Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)

Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box), Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $655 VAT
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All user reviews for the Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Bierrepc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Full of cabs for the price of one"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
I will not repeat the turn of the owner ...

I use the Torpedo with PodHD500.
I see full make big eyes ... Yes, yes you read that right.
In PodHD, what is interesting is that there are two types of simulations:
Was the
- Amp simulations (preamp + power amp)
- Pre amp simulations.
For my part, I take the simulation preamp that I am sending the Torpedo Mixer output via the effects loop before putting effects such as reverb or delay.
In the Torpedo, I no longer have to choose the type of amp. In general, I take the Class A amps that allow me to not have to settle presence.
After I chose the speakerphone, microphone and its placement, I made my little sauce in the EQ, I made the gaffe input gain and output and I just play.

I also have pedals BlackStar, but I would need a noise gate to good use and with time, I do not see too many differences between these small boxes and PODHD both Torpedo CAB is effective.
To erase a maximum digital sound effect at the PodHD, I put between the POD and the Sound Card, a Behringer UltraGain2200.

For the bass, I have a preamp Eden WTDI I plug directly into the Torpedo.
I generally use simulation Hartke 4x10 "which is gorgeous and has more bass (I think) that the simulated Ampeg 8x10", while having more punch.

madchap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it's good!"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
simulator cabinets for guitar and bass
jack on standard 6.5 "
there is a free editor available on the website builder
it is the "pedal" model so it was a little fat (only 1 speaker at a time) but the key is the

used with various pedals and preamp Mesa
it's really good ... think a boy of 4 years could be used without reading the manual!
I do not know if the book is good or not because I do not know where I put it and I did not even open once!

As always there are more or less happy combination, but frankly it sounds very good. For use in home studio is really perfect.
to play live on a good PA ca going very well too .. after jai not try all models either!

I use it for a few months now and I am very happy. The price is a bit high I think for just a simulation of baffle but it is true that it sounds and once you have it, there are countless start backwards! if I change it will be just for the rack model. So in the end the value for money is ok, it was worth the money because it's solid stuff, and think that sounds good.

the only complaint is that we can not put all in the cab beast at a time (there not fit badly even qd). So we must make choices. I turns all low cab and even by ca I can not have all those guitar. Beside jai 500 memory slot empty for IRs that I use only very very rarely because the cab of the torpedo are very good! it's a shame but nothing dramatic either.

the software could be better too ... but I rarely used men therefore not very serious either.

Basically if you buy this, you go you find 4 or 5 cab nickel works with your gear for clean, crunch and distortion and once all good rule, you rarely touch! ... It's just plug and play, like a real! I asked nothing more of what the odds! So very much like the gear malgres qq negative point seen above.
PS: you have good stuff (good preamp) for making the most ... So forget the other pod or something like that!

Jumikael's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"My most important piece of gear."

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
So this is a rather large pedal, which uses the digital convolution technology to accurately simulate speaker cabinets.
The torpedo cab also offers a simulated power amp and EQ for guitar and one for bass (all disabled).
It can be used to drive simple IR (Impulse Response) if you prefer to use "footprints" found on the net. Those proposed by Two Notes are ample however ;)
It has a MIDI port, IN, one OUT, headphone jack, a USB port. Also two knobs, two switches and a push button.
Everything is editable via the small screen menus (very readable despite its size) or via USB with the Torpedo Remote software, or via MIDI (and even use some of their "i-devices" as controllers).
The quality is excellent.

The manual is well thought out and concise. Take a little time to become familiar with the operation of the machine, as well as to control the Torpedo Remote. However you soon figure out and use is really well thought out and very clear parameters. Very good ergonomics so for digital.
There are many memory locations to store presets or IR (from Two Notes or not).
IR proposed by Two Notes allow you to choose the distance and the phase of the microphone (in addition to its type as 8 are simulated), the cab of the front or back ...
I happened to be faced with some minor bugs and rare: two presets that I created is loaded after returning a second time on, if I did not have sound. This could be problematic in the context of a live use if the bug was more widespread, but it is not the case. I bet that a future update will fix this little problem.

The simulations are virtually endless because any IR speaker can be used on the device. These proposed base are absolutely excellent and very "card" via the numerous parameters.
In terms of sound quality, it's just the best record that I've had with digital technology. Currently used with AMT SS-11A, the Cab allows me to enjoy the "lights" on headphones. It sounds great with the Tech 21 also, I went with my love Leeds!
The sound reproduction always depends heavily pregnant, size, quality, etc ... With this device you can try everything, and to paraphrase a forumeur colleague: "This is an excellent vaccine against GAS". The variety of sound you can get is so great ... No need to buy a new amp soon as we got tired, or a new distortion pedal every month (well I certainly caricature).
Basically, if you want novelty, we try other IR, other investments of micro ... and is disoriented.
The record is excellent both in headphones that plugged into the sound or good speakers. The settings are subtle. The character of the instrument or preamp 'are respected ... In short, I see very well keep this material for many years.

That's kind of what I always looked for:
I mostly play with headphones for years, but I was frustrated by the reports of simulations (tech 21, line 6, zoom ...). I also wanted to have a good record when I plugged in the sound.
Here, it sounds better than ever, and the record is as good in the headphone rehearsal on the speakers, and it is a great tool to record without having to blush super sounds taken from those better equipped ;)
The versatility and quality of the tool widely excuse its price.
I'm not the type to invest as much in hardware, but having always been frustrated since I live in an apartment, tired I thought I would try to sell the roadster left thereafter.
I resell it more. And instead suddenly many things have become almost useless on my pedalboard.

This is now my main tool for playing after the guitar. I recommend, and I put the maximum rating, well deserved.

gno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
See website builder

A simple configuration, programming is a breeze.
The manual is easy and complete, more, editing can be done via a computer.

For sound quality, I think it's excellent.
I think it's great that for each parameter whose settings range from 0 to 100, there is a noticeable difference in sound for each hundredth, everything is useful and musical.
Whether in line out of an amp or pedalboard live sound setup.
I leave you to judge his skills on the demos I realized:

I use this cabinet recently, it has no real competitor as there is no similar product offering as many editing options.
The quality / price ratio is excellent given the professional results that are obtained with, in addition, a product made in France.

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" MANDATORY!"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
It is still present?
Numerical simulation of power section, speakers and microphones for guitar and bass.
Edited since its PC and Mac via a USB plug and downloadable software.
Model Effects Pedal, not rack.
- Input jack (line levels or guitar)
- Output jack (or line levels amp)
- Headphone Jack
- MIDI Input
- USB connector
- Power Socket

Configuration is very easy!
In 15 minutes, everything is included, there is more to take care of the sound itself.
And in case you have a doubt, the manual is clear and simple!

The Torpedo Remote software is great! It installs without problems. Detects a glance the CAB and allows faster editing!

You can load your own IR or IR third party.

I use it mainly for bass.
For guitars, I use their Torpedo WOS software I had with during the promotion Musikmesse 2013.

It's very realistic, I find sounds that I could have in battling with speakers and microphones, except that here, I do not fight!

We bassists, we find a recurrent problem is that as nothing more than another difference between a low bass, you should always find the audio channel that best fits, and often (all the time?) an obstacle course.
Finding the right speaker and the right microphone so that it does not sound muffled, while not losing serious, and with good clarity, but it blurs the mix, etc, etc ... We are worse than girls who are wondering how to dress to go in the evening. But do not worry, it could be worse, we could have drummers ...

Here, as I suppose you have several preamps you choose low as yours. In less than 30 minutes, you are able to find:
- The power section that best matches (6L6, EL34, EL84, KT88)
- Good speaker. Some couples bass / preamp will not ring on a 8x10 and 1x15 prefer, etc ...
- The micro (Oh thousands of euros saved) and position.

You only have to add your favorite effects and ideal compression, and you save! And OH MIRACLE! CA SONNE!

For those who do live, more pregnant women to carry around.
In my case, I still keep my amp and my speaker on stage because my Gallien Krueger MB Fusion has the advantage of going into my pedals, and unfortunately I did not have the means to afford the Torpedo Live .
I use it exclusively for recording and it delights me! Months'm a big fan of the solution preamps, it gives me an almost infinite variety of sounds and I could not get one with my amp head.

Obviously, I also tested with a guitar, and it is striking realism and perfection. Taking a professional sound!
I have a Engl E530 and I can tell you that this little monster does not agree to all combinations of power / speaker / mic section. Thanks to the CAB, I discovered his true potential and real quality, while I wondered if I was not going to sell. Finally, I care! THANK YOU TWO NOTES AUDIO ENGINEERING!

The only thing I regret is the lack of overload function

I tried many software versions before it was frankly very much!
But with the CAB, we're in the big leagues at the sound quality.

I find it much better than the PODS section on power unit / speakers / microphones.
And POD are a pain to deal with. Should go after for years to make them sound.
With the CAB, no worries!

What I like most:
- The quick and intuitive editing.
- The well designed softwares.
- Team Two Notes listening to its users and permanent contact with them!

What I like least:
- No function overload (But you can not have your cake and eat it too).

Value / Price: If I compare to what it would have cost me in power amplifiers, speakers, microphones, time manipulation, physiotherapy, and the fact that I also had the Torpedo WOS through special offers musikmesse 2013 I must say it is more than excellent!
le reverend02/21/2013

le reverend's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is finished lugging the speakers?"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
HP emulator output, with optional power amp emulator.
You plug the guitar or pedal or preamp in the bug, it's out of the headphones or line output (sound, sound card, electrocardiograph etc ...)
You can choose a package of models of speakers, some models of power amp or pedal, or via an app rather graphic and didactic well btw.

Configuration simple but fairly complete. Edit a sound is a breeze.
For those who are not satisfied with presets, they can put their settings.
For those who do not meet the proposed models, they can put their own.

Not an "effect" itself, especially asked to pedal out realistic sound. The sound itself depend mostly on what you will put in upstream and downstream.
On my headphones at home, the sound is a little disappointing (though I have a pretty good headphones: Sennheiser HD250). It's been a few bees. Blah.
The sound of local repeats, yet not frivolous, steamy sound is actually usable. You'd think that a lot of my amps and no, there is no amp, just my pedals! I just lost a little momentum, but there is no mystery: with a sound a little soft sounds were a bit soft. But nothing insurmountable facing an uninformed audience.

Using very recent and not systematic: I invested in the CAB for traveling light guitar, pedal (the CAB) and roll in the sound bar. Incidentally, I will register as necessary.
The sounds are good, we feel we have some work to find the model of sound to which we are accustomed, but you get there.
So, I am quite happy with this purchase: it does what I bought, and beautiful way. Even without a miracle, there was a solution quite musical and very credible to scratch nomads who have back pain :-)
Annex asset for my use: the sound into the sound, so we benefit directly from a distribution more uniform than what comes out of a cab guitar amp, both for the public and for the group (including scratch me: I get much better! With my usual 2x12, it is mainly the back of my knees that heareth my amp)

It's cheap, but not beyond a normal purse either. The hardest part is to motivate them to do an expense for something that adds nothing to the sound, but is not bati to remove anything, actually.

My opinion remains to be confirmed by further use, and much more sonos.

djemass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super good bike."

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
Well it is already known. HP simulator and power amp.
But it is super simple

It's super easy and intuitive. The usb socket allows you to connect to a computer and control the device via editing software super simple and intuitive. That's good. Kif is the ability to use third impulses, and I think the result is even better!

Frankly it's great. Simus the baffle are great, but I prefer to use third impulses (eg Redwirez). Experimenting it becomes a killing. With software like mixir2, you can mix several impulses together and have a sound more like an amp in a room. For example, with Mixir2 of Redwirez, you take a cab Redwire and mixes you one impulse of Axis SM57 is a R121, an IR impedance, one microphone ambience and another microphone jack at the rear of speaker, and it sounds serious!

Or like me you tonematches sound recording and you make an impulse from it.

Another point, the simulator power amp is also great if you are using a preamp only.

Short but good, and price is good more

Used for a few months, good value for those who like a sound recording top.

Super choice