Gibson J-45
SeriesGibson J-45
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Gibson J-45 user reviews

  • Gibson J-45 Standard

    Gibson J-45 Standard - "Gibson J45 Vintage"


    I still have a $400AUS Seagull out of Canada which for its price was cool but it lacked depth. When I decided to take my music seriously I bought the J45 for $2995AUS at Derringers music in Adelaide South Australia. The J45 is so dynamic in tone wit…

  • Gibson J-45 Standard

    Gibson J-45 Standard - " A dream, with its flaws ptits"


    It is therefore a Dreadnouth shoulders drooping, spruce, back and sides Acajoux while massive recess. The overall finish is ok but nothing special. Even if a bit limited for the price. As against the sunburst is absolutely beautiful. Never seen a mor…