Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 36 reviews )
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Audience: Beginners
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Fireguy8402's review"Works well but....Noisy!!"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
The Boss GE-7 is a 7 band EQ pedal with an overall volume slider. The pedal has 7 sliders that can cut or boost that frequency by 15dB. The bands available are 100, 200, 400, 800 1.6k, 3.2k, and 6.4k. The pedal can be powered by 9 volt batter or external AC adapter. Dimensions of the pedal are Boss’s typical 2.4" x 5.1" x 2.9" and it weighs about a pound. A mono input and a mono output are available.


This EQ uses the tried and true pedal formula that Boss has been using for years. Basically Boss builds little tanks, pedals that can take serious abuse from the road and never hiccup, and the GE-7 EQ is no exception to the rule. It is a very reliable pedal and I’ve never heard any complaints in the build of the pedal or quality control. People have lost the tips off the sliders, but that’s no big deal and can be remedied with a little glue. It’s a very straightforward layout and the sliders seem sturdy and hold your settings well. The housing and jacks are metal and will deal with life on the road.


The GE-7 is a tone shaping machine. It lets you craft your sound to the exact frequencies you hear in your head. I love low powered tube amps, but once you get down to 10 to 15 watters, they really start cutting back on features. A lot of micro amps cut back on the EQ sections, and that’s where the GE-7 really comes in handy to make these amps useful. It is also good in the loop of larger amps to help shape the overall tone. The pedal makes a great solo boost because you can not only adjust the overall volume of the solo using the volume slider, you can also boost the frequencies that really let your guitar cut through a dense mix and stand out like a solo should. This pedal does have a buffered output and I do hear a little bit of signal loss with this pedal in my signal path. The main problem with this pedal is that it introduces hiss into your sound, most notably when boosting frequencies.


Overall this is a pretty good EQ pedal. It does do a great job of shaping your tone and allowing you to boost your volume or certain frequencies, but the added noise does not make it usable in my rig. If I were looking for a similarly priced EQ pedal I would opt for the MXR 6 or 10 band EQs. The 10 band might be a bit more expensive, but there are added frequencies and no noise when using it. The 6 band EQ from MXR is what I am currently using and does a great job at quiet tone shaping, but it does lose a frequency band and volume slider when compared to the GE-7. I can’t do an EQ pedal review without mentioning that the Danelectro Fish N Chips EQ pedal is basically a quieter version of the GE-7 with a cheaper housing, and doesn’t cost a third of the price. Overall if I was looking for a cheap EQ I’d go for a Fish N Chips, and if I was looking for a durable more expensive EQ I’d go with the MXR varieties.

ericthegreat's review"very simple pedal"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
The Boss GE 7 is a boost pedal, designed for use with electric guitar.  The pedal is an analog one, with 1/4 inch connections for both input and output.  The pedal is powered with 9 volts, and isn't rack mountable as it is a foot pedal.


The make up of the Boss GE 7 is just about as simple as it can get for any pedal.  All that there is is a knob for gain!  Simply set your level to get different types of boosting, and you're good to go.  That's all that there is to the pedal, period, so a manual definitely isn't needed at all.


As far as boost pedals go, the Boss GE 7 is one of the best that I've used.  I've used the pedal both for recording and live shows in tandem with a Fender Strat and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb, and find that this is the perfect boost that I need for beefing up my lead tones.  While there isn't much room for versatility, since this is a simple boost pedal I don't mind this all that much.  I find that I'm able to achieve the sound I'm looking for from this pedal with only the gain knob, and it's a sound that I've grown to love.  I often find that I use it for more of a subtle boost than anything else, but it works perfect for me in a lot of situations.


While not everyone needs or wants a booster, the Boss GE 7 needs to be checked out for anyone who does.  The pedal is very reasonably priced, making it accessible for players on all budgets.  It is perfect for players who want to switch back and forth between lead and rhythm tones quickly for live shows or otherwise.  For anyone who wants a very simple boost pedal that sounds great and won't cost much, the Boss GE 7 is the way to go.
heads on fire11/07/2011

heads on fire's review"Good, but noisy."

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Nominal Input Level
-20 dBu
Input Impedance
1 M ohms
Nominal Output Level
-20 dBu
Output Impedance
1 k ohms
Residual Noise Level
1 k ohms
Residual Noise Level
-100 dBu (IHF-A Weighted, Typ.)
Variable Range
Equalizer Control: +/- 15 dB, Level Control: +/- 15 dB
INPUT Jack, OUTPUT Jack, AC Adaptor Jack (DC 9 V)
Power Supply
DC 9 V: Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V), AC Adaptor
Current Draw
10 mA (DC 9 V)
Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V)
AC Adaptor (PSA-Series)
Size and Weight ( incl. battery )
73 mm
2-7/8 inches
129 mm
5-1/8 inches
59 mm
2-3/8 inches
0.5 kg
1 lbs.


The EQ is pretty no-frills. Basically, the idea is to create an EQ carve that fits a particular song/style/solo sound that one would want to use, and then it can be switched on and off. Very simple - great idea for boosting solos, or doing the "telephone sound", heavily bandpassed. And the pedal's housing is top notch - it's a Boss! Stomp switch is great, everything is great. Except...


...the noise. The noise is the downfall of this pedal. It induces an inherent hiss sound to the overall tone. It's not terrible unless you are really anal, but I am. The musicality of the EQ is pretty decent - the bands all work well, and are carefully chosen, popularly used EQ band settings to shape tone. But that hiss bothers me, honestly.


I'd give it a 7. Better than average, yet could use a bit of work due to the noise factor. I saw that there is a mod available for it, and I'll have to research it to see if that helps take care of the noise that the pedal induces. Again, the noise is probably not that severe to most ears, I'm just a bit picky. I took mine back to the store to trade for a different pedal.

denied's review"Avoid this one"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
- 7 bands of Greaphic EQ
- 1 volume/gain slider
- Solid Boss style construction
- Powered by 9v Battery or boss style adapter
- Easy access battery compartment
- Buffered bypass
- LED battery indicator


Pretty much a standard graphic EQ. Sliders for 7 bands give you a pretty solid amount of control over your tone. The volume slider is a really nice addition, and makes it a lot easier to use the pedal as a boost. Compact boss style size makes it nice and easy to fit on every board. The advantage of Boss pedals is that they are incredibly common and can be picked up on the road in the unlikely event that they break. The easy access battery compartment means you don’t need to unscrew the entire back plate if you’re using batteries (but seriously, you shouldn’t be using batteries..)
Run it after your guitar to control the tone going into your amp. It works really well after dirt pedals to fine tune what they do to your signal. Run it in an effects loop if you are after an additional EQ channel, or fine tuning your amp.


Here’s where this pedal falls apart. Possibly one of the very noisiest pedals I’ve used. Yes, the sliders work as they should, and it will help you get some control over your tone. But in any kind of higher gain or compressed situation, you are going to get all kinds of buzz and feedback. I was really not impressed with this one. And as always, the Boss buffer is really not the best. If you have any interest in preserving a carefully constructed tone, I’d pass on the GE7.


I’d recommend passing on this one. Excess noise and a subpar buffer make it a pretty mediocre pedal. graphic EQ is one of the most overused effects among guitarists. If you really do need a GEQ and run a clean signal without much compression, this one will do the job (loosely speaking). But if you’re after anything of better quality, or run a noisier setup, I’d look into the MXR pedals. Far better built and priced pretty reasonably. I also recommend taking a look at parametric EQs, as they can be a lot more useful. The BJFE Sea Blue EQ and Fromel Shape EQ are some really nice ones. But regarding the GE7, don’t waste your money.

iamqman's review"Sweet range"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
After the fizzle out of the Boss Ge-6 then came the Boss GE-7. This is higher performing pedal anyway. So they discontinued Boss GE-6 was a moot point. This one featured a an extra frequency of 6.4khz and also a level or volume control slider. Like the previous pedal this one would increase or decrease the volume of what ever frequency by 15 db. This give you a lot of range to dial in the tone you are looking for. In addition the level knob would allow you to put the volume at the exact same level as when the pedal is engaged or disengaged. This would allow you to get the tone you want without a volume shift. Then you could use the level slider to increase in volume if you wanted to use the pedal as a solo boost. You can boost the levels you want for leads and have a nice volume increase to cut through the mix properly.



Controls: 7 Band Graphic Equalizer + level control
Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 7 mA (DC 9V)
Weight: 450g. (1lb.)
Equalizer: 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400 Hz, 800 Hz, 1.6 kHz, 3.2 kHz, 6.4 kHz
Level Control: +/-15 dB per band
Recommended AC Adaptor: ACA Series (black label) or PSA Series (silver label)


This is a great pedal that took the Boss Ge-6's place and has remained the Boss Eq pedal since 1981. Not much has changed since then other than a few components and a PSA adapter as well as the plant moving from Japan to Taiwan.

I prefer this pedal over the Boss GE-6 because of the extra parameters of control ability. You get the extra frequency of 6.4 as well as the level control. This pedal will give you some gain addition to your overdriven sound so if you need some extra uumph then this is a great pedal to have. This pedal go well with a overdriven amp that needs to dial in certain frequencies that are missing. Like most Marshall's need a boost in the low end. usually the first thing you do when dialing in a JCM 800 is crank the bass. This will get you that low end and a little extra sizzle on the tone with the level increase.


AT new these pedals come in right at around $100. You can find them for cheaper but this is usually the going rate for this pedal. This is a must have for someone needing to tailor their tone a little more. If you are lacking or have too much of something then this pedal will take care of that for you in a snap. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to boost their amp for certain frequency responses.

Hatsubai's review"Beaten by Danelectro?"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
The Boss GE-7 was one of the first pedal equalizers to come into the market. It features a seven band EQ with a +/- 15dB adjustment and and output level slider. Those wanting to shape the tone of their amplifier will want to try a pedal like this in the loop. If you're looking for a very clean and shapeable boost pedal, the GE-7 can help with that as well.


All Boss pedals are extremely well built and durable. They can take a lot of abuse, and you don't have to worry about breaking them. The sliders feel very nice and tactical, and the switch feels like every other Boss pedal. The biggest issue with this is the high noise ratio. For some reason, these pedals are extremely noisy compared to other equalizers on the market today. It could just be the dated circuit; I'm not sure. No clue how the manual is because I never really bothered reading it.


As stated above, the main issue with this is the noise. If you can get past that, this can be an extremely versatile pedal. If you use it in the loop, you can adjust the frequencies to sculpt whatever tone you have in your head. It can drastically change the tone of an amp. If you're looking for an alternative to an overdrive pedal, max out the output slider; you'll slam the amp with +15dB of clean boost goodness. This works quite nice on Mesa Boogie Rectifiers.


Given how much noise there is with these pedals, I can't really recommend them. In fact, Danelectro has a pedal that's just like this. It's not quite as sturdy, but the price is right, it's dead quiet and it doesn't suck tone. If you're in the market for an EQ pedal, I really think you'd be better off with the Danelectro pedal.

moosers's review

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
The Boss GE-7 is an analog seven band equalizer that is specifically made for the guitar. The seven frequency bands are fixed to frequencies that are important when it comes to guitar and has the ability to either cut or boost 15 db for each. It is powered by either a nine volt battery or a nine volt battery and is not rackable as it is a stomp box. It has a 1/4 inch input for your guitar and a 1/4 inch output for your amp as well.


The configuration of the GE-7 is about as basic as it gets. It simply has sliders that control the seven frequency bands and also has a slider for the overall output level. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need it.


The equalization on the GE-7 is clean sounding and the pedal won't add noise or color your sound. It is nice to have the preset frequency bands in the right places, but I usually prefer having control over what frequencies I control, which is why I usually tend to use parametric EQs. If you feel that you need an external EQ other than what you control on your amp, this will definitely do the trick.


I got the Boss GE-7 for about four years ago and since have sold it because I decided I didn't need any sort of EQ pedal. I didn't sell it because it wasn't effective, I just didn't use it enough to warrant having it around. The pedal is clean and easy to use and if you are looking to get an EQ in terms of a guitar foot pedal, this is absolutely worth a try. Boss is known for making some great pedals and this is no exception to the rule.

songboy's review

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
This is simply a 7 band equalizer in stomp box skin.
I believe it is all analog.
No, no editing through pc, just 8 mini faders
This is only audio 1/4" connections
and it is not rackable in the traditional sense.


Setup is simple, plug your instrument in one end, the amp on the other and there you go. The sound editing is as simple as bending over and adjusting one of 8 faders. I have never consulted the manual, and never plan to. There is really nothing else to know.


The EQ is pretty good. Its a little noisy, but thats kinda the deal with boss anyways. If you are really serious about EQ, you need a rackmountable, multiband equalizer. I use this on a Rhodes piano, and my Parker guitar. Works pretty good in getting some lows out and boosting highs to cut through the rest of the band for soloing. Works best after a distortion pedal to reduce the "mud." Like I said before, its a little noisy, I would never use it in a recording session, but in a live setting, no one would ever notice.


I have been using this for three years. I like its easy portability (its so small). I dislike the hiss you get when you boost the highs. This is really the only stomp box EQ I have ever tried. The prices for this pedal are decent. Its worth it if you need a clearer, brighter tone, or if you won't more low end say on a solo. Yeah, I would buy it again, its just so darn easy to use.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss GE-1 Equalizer"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
i got this for about a hundred bucks at some music store in LA. 2years ago and havent put it down since.

my favorite thing about this pedal is that it boosts up my metal zone. When i bought my metal zone i didnt think it had thet much distortion until i hooked it up to the ge-7 now it has twice as much distortion.

there isnt really anything i dont like about it. the only thing is it took me a long time to get the right sound.

all ive got to say is that its a BOSS!

dont waste your money on a rack eq, get this and you wont be sorry. or if you want to get more punch out of your distortion pedal get this.

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MGR/Steve's review"Boss GE-7 EQ Pedal"

Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Bought it from the music store right around the corner for $90! I bought it because I am all about my distortion, I bought so many distortion pedals since I have been playing guitar to try and find the pedal that would give me the distortion I am looking for, I have at least 9 or 10 distortion pedals! On my pedalboard I use for distortion the BOss Metal Zone and DS-1, and I have a ton of other pedals on my huge custom pedalboard.

I go too crazy over my distortion, the EQ finally made me get what I wanted!!! Thank you Boss for this awesome pedal!!! I use it right after my Boss Metal Zone and DS-1. I use the Metal Zone for a big kick a$$ distortion and then kick on the EQ to get a huge, insane distortion that I have been looking for for sooo long!!! I don't use the EQ on my DS-1, cause I have my DS-1 set up for a lighter distortion that sounds great! This EQ pedal can also turn your clean channel into what ever you want it to sound like, super clean, bassy, trebly, more middle, or whatever, this pedal really rocks!!!

Should have boughten it earlier, I spent wayyyyy tooo much on distortion pedals when alls I needed was an EQ after my Metal Zone!

It is made by Boss, built like a tank!!! WIll last you forever!!! The sound is amazing on this thing, you can get the sound you have been looking for with this EQ!!!

Amazing pedal, really can shape up any distortion pedal you have that you would want a little heavier or fix it up!!! Insanely nice for a clean channel too!!!

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