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Thread Studio Recording Setup

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1 Studio Recording Setup
Afternoon, I have been doing scratch recording now for about a year and have finally got fed up of terrible quality audio. I purchased the following over the last month and await delivery;

Edirol UA 1000
Behringer MDX400 Compressor pre-amp
Yamaha PRS320 Keyboard
Korg AX1500 Effects Processor

The PC breaks down as;

Intel 2.4ghz
1gig RAM
Dual Head Matrox Graphics card
Creative Live Soundcard (output only)
Twin 17" widscreen mons

Instruments used;

Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Zakk Wylde)
Gibson SG Bass
Ibanez Concorde Vint 1972 Acoustic

My question is (finally got there) is there anything else i need to get or any of you guys would reccomend i may need? Is there anything i have overlooked. I have a little knowledge of recording setups but i feel as if something is missing from the equipment i have purchased.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The most glaring omission from your list is a set of reference monitor speakers. These are a must for creating decent mixes that will translate to other systems well.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I have 5.1 surround sound system through the output of the pc soundcard - will this not do?

If not, what would you suggest?

I will do until you can afford a set!!!

Seriously, reference monitors are really important in hleping you to mix accurately and create final mixes that will translate well from system to system. I use a pair of Event 20/20bas speakers, but there a lots out there to choose from. MAudio makes some that get decent reviews, as well as some of the newer Event stuff. Shop around.....
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I hear ya... it certainly has cost me a bit. I will start looking now - who knows, maybe santa will bring me a set.

Thanks for the help.

Hey I'll write to santa too. :)
The Behringer series of monitors are also pretty good for the price. I'm all with Axeman here. You don't know what you are missing till you get a good pair of monitors.

Oh and my piece of advice: go for an active pair of speakers, it's really difficult to match the correct amplifier with the correct set of speakers.
Thanks to all that helped on this thread - info is much appreciated... i'll give you a shout when i decide what ones to go for.