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Thread IMac G5 Flat-Panel

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1 IMac G5 Flat-Panel
I'm starting to put together my first home studio using MIDI. I have bought an M-Audio Radium 49 MIDI COntroller and the M-Audio Audiophile Card. My next step is to get an IMac G5 Flat Panel.

I want to get enough memory and hard-drive upgrades from the get-go to keep me going for a very long time, as the IMac doesn;t allow for future upgrades. Therefore my question is, would the basic 1.6GHZ model with a 1GB Memory and 160GB Harddrive be sufficient for me long into the future? I suppose the only other apps I'm going to be running on the computer would be ITunes, Word, plsu obviously Internet Access, so I'm not going to be taking up valuable space with other apps.

Money is an issue. I want the IMac for space and design reasons, but cannot simply throw 2 grand at it and get it stuffed to the gills with allthe maximum upgrades.

Any advice?
The way Mac's run so fast, I think the 1.6 will be plenty fast. The 1gb of ram will do nicely as well, remember, you need at least 512 to record anything well, and you've got that covered. As for hard drive. It wouldn't be hard to run external hard drives in the future, if you fill that one that is. I run two external drives and it's seemless.
Thanks a lot for the info. Just wanted to double check that I've got everything I need before buying. Never bought a Mac before and the horror stories I sometime hear about how difficult it is to upgrade RAM in the future just makes me want to be certain.
Upgrading the RAM is actually the easy part, you just gotta make sure you get the right kind.