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Thread Recording without an amp

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1 Recording without an amp
Sup guys,

I recently sold my amp and processor for an offer I couldn't refuse and I was wondering what's the best way to get a decent recording with my guitar going straight into the computer?

I was thinking just getting a 1/8'' converter to plug the guitar straight into the mic input and using some effects program for distortion or what not. Is the quality necessarily good in this regard though, or is there some other way I can get a better recording?

I have a MIDI jack on my soundcard but I don't know if that amounts to anything I've never used the freakin thing. I have a little money to spend if I can get a better quality recording but not too much, maybe a couple hundred bucks.

Any advice appreciated.

the joemeek micromeek becomes part of your computer, if you have space, and is about $200, really amazing device for recording a direct instrument into your computer

i have never tried one, but ive been reading about this

looks promising
The mic in doesn't work very well cause it has a crappy little mono preamp. I think berringer has a preamp thats around $20 that would let you plug into the line in and use the software processer.

I got an RP 50, 50 bucks on ebay, thats a dallor an RP. plugged into the line in, sounds awsome.
What I do is, I got this Zoom 505 multieffect pedal. I searched on google for patch settings, and modify it with a little bit of reverb (it removes the "electricish" sound you have when pluging it into the comp)

The Zoom 505 is really cheap, you can get it used for about 50$. Sure you can get a better one if you have more money, but to get something average without spending too much money it's good.

And then, I got a multitrack program, and I record every track. When I'm done, all I have to do is play with the EQ, and I'm done. Always depend on the style you want to get thought.. mine is rock/alternatif.

Oh, and if it sounds bad on your computer's speaker, it's kinda normal ... I used to play with my Denon headphones to get something good. Either way, you'll have to get great speaker. Computer speakers seems to be good for games and stuff, but for music they aren't.

Have fun!
Thanks for the tips guys, I'll have to look into that rp50, sounds like it might be the way to go for now.
The RP50 is incredible and would work perfectly for very little money if you buy over ebay. When i first got into recording i used an RP100. The thing has a built in preamp which sound great.
guitar>rp50>line in on computer (not mic in)