MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver

MC401 Boost/Line Driver, Guitar/Bass booster from MXR.

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All user reviews for the MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 9 reviews69 %
 3 reviews23 %

rockerdad's review"Think: VOLUME!"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
The MXR Boost/Line Driver is the type of gear that I've been searching for. what it does, it does simply and pretty darn good. It's built like a tank, like most MXR/CAE products. It has one footswtich, one knob and one led. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work this one guys.

- 0 to 20 db knob
- in and out jacks
- blue led when engaged
- dark grey casing
- runs on 9 volt battery or power adapter


I'm sure this pedal can do more but for my application, I only use it as a pure volume boost. I run it through the loop of my Marshall DSL. It can make your sound INSANELY loud. I rarely push it past around 2 or 3 db of volume boost, mainly because it just is just too loud unless you're playing an arena. Even using it in this fashion, it gives your tone a little bit of a treble boost it seems, along with the added volume.


The one thing about this pedal is more me nitpicking than anything. The volume it gives is GREAT. You can boost your own solos and not have to worry about whether or not the soundman is sleeping or not paying attention. It does seem to add a slight artificial treble or mid to your tone. It's not bad but it feels like it takes a little gain away at the same time it feels like it's adding gain. Confusing? It's hard to explain. It's definitely not a deal breaker but it does color the tone just a tad. The majority of people in your audience are not going to notice this at all so you're ready to rip those notes!


As I said earlier in this review, the MXR MC401 is exactly what I'd been looking for to give my leads and solos a volume boost without relying on a sound tech that doesn't know my band's music. For the $65 price I paid for this, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's also a very compact pedal so it won't take up a ton of space on your board. I've yet to try it through the front of my amp as a traditional boost but I didn't buy it for that.

tarz200tdi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" quiet but formidable tool"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
everything has already been written, including the location of the PSU painful (but hey, having 3 mxr on the pedalboard you get used ...).


I hesitated at (front or loop) and stopped at a front panel operation.
it gives the following chaining:
guitar => tuner => wah => send the Gate => mxr 401 CAE booster => in the amp (orange TH30) => send the amp => return the Gate => delay => return to amp
it has already been written but actually the ideal is to have two, one in front and one in the loop.
for my part I wanted to have both a clean boost and a "third channel" on my orange. the beast is fulfilling its role!


We attack the real subject, and in a word: SU-PER-BE
In clean I have a fairly transparent boost, but bounces medium very dynamically in the right hand, with a very warm and sexy rendering.
In drive, I finally use it as an overdrive for lead parts, or as a third channel on a piece that uses crunch and saturation ...
Used knob to 0 and is an excellent buffer that adds color to the guitar signal.

The grain is really good!
I've never used 18V, I expect to come across the power supply that goes just to test.


I hesitated with Xotic, but in the end I am very happy with my choice, with a price / quality ratio OCCAZ my ideal sense.

The only drawback is that it takes a perfect world in his own two pedalboard ...

Dark_chameau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Famous"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
Boost pedal mxr size, so heavy and compact: 1 single knob that controls the amount of boost 0-20 db 9volts and a little over 18 volts (yes ...).


It has rarely been more simple, like the manual on 2 lines. 1 switch on / off, 1 knob and a nice blue led banana ...


Both at rest (true bypass) in action, this pedal does not color the sound, if you feel that the sound changes corpulence, it is only because the next stage take more expensive than usual . When I say next stage, I speak of a preamp, preferably lamps ... The bad idea is to insert it into an effects loop hoping to use solo pedal, generally, the output transformer do not like at all but YMMV ...


I needed a solution for my triple recto transitions between channels, here.
Well measured (13-15 db) is a real treat and we keep the character of his shovel and his amp, we discover even the background pushing further. I am pleased with this purchase as each item CAE that I have acquired, and the detail that kills? The knob with its phosphorescent mark a pretty bright green in the dark! and yes he was thinking ...

AceLeppard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect for me, it does exactly what is asked!"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
Clean Boost Analog 0 to 20 dB in collaboration with Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electonics.

A single knob level.
In one entry, exit out, a power plug (9 or 18v).

As usual with housings Mxr type can blame him access to the hard and the positioning of the power outlet stack, while it does not bother me at all and the pedal is easily integrated into my pedalboard.

Pedal inspires confidence, it seems well built and solid.


The general configuration is basic is simple: a single knob manages the boost level. I do not have to read the manual.

You have to think to put the pedal effects loop if it is to increase the volume and only the volume of the amp. Placed in front a boost gain transparent and efficient too (Slash appears and boost their heads Marshall) is obtained.

Editing sounds is easy anyway as the pedal is transparent.


The effect is really super efficient: I am provided to add a few dB of boost when starting a solo, and that's exactly what makes the pedal once it is placed in the loop of amplifier.

Since it is transparent, it works well with all my guitars (Stratocaster, Flying V. ..)

To be able to try it in the past in front of an amp set to crunch, the boost can push towards a more frank distortion without changing the overall character or equalization.


I use it for about two weeks, I'm thrilled. The reputation of this booster is to be one of the most transparent market and it is deserved.

I once owned a Micro Amp Mxr also from home and she was not as "clean". I am also filled with my Xotic Ep Booster, but it brings the desired color that I really prefer that the front loop.

The quality / price ratio of this Mxr Booster / Line Driver is justified.
This choice I would gladly if I loose the pedal or if I have to design a second pedalboard.
Oliver Sp@rk04/18/2013

Oliver Sp@rk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect!"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
clean boost!


super simple ... no need for manual


true bypass

gain volume without distorting the original sound ... perfect for solo!


100% satisfied, recommend!

top quality

M@rsouillet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good boost ..."

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
Boost from 0db (buffer only) to 20db (bobo eardrum ...)

9V battery or power supply


Crane, more gain in the loop, more volume ...

Also allows you to attack the big racks or large pedalbords by lowering the impedance to avoid losses ...

Be careful with vintage pedals that prefer high impedances.


This is done to boost and / or bufferiser and it does it well and in a linear fashion.


Well, to be underfoot.

on the other hand I regret that the buffer only works when the pedal is activated.

THE top, having one front and one in the loop.

MacB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Boost the natural"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
Indeed available: the effect of boost, with a knob measure db on the sides:
- 0 dB 10 dB 20 dB.
Technology used: Analog
Connectors: DC-in 9V + Possibility to put a 9V battery (cover 4 screws on the back of the pedal)


No manual, anyway it is not necessary, given the refined settings of this pedal.

Setup is simple:

0 -10 dB: a good boost bringing your reports, and keeps the sound aspect of your instrument and amp natural, while giving more power
10 to 20 dB boost with your points by at about 15 to 20 dB, the natural effect of a more Fuzz, but still natural, clean, drooling as he left it really the amp with the master thoroughly.

Basically editing sounds or effect is very simple.

So if you want distortion effects or even overdrive, fuzz, or even drive signal with a slight coloration of the sound + reinforcement of certain frequency as mediums, go your way, it's not that this pedal 'you will need. However it just completely replaced by a pedal overdrive / distortion or even Boost, playing in tandem with the knobs of your instrument (which is my case now) = revert to something clean, simple, of almost pure without powerful effects.


The effect is efficient and above all realistic, since it does not alter the character of your instrument associated with that of the amp. Again I repeat, it is not based on any sound frequency (treble, medium, low), specific, so it boost natural equal, it acts as a second master volume if you ever decide to play with the boost engaged in times.

My old configuration without the boost:


My new configuration with the pedal:

FENDER PRINCETON REVERB (Master 3) + + TUNER ON FOOT MXR Boost / Line Driver (10 dB) + Strymon LEX (Leslie) EHX HOLY GRAIL + + 2 + EHX MEMORY MAN GIBSON SG CLASSIC P90 (Game knob correlated with boost pedal).

The pros:
- The margin of "maneuver" with the volume pot that is wide and to find a specific sound, and can easily change it if necessary

- On an amp like PRINCETON REVERB cruncher who tends to very quickly, it brings out the amp's clean, its creamier, cleaner (without falling into either SURGICAL, coldness).

- The robust, all metal enclosure, a real brick, the kind of pedal that you have another 20 or 30 years after, good manufacturing.

- It costs € 92, a good quality / price ratio compared to the new home market in the same type pedal.

The -:

- Switching the switch a little hard in the beginning, but that will certainly become more flexible in the future.


I use it for 2 months and a half. I have tried many pedals before buying in all brands, even brands called "boutique" most luxurious, high-priced, T REX, EHX (IBRD), MXR (white, micro-amp), BBE ( GRANDE Boosta and others), two American brands boosts boutique fuzz very focused, too fat, not natural enough for my taste. This is the final boost that it corresponded to the best my needs as a musician. The three characters that I like most about this boost:

- Respect the natural side of her, the character of the guitar, the amp.
- The robust, all metal enclosure, a good small brick.
- Sound quality / price ratio more than correct, € 92.

olive57GT's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Transparent like clear water"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
What drove me to this pedal: the need for a boost in volume (and only that) on two channels of my amp (a JVM 205) to float in the magma of a group sound for lead parts. So I was looking for something transparent, powerful and works primarily on two channels. In short, after reading everything and its opposite, I am able to bring my contribution to the building and provide a config that works for people who finally have the same pbm me.


So, I use that is super simple and summarized by the following scheme:
Guitar = [od pedal / distortion / wah] = input amplifier parallel loop = Send = [pedal modulation delay / chorus / tremolo / phaser] = MXR MC 401 = Return parallel loop

In here! Basta! My pbm is solved! Whatever the channel on which I play, the MC401 will boost the volume of what comes out of the preamp to attack the floor of the power amp! Magic is not it?


Not only did I reach my goal level functionality but the more I am filled sound level! No sound coloration, no gain change whatsoever on the clean channel or on the od. Nickel.


In short, great pedal, used in the right place in the chain, a formidable impact in terms of your overall volume boost. € 100 for it, it's always expensive, but for the moment do not regret it.

Nico66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfectly Clear"

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
Booster MXR analog, very strong!


emanuel not need a single button that adjusts the volume boost.
I use it to go solo in volume for my chorus.


TOP! it is completely transparent and does not stain.
As much as I had the MXR that colored a little, but that it mounts the volume, that's all. Awesome.


used for 3 years, I do not change it.

In addition, it is beautiful with its blue LED (which smashes the eyes ... but it is beautiful)

lsotis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
Well here we present a simple booster, gp simply increase the volume to go over a mix when the song requires. This is not a treeble booster.


It has a large knob for adjusting the level of boost and that's it ... what is asked, either.
Oh yes the power plug is misplaced, I think, it could have been more practical, but not prohibitive.


The least we can say is well, it has under the foot. Difficult to go beyond 2 / 3 of the race without really being much too strong compared to his "rhythm".
She is reputed to be very clear. It's true and it is really great for that. Do not dream it anyway, your clear sound will still start the race once cruncher of knob beyond half of the race.


She did exactly what I wanted and this for almost a year.
I used to be a boost to my pedaltone. I wanted to use the top boost channel of my AC30 as boost and the normal channel for rhythm but it was not that.
So now I am using the normal channel for my clean sounds and saturated and the top boost channel for my crunch ... and my boost for the channel of my choice.
I like the fact that it is well clear (unless you push it too) and the fact that the extra volume it offers can really go far. It is not limited.
What I like least ... bin I found a little expensive (99 €).
I do it again this election, anyway.