Behringer Eurorack UB802

Behringer Eurorack UB802

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Eurorack UB802, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Eurorack series.

20 user reviews

Behringer Eurorack UB802 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Behringer
  • Model:Eurorack UB802
  • Series:Eurorack
  • Category:Analog Mixers
  • Added in our database on: 04/11/2005

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Behringer Eurorack UB802 user reviews


vsavagellc's review"Save Your Money And Get A Better Unit"

Behringer Eurorack UB802
1 post fader send per channel
6 balance line inputs
all channels have 3 band EQ
2 Preamps
Phantom power
1 stereo AUX return


For the most part a very simple mixer to operate. The manual explains everything you need to know as far as: connections,features,alternative routing and so forth. Mine ever came with little section explaining how to clean and keep the mixer in working condition (that could have been something the previous owner add in though). You want to use this mixer for: Routing, mixing (basic), recording vocals or instruments (as they require preamps most of the time and any other basic computer recording projects. This is meant for smaller setups or people just jumping into the field.


To be 100% honest I was not at all impressed with the sound quality of this unit for the reasons listed below.

1. The preamps are very noisy
2. The EQ is basic
3. Brand isn't too consistent with quality of production
4. The unit would go in and out from time to time. I found myself having to unplug and replug in my ¼ cables multiple times before the mixer would connect the signal
5. Phantom power is very WEAK. You'll be lucky if you can record anything a 12 inches or more away
6. Volume indicators go out very quickly

Granted this was a used model I had but the studio I record at has a few of these (they are cheap and inexpensive)and the guy that uses them takes them to wedding and family events along with his camcorder and he ran into the same issues. In fact he said out of the 3 he had in Studio Room D only one had decent sounding preamps on it.


I felt behringer failed in terms of putting together a quality unit for it's lower end consumers but they did create an affordable unit that can get the job done with some small restrictions it's a cheap unit can't really expect much from it.

If I were starting out recording I would save my money and go with something with a little more promise factor. I'd save my money and get a better unit or better yet make sure I test the unit in the store before purchasing it that way there are no surprises

This is not a unit I would ever purchase again. I ended up trashing the unit a month and a half after purchasing it

johnrae's review"Good price, good product for small bands."

Behringer Eurorack UB802
This is an 8 input 2 bus mixer. It has 2 strips and 2 stereo strips. There are 2 XLR inputs, each on one mono strip and each mono strip has one 1/4 inch jack. The stereo strips each have two 1/4 inch jacks. There is an fx send and return, control room outs, main outs, a headphone jack. There is one set of 2-track in/outs. Each strip consists of a 3 band eq, fx send, pan/balance knobs and a level knob. No sliders. One of the greatest things about this, is that you get two XLR inputs that provide phantom power, which is pretty darn awesome. It'd probably be cheaper to buy four of these and run them in unison instead of buying a 16 strip with 4 XLR inputs. I really love this, the preamps sound pretty good, for only costing 80 bucks. The value to money ratio here is pretty high. The lack of sliders can be impractical, but certainly not unlivable. Plus, this thing is tough. Works fine in all kinds of weather and conditions and stuff.


Everything on this mixer is sturdy, and does what it says. The parts are high quality and it's super easy to use. It doesn't have a lot of built in effects, and doesn't have any bells or whistles, just the basics. It is a great value for the price, and the Preamp is pretty much completely transparent, I love it. The manual is barely need, this thing is practically plug and go. I do wish it had a USB out, but one can do without, especially given the great price.


The sound of this mixer is great. Not incredible, but great. The eq is pretty good. It has a pretty transparent sound, which is nice. I love the simplicity of it and the operation. It's INCREDIBLY quiet, and it provides enough preamp gain for most applications. I have a condenser mic that I use pretty consistently for smaller applications. There are no hisses, or pops, and all the inputs are sturdy. The thing is built like a tank, dropped it multiple times on concrete, no problems.


This mixer is worth every cent. It is an astounding deal, especially for the price. Behringer makes some awesome products now and then, and this is one of them! It's simplicity is a gift from heaven, and it's very well put together space wise. Your fingers have enough space to tweak the knobs, and there aren't too many knobs. Everything is clearly labeled and does what it says. The phantom power it supplies is so nice. and hard to find at such a low price. If you need a back up mixer, or something portable for smaller bands, BUY THIS NOW. You won't regret it. I do wish there was a usb output, and maybe faders instead of knobs for the main strip, but overall this thing performs. I currently own and use 3 of these things.

MGR/Dave's review"Behringer EuroRack UB802 Mixer"

Behringer Eurorack UB802
Purchased for $49.95 through Musician's Friend for use with Fostex VF-80 for external mic pre-amp. I've been using it for about eight months now.

1: Low Cost. 2: Phantom Power. 3: Although the transformer/power supply is external, at least it isn't a "wall wart." 4: 3-band eq per channel.

No on/off switch. To power up, you plug it in, to power off you unplug it. This seems like a ridiculous way to cut manufacturing costs by eliminating a simple on-off cut to the internal main circuit.

The quality of the construction seems fairly solid, but I purchased this for use in a home studio environment simply as a low-cost two-channel pre-amp with phantom power. For that purpose, it gets the job done.

Behringer seems to inspire feelings of rage and anger on the part of some. Problems cited in other forums seem to indicate uneven quality control practices at best. This is the only Behringer unit I found uniformly praised as a mic pre-amp on the Fostex forum at Some people have cited noise problems, but I have found from experience the noise problems seem to stem from using poorly shielded and/or excessively long patch cables from the mixer to the recording unit. I have found that switching to a high-quality, well-shielded cable of less than 3-feet in length eliminates any noise problem. I have found in my environment that keeping the patch cables in the signal chain to under 1-foot in length seems to approach an ideal.
While I have no negative opinions of this Behringer unit in terms of overall quality, if I had to purchase a mixer or mic pre-amp knowing what I know now, I probably would not pick this unit simply for its lack of an on-off switch. That is the one flaw that keeps me from rating this unit a solid 5. The best I can give it is a 4.

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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Behringer Eurorack UB802
No, I think it has everything that is a real necessity for a low-cost mixer board. Eq, gain, some moderate effects, it serves its purpose as giving the user a wide range of options when recording or playing music.

Price paid: $60 USD


It took a little while to get it hooked up to the computer(doesnt come with cables to run into your computer for recording). But after I acquired the correct cables, it was child's play getting everything hooked up and running.


Great mixing board, gives vocals a real crisp sound, the Invisible preamp is amazing. I don't know how they did it, but this little piece of equipment definately is worth its weight in gold.


This thing is a beast for its size. I just got it, but it has endured some tough treatment. This will last me a long while, it's tough metal exterior will ensure that fragile inner pieces stay working in optimal condition.

It's so tiny, I have no choice but to enjoy this piece of hardware. It's so nice to finally have clear vocals on tracks, thanks to the IMP(Invisible Mic Preamp). More than enough bang for your buck at $60 USD, a must have for the low-scale home artist.

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Posted by: CrAcKa-JaCk ( 3-, 2006)

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