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All user reviews for the Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
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Remooz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Worship"

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
The 309 is and will remain a cult machine for any teknoïde who likes to take the ears.
Characteristics already detailed.
Strong point: Hyper robust, indestructible, good German stuff!
Output separate audio in: nickel.
Manuel enough, some passages are crazy to read (without irony).


The handling is top, clear and well organized machine, essential functions on the front, a joy to handle.
All in real time, except "save" when I record in general the pattern and then the song, otherwise there may be losses.
Unique: the knobs "intelligent" which automatically compensate the differences in value ...
Level sequencer it is served, with rhythmic emphasis TR
TB type with melodic accent and glides.
Effective control by noon, no problems no longer a slave.
Finally, the shortcuts are very useful, as each party becomes an editable synth (filter, envelope ...).
Given his advanced age (1996), I put 10/10.


The sauce sounds ... German!
Rhythmic side, I love.
Kick the top, big sound, perfect for teak, attention here to show some restraint and subtlety sometimes at the risk of cover other sounds.
Hihat (open and closed) clear and powerful, impeccable.
Percussion set a bit limited in my view, however convenient. I prefer the sequence externally.
Snare not top in my opinion, special sounds, I prefer the snares of Percussion Set.
Melodic, it sounds very 80's digital, it's not my thing. Some interesting sounds anyway, with a little work it can sound. Glides effective, filters quickly become "screaming" and "hissing" pushing the resonance. (The 309 is not a Polymorph either ...)
FX anecdotal, but it can be used.
I will put some sounds 10/10, 1 / 10 to others, but overall it sounds.


After 7 years of loyal service, I keep it for the pleasure of hearing a merry BOOM BOOM Tchiki Tchiki ... with experience, it's a real toy to handle, really I love it;)
Finally a machine that still has a big potato, in a perfect set, to associate with big synth drum machine or other, at least just for the kick and Hihat. Teknoïde not refrain!
Machine (almost) for beginners, perfect transition to more complex machines. Coast OCCAZ interesting, especially for a 309 with separate outputs and in good condition.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rare and original"

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Equipped with all options, it then has ample connectivity (multiple outputs + audio).
Given the age of the product, no USB


Quasimidi own setup: you have to look at the manual to understand all the subtleties, but when you control is a breeze.
Most: a transposition of sequences facilitated


The sounds are atypical and numerous.
All parameters are editable in real time.
Many nup sounds at the same time, especially thanks to the runway Percussion Set.
Sounds very nice bassline


Has long been used, with more to spare.
Fostering a ROM version with a minimum 3.0 (a or b).
Sometimes the internal connection breaks down (views alien on the screen), but nothing serious in this case: just plug!
For anything I do not separate!

Royal-tea's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Track 5, 4 for the kick snares hit hat and percussion (this section contains four sub it carrment twelve tracks, select a wheel).
OS 3b Dante, allowing all sorts of combinations, working time rel, to control an expander or external or both, internally and externally.
You can also use almost all the buttons to make assignments noon.


Configuration of each section could not be more simple. mute, level, and select button is pressed. Groove, 12,25,50,75,82 percent of DCAL part of your choice.


I have chang al English (Previous view), it did not dailleurs t's with me. But finally the 309 worth. Exelente low, kicks along great. Me I have two out, but I play with pans, a mtasonix TM2 out1, out2 mtasonix on TM5.
Dja then that original as it's fried, but adtruit all.


Pure DLIR of ingnieur passion that will get us out of virtual squenceur To create new things.
With this new OS sync, although it externally, so I prpare fruityloops with an automation component and all that, a rack of effect for each of the 309 out and I pulvrise all that I have been see up here like TR909 TB303 and co.
PSE and I my words, just marry well with the right tools and that is really good.
I 'm buying a 303 not a 1000 euro, for a 309 against a 300 OS 3.0, was worth it!
L anglais05/29/2007

L anglais's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Ok even without the separate outputs


Within hours of fun


Great for electro, lower average


For three months, I like everything, a little flat for the bass part, but by grinding can do something.

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
This little monster is one of drle groovebox ... I bought a spar APRS m'tre MC505. Frankly lass sounds Roland. T and a slap in size. If the sound is Amricain trs emblmatique House and the prods usual techno sound German does exist and is mainly devoted to scnes Acid, Jungle and bigbeat.

First used on the outputs Stros, I broke down and I have been using it with a small console and dedicates it became quickly the nerve center of my home studio with its large SIRIUS cousin.
Sirius is the master and the 309 reoit information for tempo and other sysex. I remain to the Sirius to play in real time and a little program for windows me permt custom settings to control all of the 309 line.

To return to the Rave-o-lution, it has the three extensions: spares outlets, 2 bass lines and percussion. The 309 is the prmix complt of two dynamics processors (compressor DBX 160, BSS DPR-944) and a filter Electrix Filter Factory Pro pilot at noon. Everything is mix of 4 tracks and only the kick and hi-hat are filters. The bass is playing on Sirius or a Kurzweil K2000.
The programs are on squence squenceurs 2 (the Sirius sends the start and 309 below).

internal effects are not very efficient and I have to beg them with an old Ensoniq DP4 +. The German and shuffled grain is quite amricains russi.

Grate to the songs, I use the recording in real time of squence and controllers on the PC with Pro4 ACID or Cubase SX. This will be in the Sirius rinject for use live.
This allows me to work in three phases:
1 / programming patterns on both (309 + Sirius)
2 / MIDI recording on cubase and machines to the dump
3 / audio recording of the Samplitude and play "live" on keyboards and screens.


This machine is as easy as mastering it is impressive. It is far from the Groovebox, and the free distance for paramtrer gnial enough.

Many Controller rel time on the surface of a CONTRL can pick up and play live fast trs. Everything is logical and trsractif.

The manual does not open once, to understand how to save a pattern and a song. that's all.


Acid sounds, powerful filters ... is empty the machine is made for electronic music. But compounds Jazz lectroac 't have couraging and shuffled with enough purpose. Remains the difficulty of mixing properly.

Sounds only chemical but some do well or even percussion "ralistes".

Mixed effects. To be used sparingly.

All Ragit quarter of hair! A joy to play ...

Sounds can be slightly modified but remain adequate in the state. A little better than a groovebox ...


It's been 6 months I'm on it every day and I spare the second (h yes, I have two ...)
but with some good synths, the sound is to go.
Its sync with the Sirius makes a bte for scne.
I do not regret the vacu MC505, the 309 certainly has less features (for a piece on it with nothing else, it's pretty dificil) but the sound is much more powerful.

On occasion, the 309 is unbeatable, around 500 euros for a full version of options and instructions in French ...

I do not count me Spar sitt! Lment is a highlight of my studio, irreplaceable for many and PCHE sounds is vital in my compositions.

iXtlan23's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Excellent sound and efficient machine. Aluminum plate, knob quality (accurate and solid), rack of 6 units (5 + 1 for the machine for the connection).

In front it has 5 synth / expander different assignable to 4 different audio outputs (TRS 6.5). Obviously s'aurait been better to have an output for each synth but ... has found a synth modeling for bass drums, one for the snares, the HiHats and another for percussion and a fifth for basslines and leads.

The machine also includes a template sequence very well done and an assignable effects section on separate outputs (3 & 4).

side there is a twelve o'clock In one out and a thru, and a stereo RCA between a sound source to send the internal effects.


Each synth has its own controls, which is via lse many knobs. This allows control over each bank of its parts and all the parameter type attack, decay, tone, tune and level. Section bassline / lead bcp with more control for better use and an optimal (attack, decay, sustain, accent, glide, resonance, envelope, and cutoff level) and a button activating the VCA-gate.

plus it possible to transfer each track independently, or edit directly without stopping the sequencer drumgrid (which can change the sequence at random).

the 309 has a screen that looks small but first saw the OS being very well done you get used to very quickly and it does nothing to use gene.

It is also possible to navigate through the menu parameter controlling the "instrument" and "sound" using either the notched wheel on the right of the screen is on the knob assigned to each of the five keyboards.


The 309 is a machine Raveolution clearly oriented tekno ... and it has done its job. The range of the plant really does not innovate (especially bass pouet pouet enough) but the multitude of control offers its interface allows you to create a very adaptable to a tekno music.
moreover it is easy to create a multitude of different sounds without ever repeated snares of the long dry and precise strikes that endless possibility's are almost infinite.
I do not too parrlerai effects because I do not use them because the effect must come to the outputs 3 & 4 which does not suit me ... So good ...


I have this machine for 4 years now, buy 3500frs in Okaz in Germany and it has always met through use live it give a new life has a big rhythm tekno. even if it sounds a little tweak before going out something that does not sound like a TR. I think the only thing that needs improvement is to put a 5th audio output.
if I were to buy a machine I bought the same type (except if I had the dosh for a waldorf Q rack good but it cost 2 times more expensive!)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
It's a groovebox (brushed aluminum and not white, as suggested by the picture) consists of 5 modlisation indpandants synths. One for the bass drum (monaural), one for the snare (monaural), one for the hi hat (duotimbral), one for percussion (poly 12 parts) and one for the bassline / lead (monaural).
Equip only to a pair of mono outputs (2 outputs expansion board + 2 optional input). For MIDI, the classic trio (not that of Pizza Hut, right).
All synths are indpendants ditables and are, with some of paramtres directly controllable in real time via the pots. Small regret, only the sections have a bassline and perceived control of the filter via a knob ddi for the other sections, you must press a button before turning the knob (my God this is serious, and pnalisant counterproductive, .... lol!).
Cot effect, a + y 'has two EQ (1 - reverb / delay, 2-Chorus/Flanger).
The squenceur is really good. This is one of the famous rplique squenceurs the Roland TR X0X/TB303/MC202 (well I never touch a TB303 or MC202 but like Rebirth anyway!). In short it's really intuitive and greatly contributes crativit. In any case I was a drum grid prfre Cubase!


Fairly easy to use. Editing is done by the pots and menus and a notched wheel. Good point, no need to exit the edit paramtre to edit a different sound: simply activate the section concerned and it is immediately to the right place in the menu (eg to switch PAN PAN bassdrum in the snare, one button is enough). I advise nanmoins a software publisher (ed309, a freeware), which avoids the dfile Wallpapers (2 lines).
As for the manual, I have a translation of a German version made by a fan so it's not perfect, but overall it is fairly bine didactic and sometimes tinged with a touch of humor!


Well, that's not to make the salsa that thing! For the lover of his electro and techno there's nothing wrong, even if it is not innovative trs. That sense imitate the 303 (Hum. ..) 909, 808 and 606. For the 606 I had (so I can compare) it's pretty Fidler. For a 909/808 is well worth all the possible sample banks. As against the accumulation of 303 will be ironed. But hey, we can do without the techno TB!
There is a filter and two filters rsons 24bd/oct 12bd/oct high pass and low pass 12dB/oct supplied with one of two cards extansion following a bassline / lead, and percussions. They are respectively duotimbrale monophonic and bringing the total poly 19


I really like the look (and more can the rack with the Qure ad-hoc). Sounds .. say that there's no surprise, are expected electro percussion, it is served. The synth part is anecdotal, but even when his Intrets. His squenceur is terrible. For cons I have an AIM output section (even with only a extansion 4).
The default sounds minimal and nothing n'enlvent Intrets the machine. More l: http://www.quasimidi309.de.vu/