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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Audiofanzine FR12/03/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

A/DA MicroCab
(Originally written by solo84/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
The Microcab is a fully analog guitar cabinet with mic simulation. Connect it like this: guitar > preamp > Microcab > line input (mixer, sound card, etc.) or power amp.

The device has two channels so you can use it in stereo mode. It also has Dry outputs for A/B signal comparison.

This unit has few competitors in the analog world since most simulations are now digital. With this device you don't have any AD/DA conversion which is an advantage. Moreover, very few digital units can successfully apply digital modeling to a guitar signal except for high-end products (TC Electronics hardware, etc.)

The unit is very easy to use once you understood the role it plays in the sound chain. It's not an analog POD since it doesn't emulate amplifier heads or effects. So you must have a good guitar preamp (a Marshall JMP1 for example) or an excellent tube preamp (Universal Audio LA-610 for example) to get the best performance out of it because it is this device (along with the guitar and the musician) that gives some color to the sound! If you have a cheap preamp you won't get good results!

After that just choose a cabinet type (one speaker, two speakers, four speakers, open, closed, vintage, modern...). Two additional controls adjust high and low overtones created by the mic's proximity effect.

Effective sound tool! You get the silky, thick and somewhat dark sound of the speaker and mic combination. BTW the emulated mic is a Shure SM57, a standard mic for guitar amps... Its sound can be easily recognized. With a LA-610 preamp you get a Fender-like sound.

How does it sound compared with a software tool like Guitar Rig*? The sound difference is not huge but clearly audible especially within a mix. It's the same difference as a real MXR Phase90 and its emulation in Guitar Rig. It sounds pretty similar but the sound of the real unit has more character and is easier to use in a mix. It's the same here!

I even tested it with a bass and the result was also very good! The sound was warm and smooth...

Like with most good analog devices it doesn't alter the sound!

* For the sake of comparison just change a cabinet and mic in the software, but not the whole amp)

The unit is quite difficult to find! Go look on ebay and the like! I found mine for a very small price without external PSU! And considering the device requires 16 volts AC the PSU wasn't easy to find! Remember this if you see it without a PSU.

ADA ceased to exist a long time ago (because of some fire) but there still is a user community, and their products became cult because of their high quality and original concept! Many musicians still use this product and look for them because they prefer its natural sound to a POD, Zoom and other digital solutions... THE reference homepage for ADA products is:

Update from 12/03/08: it's really a great product. I can't make a recording without it!!! It never disappoints me (neither with guitar nor bass)! A great deal!!!
asap.band04/15/2010's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A/DA MicroCab
Everything has been said .. pure analog no noon, a true speaker simulation what!

tt top is simple, does pushing buttons, you turn 3 knobs and presto!

Perfectly adapted, super realistic.
Egnater IE4 preamp used and tests with POD XT (see below!), Telecasters and Gibson 335.
With a tele and a good tube preamp ... frankly it rocks.

It's been very long as a day in hunting ... this unit is crazy!
namely, the 1st post posted is too true: the best simus is pressing ANY button (little manipulation to be done if none is permanently active), and there ... c is the treat. C is so good that I even wonder if the next record jvas piss me off to plug my head and my Marshall JMP 4 * 12 "Greenbacks! É yes!
I've even tried heresy .... brace yourself! J have the POD XT in bazaars, of course, by not putting any simulation of HP in the Pod, it is essential! ! !
And then this POD Chow dynamics, all stunted, become a tear ... it sends engraved in the sound card ... it looks like my 100W tezte screaming!
then not bother to buy an X3 guys ....
In short, it sounds very realistic, impeccable for big guitars home studio without having to yell a head 100 W ... a pure delight.
Only flaw: very very hard to find!
S. Durson11/10/2008

S. Durson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A/DA MicroCab
Among jacks 2 ditto channels sortiees.
Of entering to directly connect the high instrumentals impdence and microphones (XLR) are prsents. For more details see instructions on adadepot.

Super simple. You turn, you push a button (there is a choice between 8), turn 3 buttons and it's good. Note the presence of the bypass. But this button is the button once. Coutes is without, then with, and after we know that we will never recover it again on out (bypass) ^^

Simu HP, I'm a fan. I test a lot of stuff. In hardware (zoom, boss) or plugin (guitar RIG3, Izotop trash and many more). No I was never satisfied. Only ADA intake me my sound, the one that comes true HP. It's stunning!

I love it. Nothing to do with the plugs. Unlike what some say, it is better by not choosing cabinet, disagreed. Simus firms are excellent. I can finally use my Engl E530. I hallucin soon as I branch the first time. Now I wonder how I did before ... I'll have to buy more tt !!!

MetallicRiffer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A/DA MicroCab
Analog simulator HP 19 "1U
Connectivity enough complte: 2 in, 2 out jack, 2 XLR out, 2 out Thru
So non-programmable non ditable ...

Configuration ultra simple pressing a button to choose the type of baffle is rotated and 2 knobs for treble and bass.
A final knob for volume and it's over! Questions?
I have not read the manual (why?)

All is not top, away from t. ..
Personal I use only the 1x12 (especially the open back) 2 and 4x12 are nazes I think.
By simultaneously against the trs is effective and keeps all the dynamics of the preamp.
Headphones (Beyer DT770 Pro) the house, but still a little synthetic about the speakers or, better, live is stunning! The sound is hyper raliste!

I use it for 2 years with a JMP-1 to replace my POD and kills!
It is 150 € OCCAZ '(but rare) and made the job well.
We're not at a Palmer (although it is not far when even ...) but actually is three times cheaper.
It's nice to have the possibility to make direct scnes sound with his usual rig or just work in silence to the house.
With a good preamp replaces all the lamps and other POD or Tonelab Vamp.
I will repeat the same thing without hsiter.

bongo666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A/DA MicroCab
Not editable, Jack and XLR connectors, stereo. 1U RACK transformer.

Efficient configuration, comprehensive manual. A paragraph explaining how to set up his microcab and the rest for the theory of frequency response of different cabs through an SM58. Basically it's your ear that will define the sound you have, you can not do more for you, and it's true

Impeccable quality. All analog, nothing to do with my HP simus ex v-amp pro or my current Multivalve.

My config is: guitar (Lag Roxanne fr, RR EMG or stratum home made) => pedalboard => Peavey RockMaster preamble => Rocktron Multivalve => microcab

Basically a config "Rack" scene where the studio version microcab takes the place of all power amp / speakers

The report is striking! The change of speakers is impressive and realistic settings and depths can really adjust the sound you want. In addition to HP simus this, it is possible to fake by advocates as the other gentleman to see to apply two simus HP at the same time. Personally, I use the 2x12 open back vintage, even to the metal in SI.
Bzzz No, no added noise, absolutely impeccable!

I ais for some months now, it went after my v-amp pro that I no longer used in simulation of baffles and Multivalve also equipped with fairly complete simulation of baffles. The Microcab they are very superior.

Everything is there, the stereo, the quality and robustness. This is the kind of rack that once you have its setting, you touch more, the variety of possibilities just to adjust the sound our ears want to hear.

At money, it is well worth the blow since it is of € 150 OCCAZ in general and now, for the equivalent home stereo Palmer - PGA-05-is rather in the 300-400 € OCCAZ of ...
Le bourreau11/28/2005

Le bourreau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A/DA MicroCab
I think it's analog
the diffrence with microcab It is he an external power supply that the buttons are not the same, then it sounds exactly the same level (I know what I mean, I compared the two at the same time)

In fact there are lots of little buttons that are censs simulate cabinets (2x12, 4x12 .... etc) but who cares!
I explain below

In fact the plan is to select a speaker (no matter where it is all zero!) But like to push buttons by pressing on another lightweight we are left with no button pressed, and I say yes.
Then just rgler volume, treble knob with hi balance and bass knob with the thump and I think it's the best simulator I ssay HP. Apart from the Palmer PGA 04 (but you have an amp to get it working).
I compared with my Palmer PDI 05, I find the MICROCAB much more natural, there is no longer the bee that cot all simultaneously HP
Ds and we select a cabinet, it sucks.
It's crazy is not it?
I spend my TONELAB in with even more on a simulated TONELAB, I find the sound much more enjoyable.
Good APRS, beatings and pain ...

I bought used on this site (a bit expensive for that matter) but good has become rare to find.
This is my buddy that has the MODEL ll who found the trick.
It's the ball as saying that the MIDI 24/24h caps screwed on the head (the poor, is 30 years old they are bald)
When I have time and if someone has INTERESTED I will make samples.

why you put "lol" at every turn of phrase, your cons you or what?