petitsynthe 06/21/2011

Yamaha RM1X : petitsynthe's user review

" Cheap and efficient"

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Almost everything has been said!
I can still say that the pads are fragile and tend to become unresponsive after a few years (buying used), the blow I had them change by Musical Service (attention, the bill is still pretty hefty, but now I'm quiet for a long time!).


I havent the manual now, but I managed to get by with a little trial and error and patience.
What I like: the sequences remain in memory to the extinction of the machine


It is not for the sounds that I bought it but for the possibilities of the sequencer.
The acoustic sounds are laughable, electro sounds just OK.
However mixed together you get a decent result.
They are clearly outdated and dated (1996) but could at most be used to make models in the context of mobile use.


I had him at the time of its release (1996) and had sold quickly because of its sound and the fact that I had not had the patience to understand the philosophy of the machine (and the more I only used it on her own).
But since I read many reviews that said it was a super machine to control other synths, so I bought because I needed a hardware sequencer, the computer to avoid being since I spend my days on it (it is a job in computer maintenance technician).
I use a Korg ESX-1 for the drums (in sync) and various synths (Moog Little Phatty, Novation KS-4, Yamaha DX7 II FD, Roland D-50, Juno 60 Midif) all that chained midi throu (no more than 3 synth at a time).

It is therefore the ideal hardware sequencer, plus it is cheap but attention to the condition (pads in particular).