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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD XT Pro

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iamqman's review"Great effects processor!!"

Line 6 POD XT Pro
I have gone through quite a few trial and errors to come to this unit. I tried out the regular POD XT, the Vox Tonelab, and now I picked this unit up on ebay. I got a steal of a price to from some guy on there that had a buy it now price at $450. I think these units normally run around $699. So jumped at the deal. At this time I was in a U2 style band and I had read that the Edge used this unit to get some of his tones.

For the longest time I was running with a Vox Ac30 and then eventually a Marshall and tried all kinds of variations with it. I loved the effects that came with it. In fact the delays in here are some of my favorite and easy to use in a band setting.


I was already used to the POD operation so this was easy. It is set up like a normal chain of guitar- amp- cab- effects like you would experience in a real situation. With the Vox I would try amp simulation more since I didn't crank the Vox like Brian May. When used with the Marshall I ran mostly just delays and modulation. I never used the wah functions as they were very lacking in that department. And the wah operation was a bit confusing too. I never really understood how to use the wah efficiently. It did not seem very real at all either so I just used a normal Fulltone wah.

Like all Line 6 units the manual is very helpful to get you started. It gives you ways to set it up with your current rig and possible ways to run for more effective use. Line 6 does a great job explaining their equipment so that a newbie can get a full understanding and be ready for the gig.


The sound quality is good and bad. The amps and cab simulation is horrible. I don't blame line 6 because you really cannot simulate a real amp using digital properties. It will never feel like the real thing and never give you that ballsy satisfaction of cranking a tube amp.

However, the effects in this unit are amazing. There are so many didn't modulations and delays that can have you exploring your creativity for hours. The delays are very warm and smooth. You can really get in there and tailor the delay parameters to your liking. Plus periodically they do updates via there website which adds new sounds and features. I never explored the Model Packs that they sell since I felt I had everything I needed standard in this unit.

I used a Strat with a Vox Ac30 and a Marshall JCM2000 into a vintage Marshall 4x12 with Blackback speakers rated at 25 watts. I also used it with a BBE rack unit and a TC G Major. I would jump from unit to unit with delays since I was into that at that time. I think the TC's delays sounded better but it did not have all the various types of delays that the Line 6 unit had. So I bounced back and forth quite a bit.


Line 6 makes it very easy to use. One of the main reasons I belong to their mailer and periodically get updates from their company. I love there gear and most likely will purchase more of there stuff in the future.

I would recommend this to any guitar player in need of good effects processing. You will need a foot controlled midi unit to operate this thing in a live setting. So there is more of a gear commitment with this then the POD XT live. I would also recommend this unit to any sound engineer or producer because you can get some great effects that can be used in a recording application.
MGR/Jeff Whitacre08/16/2005

MGR/Jeff Whitacre's review"Line 6 Pod XT Pro"

Line 6 POD XT Pro
I bought the unit from Guitar center after jamming on it in the store for 2 months trying everything driving everybody goofy with questions. To put it mildly I was addicted. Modeling shmodeling, I dont care, but my ears do. It Kicks booty. Very versatile. I paid 600.00 for mine, had a store credit.

I especially love its versatility. Great for recording with its built in mics that can really dynamically change the sound for Pro Tools. Every paremeter was thoughtout and its abilty to have a nice warm sound for live playing.

Factory Presets suck. You have to start from scatch and build your tones. They could go like Vox and add a little pre tube. Marketing wise it might help the people who dont think you can get tone on Solid State

Very Durable. Knobs had to be tighten

Buy one

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Cyper's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
The effects have already been listed, I encourage you to refer to it. They can be edited and controlled via software gearbox which is very significant because the screen is quite riquiqui POD and you have to put in the eye to read it correctly.
The connection is provided of the: line, untreated etc ... the choice is wide which is a good point in terms of adaptability.
It is a model rack 19 "2U.
I bought this amp mainly for recording XLR outputs that allow me to record without my neighbors and my parents go crazy after recording consecutive 5/6h I tried the ENGL 530 but the sound did not suit me: too versatile, I play music quite varied (Extreme Metal, jazz, funk, fusion ...) and the distortion of ENGL did not suit me.
Another feature I like is the ability to download packs of models (for a fee, unfortunately) to record a bass, have more high gain amps, effects etc ... foufou Being also a bass player, is happiness in bar 19 'at this level the 2U!


I hardly needed to read the manual, editing is very simple and rather well done. Only activate the effects loop and adjusting the output type used me a problem (I had to go ... 20 seconds in the manual).
The factory sounds are, I think, not very interesting but it seems that I have sound sometimes questionable taste ... so what? ^ ^ They are clean but ... not tiptop
I read the entire manual one week after the first installation, I did not learn much. However, it is very clear I think even "funny" (yes I swear! Jokes are wonderful in it!)
Nothing to say in my case on the use, you just spend a little time to create his rig. In addition, once the hand made, it's going relatively quickly.


The effects are sometimes a little anecdote (genre bender) and not necessarily very high fly but it can have one on hand quickly. The distos are quite friendly, you can really get high in the clean and gain are always satisfactory.
Again, one of the great advantages of this box is to emulate an amp pushed hard without having an output level of 90 dB. In addition to live, it is convenient if you have the power amp and speaker cabinet that are behind, the sound is very clean and very easy si'on did not we just connect directly to the table and the sound is always fufu. And all just in a shoebox ... OK great.
Obviously, it's not worth a tube amp Diezel VH4 kind, Koch Supernova, Engl Powerball or quelqu'ampli either goes through your head pushed to 7, 8 or more but given the above-mentioned qualities and price, c is completely honest.
I wanted to take a point because it sounds like not true but ... if it's not true, it may not sound like the real nan? So it's normal.
I use it with a Vigier Excalibur Standard in 1991 (when they were still fantastic) and a Peavey Wolfgang and US Cort NC4 mahogany directly into Protools LE 7.4 via a Digidesign 003. The rendering is fantastic even before mixing compared to what I got before my amp using an SM57 and transplanted with a T tube microphone bone (I do not remember the ref). So it's all good.


I use it for a month and a half.
I like to have everything on hand and power register (especially my metal project) without having to cover my home studio of sound absorption.
As owner of good amps (Giannini U65G superbly well that sounds clean and a head EVH 5150 III is formidouble) obviously is not the same and so it's not as nice (but not all has the same price).
Apart from the ENGL E530, I have not tried other models except for a Line 6 Spider II amp (combo and stack) that I found simply irrelevant next to the POD XT Pro.
I got it for € 620 new and I find the price / quality ratio really good given the advantages listed above.
Yes, I would do that choice if I had the opportunity because I have not the ability to record a beast amp pushed ball!

ShowMeHowToLive's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
The effects have dj t lists and the rest.

CHARACTERISTICS level, it does not lack much the Pod XT Pro. The only drawback is the LCD screen unreadable if you are not in the face, fortunately we can connect the Pod to PC / Mac to edit the sounds easily.

Big highlight of the Pod, the number of amps, effects pedals and simulated, there's more choice and can be set days.


The config is very simple gnrale especially through the software Line 6 Editor. The edition is just sounds.

Through the Pod is plutt well done via knobs and especially thanks the screen (very readable) which allows to see the level of those unlike other multi effects (such as Tonelab for example)..

One can only regret that the software interface srieusement date and is far from being trs at Guitar Rig example also offers many more possibilities.

The manual (in English) is for once well Designed, intelligent and easy read with good advice.

A single large black spot. When you have more Line6 stuff you can not use packs or software as desired, it must TRANSFR licenses and is a real pain


We will not restart the dbat modlisation against the lamps.

Although this sr Pod does not sound as well as vritables amps, it does not propose changes that could be done on an amp and the AIR vritable that does good trs not put more than one micro unlike Guitar Rig 2 eg.

But try to have a lot of modlisateurs (Vox Tonelab, Amplitube, Guitar Rig 2, Gearbox Software), I find this Pod XT Pro is THE FIRST place, even if for me Guitar Rig 2 is even better (but offer less choice of amps).

The sound quality is also much better than the Toneport with Gearbox used (ie software) is obvious for the distortion and amp hi gain. In fact I find the Metal pack really good, we get a big sound, with a fine grain and good prsence.

The Pod XT presets are medium and small (compared GR2), so I'm going (and I use those available in Gearbox, a little better)! But when you start CRER own, we see the potential of the Pod. With packages available as an option, it's even more crazy, y 'is so we do not know which way to the head. What a pity Edit software is not better damn it rough They would do well to pump some of Native Instruments.

I use it with my electric guitars, mostly my Les Paul (the rendering is superb) and the LTD (not bad too but I have to work more on it to get something OK). I find the sound plutt fat and warm, unlike what is said here, definitely not worse than the Tonelab.


I'm over the past few weeks.

I chose the Pod XT Pro for:

- The price seems a lev but when you see what we have in the package, ultimately it is a matter that is also especially sound card for PC / Mac. It is little more than a little amp lamps that offers no flexibility.

- The choice of amps and effects, and impressive quality that offers a wide range trs to play in any style as long as they get involved. And the opportunity to put day and add modlisations. TRS is a big advantage over my old ToneLab.

- The sound quality without having to be chi ... through a microphone, sound card etc.. Here we have a top its rapidly

- The possibility to use the Pod without the PC / Mac ct IDAL to go on holiday with the Pod and guitar in the trunk.

What I dislike:

- LCD display his rotten, worthy of the 80s, and even my Casio was even better readability level!

- Interface Line 6 software that dates and offer less opportunities than those of Native Instruments, which remains for me the top of the modlisation (but ncessite a PC / Mac).

With exprience (APRS have used all existing solutions), I found my happiness and a near perfect product which offers the advantage of the rack while offering the possibility of adding a p Dali for the scne.

I was using before the Vox Tonelab, which offered a good quality sound, but silent limit level effects and could not have updates, not to mention the connection to PC / Mac silent limit.

I classify all of the same Guitar Rig 2 above level quality sound and especially product and interface possibilities (in particular through changes, multiple microphones, splits etc.). But it ncessite a PC / Mac and does not offer much modlisations the Pod, and not the possibility to buy optional packages. The community around Guitar Rig 2 is almost nonexistent.

In short, APRS several years of tests and trials of all kinds, I found a pice of my matress set studio and I am fully satisfied.
Convulsound.com06/01/2007's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
- What are the effects or types of effects available?
Pramp: The y'en a shit and I will explain even if you take the pack and classic metal. I know that I have 120 total pramp with the classic model, metal, bass.
Cab: The y'en a lot so I would say more than 50 I have my pod in front with models and Yen packs even more.
Micro: Simulation on and off the SM57, Sennheiser 421 dynamic, 65 condense. So the sound is niquel (4 yen pramp one for bass if you take the pack)
Level effect: types of chorus, reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, tremolo, compressor, noise gate, diffrent simulation of pedals, EQ! Level effect is not shit y'en a full pack with FX and more y'en more! I would say between 50 and 100 effects! In addition to the effects loop is adjustable in pre or post!

- What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...)
Then it's modlisation numrique so it's (I will like to see what it could have if the lamp c'tait lol)

- Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC?
Most is that everything is ditable PC thanks to USB cables and software or each window has its effect, its prsentation in 2-3 clicks you have a sound that sounds!

- What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
2 input jacks, SPDIF out between, connective AES / EBU, USB connectivity, between MIDI, Return / Send to the effects loop, ramping out (I personally know how it will be is still the one!)

- Is this a rack or rack MODEL?
Lol um it is a 4u rack but I think it's good if the issue is to develop feasible case yeap


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?
Trs simple yes but I think that few people know the same rgler me was the show me and since it works great I like the sound is totally what I was looking for.

- The edition of sounds and effects is it easy?
Trs any single computer can be done by clicking in 2-3 (although even with 2-3 clicks is not easy to find what you're looking briefly like any machine to test a little)

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Uh I have to buy United States so it's in English but I understand it's going by against I do not know if it is said in french here. So I would disregard for my vote.


- Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?
Then the ca dboite a record now it sounds like the limited prod by big against it clear that it is too galre to get there! (Many thanks to VTM) I play death metal and I swear that much ca claque! I speak for use in the studio because I play in scne Engl powerball.

- Which instruments do you use?
I play on a Jackson RR3 Roads Randhy up with an EMG-81 bridge and into a Bass Esp / Ltd F104 and a condenser microphone for singing, the drum is DFH.

- What are those you prfrez, you dtest?
Actually I love pramp level simulation of the Engl powerball powball Angel and Big bottom that sounds extra fat for a good big sound then clean the shit but y 'has a level is something to pramp rgaler for all styles! Level crunch bah I know I will not touch too but I would say that for any self-respecting metalhead (big shit financire) pod fill desires to save his models with a much better prod some amateur studio!


-How long have you use it?
It's been almost a year

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The pros: The sound made record that is standard, easy to rgler computer, sharing rglages, the infinity of possible rglages.
The -: I care not, but if your not going cot internet you everything and you stay far fewer opportunities.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I try to boss GT8 I deprecated the ca sounds too synthetic and then I try the guitar port by chance (that is what motivated my choice) I try the pod 2 because some said they taient better than the pod xt BEN'S SERIES OF PURE BULLSHIT BOTTOM CA dislocated it's just that it's easier not argler but it sounds better!

- How do you report qualitprix?
Me personal I pay 400 euros while the price so the quality dboite thoroughly but in France I know it's not the same therefore it is the BMOL the product but noted for the quality sound must pay the price right?

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
A YAS not fuck YES AND AGAIN AND Reu Reu I think that those who sold it is that they have unsuccessfully tried to get something conclusive with!

Hint: When you record the bass and mdium dug thoroughly its not working! So if you like me con ca t Vitera you lots of time making head

over-dream's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...)</span>

The PODxt (Pro or not) is a pramp modlisations, the numrique therefore, DSP technology.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- What are the effects or types of effects available?</span>

The PODxt (Pro) embarks with him the majority of the market effects (chorus, flanger, whammy, distortion, compressor, wah, reverb ...). These effects are bass, as part pramp 'MODELS on "luxury". While APRS, the LORD dbat whether a sound like the originals, I'm off with a bit if a sound is perfect, so was not sound, I use my pedals.
Most recent internship with GM of the machine (excluding pack), it must be forty amps simulated over fifty effects, leaving the choice to find his sound.
Both say right away, some are really ugly simus (Correct example), and other sound really excellently (JMP-1, Line6 HiGain ...). I got a patch 4 for live sound: a distortion mtal - a clean / crunch (depending on the micro guitar) - a lead sound - a pattern "catch-all" o I prprogramm all the effects which I am sensitive to need (a click, I pass on this pattern, and one or two clicks supplmentaires, I put the effects I want, and that of t j program.)

So, really, excellent.

The connector architecture is the complte PODxt Pro, everything is possible.


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- The configuration gnrale is it simple?</span>

To take control, yes, even when trs simple, especially with the PC edition (see below) on the other hand to find the sound you want is really more dlicat is just the reverse of the mdaille.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- The edition of sounds and effects is it easy?</span>

Line6 GearBox with or Edit perfectly.
As for the manual, I did not read ...


In sound, and I RPET is trs long to find the sound that we seek, may even become Drout ... But in the end, I get really what I was looking for a long time and I never found in any lamps ...

Small precision, live I play with a VHT 2902 power amp, and a H & K Custom cabinet.

I use the PODxt Pro with Metalmaster Lag and Lag Roxane, plus a variety of effects that suit me better than the PODxt.
For the home-stud 'is really perfect for the live, and for what I seek is carrment foot, a good feeling and a good big sound :-)


Prs a year since I possde, I would do without this choice hsiter, NOW I got the sound I wanted.

+: Its extreme versatility & its sound (as long as we seek, not that we come to complain after 2 days ... is not it gentlemen?)

-: Hmmm, Price, CHRE when even the Pro version ...

Max82's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
See below


Very simple in 10 minutes it was all inclusive.


Truce of rhetoric, rather go listen to this page
The 3 / 4 catches guitars were made in the pod xt pro. Frankly, I challenge anyone to tell me what is making "real" or not.


Quality / size / price excellent!
I really think that spit on such a product is not reasonable.
You have to be strong for not being able to make it sound!
So, I'm saving for me a vetta2 ...

bodom666's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
Very complete!
I just AIM model as a pack are free (although I've had!)


Very easy to use, after 10 minutes you are comfortable with the pod!
many benefits are done very well on the pod and it has a lot of memory!
the manual is very clear!
the pod xt pro has more outputs and can be used as a sound card which is very handy when not many medium and we want a good guitar sound!


The memory of the pod xt pro, there are many preset Yil very well but there are others that resemblance too!
I use it with my jackson rr3 soon and with my future gibson! the clean sound can be very clean even with my jackson!
I tried to dub bass, keyboard and singing with the pod, there is a net result, but it feels too much power and timbre of the instruments.
I love the marshall clean and jazz, I like least three times a trp recifier that saturates my taste

Small update:
For some weeks I buy a pod pro (series 2.0) is moisn full course, but the sounds are more dynamic, pechut more realistic!


I use it for 8 months for the sound and sometimes for live
I tried the virtual instrument, the v amp and all kinds of pedal but with the pod was immediately a good sound in all conditions
I bought the pod xt pro OCCAZ of a 500 euro model with the 3 pack and I find the report very good price knowing that quality has a guitar preamp, which acts as a sound card ETDE preamp for other instruments !
I do it again this choice not because since I have my pod 2.0 I no longer use him, after that's my opinion and I think the pod xt pro is a solution if we have stuff to work on a cot so did the bottom because it is very clean but very flat .. and the pod 2 is better now seeing if we have good sound, right away, without forcing the gear has cotje the repeated again, in my opinion!

Philguitarman's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
Is a summary of Prampli modlisation numrique comprising 36 modliss amps, 24 speakers modliss, 30 modliss effects not to mention the gates, compression and rverbes . 128 programs. Connectivity ultra complte.
Otherwise I invite you to browse the site for a Line6 max prampli info on this.


You can use the POD XT Pro as its prdecesseur (POD Pro) or computer music, in studio or concert. For my part, I chose this because I wanted Systm a tool allowing me to play on both scne and plug directly into a console in the studio without it spending hours and hours to get sound DSIR.
Operation is extremely simple, as usual, and easy to ACCS.
I use the following Manir (according to my configuration): Fly box containing the POD XT Pro with 2 racks TC Electronic effects loop SERIES, QSC power amps and two Electro Voice speakers.


Here is the topic most Determines: j&#39;achte, j&#39;achte not !?!...
Cons: - For maximum choice and diversity of sounds I advise you to download any models Packs (Metal Shop, Collector Classics, FX Junkie) BUT you have to pay more! ...
- Between a guitar in front of the rear rack does not exist, so that if you configured with your fly box, you have to go on your cable before. I tried to plug the guitar from the rear side (in line), there is a loss of quality sacr!
- The effect has Autoswell compltement t rat on the POD XT Pro, because the old version (POD Pro) it worked perfectly, we never heard the attack or mdiator with your fingers ... it&#39;s a shame not to have russi dvelopper Autoswell the leaves have returned the old version on the new POD.
- The transfer of sound between the twelve o&#39;clock POD Pro POD XT Pro and what does not work! .. A shame because there were certain sounds that I loved (and Soldano SP88 Shop etc ...). Or I did not understand the transfer of sound through the computer!
- Finally, last point, the effects are good bills, but I invite you to add racks of effects such as Lexicon or TC Electronic and you will win in claret and crystal-clear sound!
Features: - The sounds!! Beautiful, incredible purity (biensur, adpend sounds gots read your music and your style). Sincrement there&#39;s plenty to do ... I jou amp on lamps Marshall (JCM800) and my Fender Dual Showman, 1972 and on my Fender through my ADA MP1, certainly had a nice sound, but with the POD XT Pro and you can paufiner its most of Manir prcise IF YOU HAVE ANY QUALITY RACKS BEHIND => OK we need a little prs configuration of the same type as the minne (that is, the racks of effects and TC Electronic reverb loop SERIES), but I beg you to believe that was hard. Z&#39;tes not convinced? .. Take the Pod sounds such as Bogner, Engl, Peavy 5150, Big Bottom, etc. .... and you dcoller posters. Z&#39;tes trends quieter then try Rverb Twin, Bassman, JC120, Sparkle clean, Piezomatic 2 ....
So with 128 programs, I assure you that you have a hell of a sound and amp arsenal to deal with the scne and operate the studio.

Added 07/09/06: Note that sounds and samples of POD Models Packs are only "photographs" sound amp simulation and that the bulk of default POD&#39;s the legalization of each simulation that does not more. Rev limit is in effect you can turn the knobs for bass, treble, mid ... on some amps do little and it was annoying that is! ! !


Here almost 2 years I use the POD XT Pro let alone 3 Previous Anns with his little ERRF (POD Pro).
Nothing wrong, no failure except when loading the latest version as there are 3 Control Change messages that are sent on my rack effects, made the gaffe on it. (Quasiement I play every night) . And cot SAV, Line6 has always paul on all issues and topics that I have submitted (a big thank you Ada), which is not the case of certain brands (Roland, Yamaha .. .)
For my part, I am one who loves and seeks a well prcis and having an arsenal of various amp allows me to search, tampering, to grind, modify, paufiner this or that to get his ide sound DSIR. POD XT Pro allows it and it is gnial (although for the legalization paramtrique and graphic at the end of course) and I see no one else.

I think that within ten years, there will be a manufacturer who will market a rack like POD or GT Pro tural simulations with and complements any amp. For example the totality of a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier simultaneously with all channels and settings imaginable, with the possibility to have 4 5 bass amps at the same time everything is business as ... patience! !

We always say a picture is worth a thousand words and an explanation dull, then I invite you listen my sound through the POD XT Pro on the pieces of my musical training on the site .. . You decide (the sound, not music!)

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Pro
T says it all down.

[9] On paper anyway, the specs are INTERESTED!


Yes. The machine is simple plutt handle. The pannel is clearly Dfine each button and its function (for those familiar with the Digitech GNX 300, they know what I mean l.

Another big advantage is the possibility to transport his first strong point. Convenient for turners and globe trotters of all kinds. Another advantage is the home studio. Here, no making head to record!

[9] Let's be crazy!


On this point, the pod xt I was not at all convinced.

In our group, with all our gear together, we possdons (or tried alongside) many of the amps and cabs Muls by this machine and I confirm: Nothing sounds like the original. It lacks most, this little characters and the typical heat lamps amps.

[3] we threw a little smoke and mirrors in wanting us to believe that all amps are in this bte the scale 1 / 1. But I do not dramatize. The sounds are usable and more beautiful than on many other modlisateurs. Note 3 is mainly due to the fact that I measure the pod with the entire march of amplification.


The price / performance ratio, compared to an amp lamp turns here clearly in favor of the pod. Even if its modulations can not compete with a good stout disto lamp, they dfendent correctly. The factor "globe trotter" of this tool is also INTERESTED rptition for when traveling or turning.

[5] Hard to note here. The BTE does not pay serious errors but does not shine either exceptionally. Make an investment with good reason.
Note [5] is the average home!