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Thread Need opinions about this setup....?

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1 Need opinions about this setup....?
Ok, I've started to build my "bedroom studio". The final result will probably look like this:

- 1,8GHz AMD Duron / 1GB / 17" TFT
- Terratec Phase 22 Soundcard
- Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixer
- M-audio DX4 Audiophile Monitors
- Cakewalk Home studio XL

I will plug the instruments to the mixer, and from there to the monitors & the soundcard. I've got about 1000 euros to spend on this and this setup hits the spot financially (as I'm a student with VERY limited resources). I think with this setup upgrading would be fairly simple also...

Any opinions, tips, advices?
Sounds like a very good beginner setup. You have obviously done some research.

You might take a look at the MAudio 2496 card- it's very cool. I've been a big fan of MAudio for years.

Also, if you haven't already bought the computer, you might rethink the AMD idea if your using a mobo with a VIA chipset. The VIA chipset has some proven issues with high end audio due to the way the handle data transfers to/from the PCI bus.
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