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Grace Design user reviews

  • Grace Design m101

    Grace Design m101 - "fixed coloring issues"


    The Grace Design M101 is a microphone preamp that cost a good amount of money. At first I didn’t think that it could possibly be worth that much and then I heard how good it made the mics in the studio sound and I was completely shocked. There are L…

  • Grace Design model 101

    Grace Design model 101 - mooseherman's review


    This is a solid-state mic preamp. There is an XLR input and a 1/4" HI-Z input. This unit features the standard XLR and 1/4" outs, as well as an additional TRS output. This is a rackable unit. This is basically a mic pre, so there aren't any effects o…

  • Grace Design m103

    Grace Design m103 - moosers's review


    The Grace Designs M103 is a mono channel solid-state based, transformer-less channel strip. The unit consists of a microphone preamplifier, an equalizer, and a compressor, so as you can see this is a pretty complete channel strip. The M103 has XLR …

Translated user reviews
  • Grace Design model 101

    Grace Design model 101 - " exellent"


    a transistor pre-amp with 60dB of gain for the gray version that is no longer produced. s entry into xlr input jack back and front high Z. Xlr output. A knob trim from 0-10db. 48v selectablly course. Not rackable. UTILIZATION Very easy to…

  • Grace Design Lunatec V3

    Grace Design Lunatec V3 - " Precise and condensed"


    Stereo mic preamp with transistor converter 24bits/192kHz. It is small in size 1/2 rack 1U. He did not rack but is very sturdy and easy to carry Features worthy of a great: > 70dB gain (60dB in steps of + 5db trim +10 dB) > 130dB-noise at t…

  • Grace Design model 101

    Grace Design model 101 - Dinasty Prod's review


    Transistor preamp No effect there is no rack model. Preamp transparent without coloration. UTILIZATION General configuration simple. SOUND QUALITY Surprisingly good. I do not know him at all. And I think upgrading to multi soon. OVERA…