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Thread hardware interfaces for use with logic7?

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1 hardware interfaces for use with logic7?
I have recently purchased an imac G5 and ordered logic 7. I've done some digital recording with pcs(cakewalk, cubase etc.), however Im now setting up a studio with my mac and in the middle of ordering equipment. all of the interfaces i have seen are so varied that i dont know which to choose. all of the usb and some of the fire wire setups only have a couple xlr ins and then several 1/4" ins. and I know nothing about what kind of boards would work with my software. with the computer purchased, a midi keyboard, studio monitors, and several cardoliod mics, I'm almost there, however I need to know what other pieces of equipment i need to be able to record a full band I think i need to run from four to eight mic ins at the same time and have the software individually track them Im also running on a smaller budget at this time after purchasing the computer and software. Please help. thank you Drock
The Edirol UA 1000 has 8ins and 8outs - very low latency at an affordable price. That would be my suggestion. This is a USB one but they have released a newer unit that is a firewire product... down to preferance?
I don't know much about Macs but all the Mac users I know use MOTU interfaces. You can usually found some on the second hand market for a good price!