problem is I don't know anything about them

So if any one can tell me the basics that would be great