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Thread So overwhelmed...I NEED HELP! PLLLEASE!

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1 So overwhelmed...I NEED HELP! PLLLEASE!
Ok so I was about to buy the new Digitech GNX4...and then I was like what do I know?! I'm gonna spend 600 bucks on something that I don't know all that much about and I really wansn't that impressed with the GNX3...I play accoustic guitar and sing...I also have a drummer and a bass player...what the hell do I need? I want to record to my computer and edit with protools...Should I get the MBox? Somebody guide me I can't find any help anywhere and everytime I think I learn something new I hear all this crazy terminology and I go nuts! AHH Help!
Hey Log,

I am sort of in the same boat. I play alone mostly, but sometimes jam with others and want to be able to record to pc.

From what I have seen, the best way to go (keep in mind I am a newbie also) is to use an external mixer, Behringer's are pretty affordable, or Mackie seems to have a good rep but be more expensive...

Anyway, hook your stuff up to the mixer as usual, then run the mixer into the fangled new expensive sound card your going to be buying, and use some recording software to do your mixdowns.

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