DigiTech GSP1101
DigiTech GSP1101

GSP1101, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from DigiTech in the GSP series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 13 reviews )
 6 reviews46 %
 5 reviews38 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

reverba's review

DigiTech GSP1101
We are in the presence of a digital multi-effects/preamp, in the line of the Line6 Pod and company. in other words, it emulates:
- Amps (based on models from Mesa, Marshall, ...)
- Cabs (same as for the previous point)
- Modulation effects, reverb, delay...
In short, anything, it's a small Swiss army knife.
Everything can be edited with the buttons or a PC with the Xedit software.
It has rack-mountable format, 1U, and it has pretty varied connection options: XLR output to go directly to the PA, preamp loop to insert it into your favorite tube amp, midi, and usb.
You could say that Digitech has done an all-in-one unit, thought for live and studio.

In my humble opinion, the preamp ought to be immediately upgraded to version C63 (www.mustbebeta.com) as soon as you take it out of the box. This firmware, developed unofficially, adds super advanced routing possibilities, and MORE IMPORTANTLY it allows you to import convolution cab emulations (IR impulse, 10 banks available).


It's not very intuitive, you need to read the manual, especially if you want to use it with a tube amp, with the 4-cable method.
Fortunately, the manual is clear and editing on a PC with Xedit is very practical!


Effects and emulations aren't too bad, without reaching the level of Axe Fx and company, although the price is not the same!
The fact that it uses IRs for the cabs adds an incredible realism and definition (FYI, live, my amp isn't miked, I only use an IR cab emulation and go directly into the PA).
I play mainly metal, with an 8-string Schecter and a Brunetti XL2 R-evo tube amp, using the 4-cable method.
I control this multi-effects with the dedicated Digitech Control2 pedalboard.
FYI, my amp head has three channels and a MIDI port, which allows me to control my presets and amp channels at the same time! Super handy :) .
To sum it up, I use the preamp of my Brunetti and the cab emulation of the GSP. When you import IRs make sure they include the cab AND the power amp section, because you only use the preamp, otherwise you'll mess up the tone of the power section if you use a cab IR directly.
The result is amazing for the price, bye-bye to mics in front of the cab live! The sound is detailed, clear!
What's more, I was able to edit an identical sound bank with the GSP alone, in case my tube amp leaves me stranded in the middle of a gig, that way I have a backup without having a different sound!
I give it 6/10 because, compared to a Kemper or Axe Fx, it's still far behind, although they obviously don't cost the same!


I've been using it for 3 years, but I thought about it carefully, due to budget, functionality and format (1U).
To be sure, I tested it during a Musikmesse when it came out and I don't regret it. It's robust, it sounds good, and has no latency when changing effects. Add to that the import of IRs for cabs and it's simply awesome for live gigs.

With hindsight, I think I'd now go for a Kemper or Axe Fx, because if you sum the tube amp, Gsp, pedalboard, rack etc...it's almost the same and, especially, much less heavy :).
And I think Digitech got that, because they haven't updated it in 3/4 years...The direct battle against Line6 is tough, not considering Fractal and Kemper in the high end.

ryback08's review"Nice unit"

DigiTech GSP1101
100% digital technology, 1U rack format
One of THE ONLY amp simulators with preamp loop.
Midi, usb connections (soundcard and editing with the Xedit software)

Comprehensive connection options (USB, Midi, preamp loop, XLR or jack output with the possibility to apply the cab simulation only to the XLR output). It lacks nothing except for relay outputs to switch the amp head or preamp channels.

Firmware version beta C63, which unfortunately isn't updated anymore (at least since 2010) - http://www.mustbebeta.com/


The use and editing of parameters is very easy, thanks to the Xedit software (but be careful because when you connect a PC it makes digital noise).
It's also clear and intuitive with the rack's interface, but I prefer not to use it.

The effects chain can't be modified (unlike with axeFX), but it is coherent and allows you to cover a wide sound scope.

You have available:
Wah - Compressor - Distortion - Noise Gate - Amp modeling - Cab- Equalizer - Chorus/Fx - Delay - Reverb.
Obviously, with the possibility to bypass the amp modeling to use an external preamp and that's what makes this unit so interesting because the quality of the effects is very good for the price.

Nevertheless, the effects are pretty traditional, so you might be disappointed if you are looking for something more atmospheric and space-like.

I control it with a modified GSP1101, without regrets (not easy at first).


It's transparent regarding the timbre of the instruments. No plops or latency when switching presets.

The effects are well accomplished. Lexicon reverb, the wah is awesome, several good delays... everything is of very good quality. In terms of effects and value for money, this device is wonderful.

Now, the question here, as with any other digital unit, is whether the distortions are up to standard? Certainly not. It's THE unit's biggest drawback. The distortion has no dynamics, it doesn't respond to the volume control and it always has the same tone, it's far from the quality of an axefx or an overloud in terms of sound and response. In short, it never thrilled me and I have never stopped using my Hughes & Kettner Access analog preamp connected to the preamp loop.

However, I'm glad the emulation option is available on this model: It's always useful to have an emulator at hand if the preamp drops dead in the middle of a show (that's real life!).


I've been using it since it first came out and have never had any issues.
I previously had a Rocktron Xpression and it was a real pain to edit things, plus it didn't have a preamp loop.

Personally, digitech has disappointed me because they haven't held their promises and have never updated this unit (officially) with functions worthy of the digitech name that make us drool (impulse response for cab simulations, quality amp modeling). Especially when you know the device allows it. It's a pity for a unit aimed at PROs, which will make me think it twice with newer products of the brand.

This GSP1101 remains a safe bet. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. It's a wise decision for a rack.
Flex le groove01/17/2013

Flex le groove's review"Not bad but there are better ones"

DigiTech GSP1101
See other reviews for the features.

Important point: This product hasn't been updated by Digitech for several years.
But there are unofficial updates on the internet.

It can be edited on Mac and PC.

I have never tried it out for "reamping" so I don't know if it works fine or not


Easy to use. The knobs make editing easier.


It's not bad to work at home.
The less fortunate of us can eventually use it live.

Overall, the emulations are quite all right.
Be it for clean or distorted sounds.
Although there are some emulations that aren't so great, but that's a matter of taste.


Good product, although technologically outdated for computer music use.
In my opinion, AVID's Eleven seems better, for example.

Sludge02's review"Good, versatile product"

DigiTech GSP1101
For the features, visit Digitech's site.
But the Digitech GSP1101 is very comprehensive.


It's perfect for me!
Everything is extremely simple and it takes only 5 minutes to get familiar with it.
Very clear user's manual.
Sound editing is very easy!
Compared to BOSS, I clearly prefer the feel of this Digitech.


In terms of sound quality, I have nothing to add!
It's a good product.
Some effects are truly excellent.
As for the distortions, don't even think about using this Digitech live!
I haven't explored it enough to tell you more!
To be continued.


If I had to, I'd buy it again!
Comprehensive connections.
Short learning curve.
Sound editing is very fast and easy.
Mediocre sound quality of the distortions but really good for effects such as delay, etc.
In my view, no multi-effects or rack unit has good distortions!
Or you have to aim at really high-end products, which makes no sense anyway if you have a good amp.
Personally, I only bought it for its effects and comprehensive connection options.
At first glance, the product seems study, we'll see how it evolves in time.
If your goal is not to release an album using exclusively the GSP1101, this product is a perfect complement for your amp.

James...'s review"Great preamp for the price"

DigiTech GSP1101
Digitech took a different route with the 1101. Instead of making a true rack unit with high end effects they decided to do the Line 6 thing and design a high end rack modeler. It's sort of half way point between hi-fi sound and analog modeling. It's a pretty capable unit in terms of connections. You can integrate it into almost any setup whether you've got a power amp, a combo, or just going direct to board. It's also a great studio tool in theory.


I used it along with a VHT 2/90/2 and an Orange 4x12 for a while. Sometimes it was my lone unit and other times I paired it with a tube preamp or two. You won't find a tone of deep menus in the 1101. Most of the effects are based on pedals and real world amps, so there aren't massive amounts of settings to tweak like some rack preamp/effects units. I remember the old Digitech GSP's offered some deep menus and powerful functions if you were willing to read the manual, but the 1101 offers a simpler approach by modeling units that are already simple themselves. There are however a lot of different options for connections which affect how it will sound in the end. Some people will use this in the rack of their amp head while others will use it as a straight up preamp. Fortunately all these connections are made easy but a setup wizard which I must admit is very nicely done by digitech. The editing is also pretty simple. Unfortunately I was left wanting to dig deeper into my sounds but Digitech's simple layout doesn't allow that much.


While you are limited with your options in how exotic you can get with effects, the sounds are good. The effects sound good, although sometimes feel a bit goofy. Especially the mod stuff. The reverbs are great. And the delays are good. The drive pedals are alright too. The whammy is a standout.

It's best to think of the amps as not being models per say, but just really good sounding caracatures of their real world counterparts. I have played a lot of the amps in real life, and while I can't say the models are very close, they still sound good in their own right. Really, they do. They have a studio sound to them that makes them sound a lot cleaner and processed than a raw amp, but I say this in a good way.


For the price, there's some great sounds in here. And it will likely fit your setup whatever it is. It might be worth getting 2 of them though because the effects run out quickly in terms of what you can do with them. I have tried also the Eleven Rack and Axe-fx and this unit can't quite keep up with them, but for the price it's still worth looking at. I will say this, I have a lot of preamps and units that are more expensive than the 1101 by far, and even though I sold it a year ago, I kind of miss it. That should say a lot.

killing_time's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential"

DigiTech GSP1101
What are the effects, or types of effects available?
See the reviews previous ...

Are they edited? Via an editor for Mac / PC?
See the reviews previous ...

Is it a rack or rack-mount model?
See the reviews previous ...

What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
See the reviews previous ...

What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
See the reviews previous ...


The general configuration is simple?
With one C63 beta can do almost everything.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
It requires both read the manual Digitech and that of the beta version, and everything is amply clear.

Editing sounds and effects is easy?
Intuitive Xedit!


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
I use coupled with ENGL E530 preamp (for distortion and presence "lamp") is a treat.

Which instruments do you use?
an Ibanez RG and a éléctracoustique.

Which ones do you prefer, you hate?
Almost everything you just know how to adapt the setting to suit their listening (preamp, amp, sound system ...)


How long you use it?
I use it since its release in 2007 almost a guitarist friend of mine I had lent it to record a demo, even then this machine surprised me on a daily basis.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
Full range ROLAND (GT-8 GT-10) and line 6 (pod xt) no more convincing ...
reviewed all the zoom (505-505 II etc.) in addition to troubleshoot repeat than anything else.

What is so special that you love the most, least?

- Clear sounds,
- Publishing with Xedit,
- The use of IR with the beta version c63,
- The connections in (r 45) with the control 2 less wiring time.

the least:
- Digital technology therefore without light, I wish I had a lamp gain as the hight knew already do digitech RP7 for example,
- The only entrance to the front instrument input not practical, as a result I had to make a change on my flycase Gator.

How would you rate the quality / price?
Reasonable, that is why I am taking another, coupled with his Fender Mustang a head V. the sound is just magical!

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
I have already done, and I do not regret my choice, with 2 preamp I have almost a choice of sounds and possibilities virtually endless ...

ihshan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP1101
I can not believe the character


I edit, the sounds with the PC interface is a joy and ease.


the sounds are very effective. Particularly metal and sounds. to be honest, I sold my 5150 after buying the digitech!
then be tamper course, and must be properly amplified. I put a mind-blowing and it Poweramp ENGL. On the mesa and marshall are particularly successful. the randall is very good with headphones and live console, but a bit too garish for my taste in Poweramp.
clean sounds are really nice, much better than my 5150.


I use it for 2 months at home plugged into the hi-fi or headphones and record via usb, and repeated in a Poweramp ENGL 2x100 and 4x12 with V30.
I have not tried other preamp / multis like this, but I played a lot of head tube and I have something to compare. Scratch my other plays 5150 and the GSP1101 will not eat into the mix, which is important.
It's very plug and play, I could sell all my pedals and the end of the repeat, I am leaving with all my sounds in the arm to play at home, I love.

JenFi59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not good for the wicked"

DigiTech GSP1101
See below. I personally have used it without pedals (I have not taken the time to make this investment).


Easy to configure. I did not use the PC interface. The manual is ok. Nothing complicated. The buttons on the front are seen.


So the quality of effects. I did not use the footswitch, so no opinion on the reactivity of the whammy ... damage. To rapid modulations (flanger, wah ...) are not transcendent but spend. The are clear, various simulations of acoustic guitars, are quite impressive. The overdrive is also very correct .. the problem, the saturation beyond crunch. The sounds are just disgusting ... disgusting ... cest synthetic it sizzles, it's really inaudible ... grunge, metal, hard ... impossible to find the correct (tried with headphones and a single mesa correct channel 1). As my repertoire is more, well, metal ... I am separated from this device.


I kept a few months. I currently play on a gsp 2101. The distorted sounds are top notch (and analog), the delays and reverbs kill. But the device is really complicated to use.

I also have a Digitech RP6, which I use most too, and level distorted sounds, it is above the GSP1101 ... (Although a bit messy, less accurate).

Finally, it should be noted also that it's digitech GSP1101, not super reliable. My messing RP6 not bad at the time ... From the beginning my GSP1101 was making strange noises in the 30 seconds after ignition (crachotemets. ..).. ominous ...

jmabate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP1101
Digitech Modeling Preamp (all digital)
Configuration in orde:
Wha, Overdrive, Gate, Preamp (internal and external ... possibility of a plugged tube preamp with 4 cables), FX (modulation, flanger, phazer, tremolo, rotary, leslie, whammy, pitch shifter etc. ...) ,
Delay and Reverb (Lexicon).
for more info: http://www.digitech.com/products/Multi-Effects/GSP1101.php
connectivity options:
WG input
Loop Send
Loop Return L & R
Line out L & R
XLR out L & R
USB in / out Stereo
Midi in / out
just missing you control switch for changing the channel of an amp!
a button store, bypass and setup wizard (quick link)


even a beginner can do without the manual, a rack well stocked with many parameters (complete), button wizard allows you to quickly patch the config as you want.
Possibility to use an external preamp loop via the branch or the head ... anything is possible!


For price Digitech is not our fucking the Gu ...
modeling is modeling ... (jen'aime not), but the Line 6 entèrent no worries!
for the effects it's own ... all sound good and full settings allow us to be specific about what you want.
I use a preamp in the outer loop and uses the distortion Wha and pre and post other items in the all controlled by a FCB1010 (nickel). all the sounds perfectly ... the GSP1101 respects the sound between the guitar and preamp (very important).


Good machine rack unit
Benefits are GSP1101 to meet our expectation and more!
it is well designed hardware and software making it unbeatable value for money compared to the competition. does it just lacks a switch control to manage the channels of our amps to be perfect.

Marchal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP1101


Ergonomics is less than a PODXT even if there are shortcuts.
No possibility of an effect dconnecter pressure but there comes rapido.


The clean sounds are the best I've ever heard on a multi-effect (among ToneLab, PODXT V2, pod, Rocktron Chameleon, valveFx). It's just beautiful and alive (great?)!!
The crunch sounds are as good.
The distorted sounds are excellent (unless it's my thing).
It's hot, prcis.
In short, what is surprising is the sound quality and easy to imitate the sounds available.
This is the first time I hear the sound as perfect Knofpler or U2.


Excellent quality price for those who want something that sounds.
I think this is a turning point in the simulation as a pod at the time.

EDIT 01/10/2009:
Always as convincing this multi-purpose. The sounds are superb practitioner.
the update of C48 www.mustbebeta.com ( http://www.mustbebeta.com ) brings new amp simulation or pedals.

Anyway I never heard much diffrence sonoreentre microphones to a guitar or guitar interlaced diffrent ...

Super bass preamp too.

EDIT 23/08/2011:
After a few years of use, I find the sound just as practitioner.