Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop

CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Boss.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
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maxime.mere's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exactly what I was looking for!"

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
It is a BOSS pedal analog compression amended by MSM Workshop Workshop I ais obtained directly modified so I do not know if she has a lot of breath Original since I board not had the opportunity of tested.


this is a particularly simple to use and very robust appearance pedal. No need to book, you set the level and tone and the compression level is adjusted with the "sutain" knob finally sets the time before compression whether the knob "atack"


the most important part: the pedal and filled his role perfectly it brings warmth and slamming my eyes to my sound clear, perfect for all styles (I play a little of everything from reggae through the metal or blues). For saturated sound is much quieter but still feels this dynamic / color really nice especially at bends solo over it meets very well the other element of the string sound. Regarding the breath that is simple there is almost no! (But still a compressor generates minimal same breath).

Only negative: the pedal is not true bypass as usual in boss and it is this lack that cost him points


Since I only use my two weeks notice is quite subjective, but if I find him a reproach I point out here in an edit.

until it lacks the true bypass and it is perfect!

Dlz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's better .... but it is not always that ....."

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
The same as the orignal model (no more switch), MSM worshop changes a little decoration with "BIG JACK"


RAS compared to the base model


The mod removes the breath (huge) of the original pedal becomes usable without noisegate.

Be careful though there is a slight hiss in fact as soon as the knob "sustain" more than 12 hours (with the level as at noon) is the breath slowly and gradually increases as you push the knob.

Compared to the original pedal there is a very great progress, considering the price of the original pedal and change the light breeze is not too annoying.

The effect also seems more efficient, but still with a pretty strong staining; Agreements and as soon as you attack the strings with punch there is a sort of "blop" deaf rude and not at all musical.

In aprège it does, solo as well (if we accept the color and the light breath when you push the sustain), according to the game not worth much.


The mod is clearly a success, the problem is that from too far.

The original model is (in my view) completely missed the pedal mod actually correct, but there is no miracle either. For a good compression must look elsewhere for example on the side of Carl Martin (my current compressor that is incomparable with the same modified CS3).

celtwyn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it changes everything!"

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
It is a compression sustainer pedal ... see the features of the original ...


use sounds simple, but there is no example in the manual, so you have to look for or even what we want. I think they could develop a little more for beginners. it's always good to say that the pedal is very simple, it gives the impression of being intelligent, but more subtle indications were welcome ... especially when you buy the original version ... one wonders if our settings or pedal kidding ...


Well here it is clear ... After the change, it has nothing to do with the original!

Much less noise, we can go further in the race knobs unhindered.
This is how the pedal should be when you buy it! I do not understand why Boss continues to sell pedals behind other change to make better. There is not a problem for them? If we must improve their pedals is that they hurt the starting job, right? What they expect to challenge?

I dwell on all the details that sound change, although others have described, but frankly, if you buy this pedal, think about the change, otherwise it is not worth it!


I installed yesterday (24 September 2012) after receiving the kit. Explanations are sufficient, we must ask, have the appropriate gear (iron, tin, key to remove the nuts ...) take your time (it is not a speed contest, to do it well), but it worth it. This is true when you get components, we say that it is not € 20 ... but some are not easy and then you still have to pay the nanar which is glued to create this mod, because having the components, it is one thing, but knowing how to improve or put the pedal is another.
And frankly the result, I'm glad that someone created this mod!
The value for money is excellent for me: I paid 40 euros pedal occas (nickel) and they offered me the kit. But I expected the purchase price of the pedal, and frankly 60 euros for a pedal better than the new 99 €, why deny it?!

After you know it you get by with a soldering iron, do not hesitate to make the change by MSM, the price is not exorbitant and must still count that it takes a little time to get everything, so be well pay the guy who works over at your place, this is normal. ;-)
on the other hand .. little detail ... I found the blue LED too bright (as in Berhinger). The red LED is Boss "scattering", while the blue provides is "directional" ... Briefly, when turned on, it was good in the eyes, and it dazzles too! I've spent the sandpaper to make ultrathin opaque and diffusive (as I do on my Berhinger, if this is the end of masking tape directly on the LED!). it is closer to the red LED effect Boss, we can see that it is blue, but it kills more eyes:-D
Captain Danny05/15/2012

Captain Danny's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good mod!"

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Compression, Sustainer analog.

A IN A OUT, an input power supply.

Not true bypass pedal.

After my LED mod by MSM is blache (I love) and two stickers "Big Jack" and "Msm workshop" it added.


General configuration simple: a volume of output, a general tone, a knob controls the attack and a knob "Sustain" manager makes the compression ratio and thus increasing the sustain of the instrument.

The manual is enough to get to know the beast, after, like any self-respecting compressor you will need to spend time on it to find the sound you want and what each instrument with which you are creating it for. And that these are things that can not be present in a manual.

We would have liked a compression type indicator LED.


After mod, the pedal is killer, most existing defects (see my opinion on the standard) it disappeared by the change of resistors, capacitors and the addition of germanium diodes can finally have an electronic level of ambition by Boss.

In short, we finally have a big compression that may suffer more bass feedback and breath, we can finally enjoy the possibilities of the pedal, whereas before we were really restrained. In addition to the pedal really respect the sound of the instrument now.

It has become a must-compression!


I use version modée from 6 to 8 months now, on bass guitar like it sounds excellent.

I tried before EBS Multicomp, MarkBass Compressore, Okko Coca Comp. Low on the CS-3 is not changed but the best guitar I have not found better.

Extreme compression and versatile, and after modif finally usable.

My price / quality ratio was disastrous since I bought it new and modified made for $ 45 after 6 months of frustration. on the other hand you can acquire occas standard for 25 to 30 euros and to change or changed, and there, the price gets interesting. You can also take the already modified to a quality / price very attractive.

MSM-Workshop's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Ms. characteristics as the original cs3 bosses.



The rglages diffrent just once mode, you be the judge!


The boss cs3 is magnifi the mod.

It compresses harmoniously Manire across the spectrum, bringing a touch softer and especially without breath sound.

The germanium diodes when do enjoy a cot and a vintage accuracy of all subtle attack. He enriched and embellished the sound of very beautiful Manire ....


Prcis, frank, transparent, cs3 the boss is entirely to revisit the disappearance of breath and feel Ingal.
Xoran Sorvor04/02/2010

Xoran Sorvor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Analog Compact pedal type Compression / Sustainer.
The physical characteristics are identical to orginale.
WORKSHOP amended by the MSM and that is where it gets interesting;)


With its 4 knobs (count 3, the volume should not be difficult to master ...) the config is rich enough to help you find your happiness.


Before modification it was his job but with too many blows to see feedback in some cases
After modifying it offers its full potential without breath and what great boost. The pedal can finally breathe and is usable even by turning the volume pot or sustain the volume up (if need be lol).

I did intervene regularly in my sets and do not tire of using abusing see depending on my mood and the effect I want.


Before modification: 1 month
After modification: at the time of writing: 3 weeks

I used compressor before the end of my rack Xpression, I rather like the double comp / sust put together on a pedal.

Workshop for MSM thank you to the quality of their work, their speed, quality of the package back (very well packed for the trip), always quick answers to my incessant emails:). Anyway I recommend them and will not hesitate to use their services again! Personally I bought the pedal and sent them to change their care and that's good because me and the iron that is 2, if the cables are under 2 1 / 2 square I piss above and it annoys me ^ ^.

What I like least since the modif ... nothing, as I read in an earlier opinion, the grain of the pedal boss is in this case is a matter of taste. For me I'm fine.

What I like most, that clicking sound can be obtained, the boost on solos and licks a little technical, sustain very clean a bit "Gilmourien" Et ... the blue LED! (Thank you MSM)

Value for money very good at my level I bought the new pedal for 73 € and did make the change to € 45.90, which is less than 110 € for a quality effect, you see.

I have not tried a plethora of effects and compressor sustainer but I am convinced by it, I do not regret my choice and do it again until proved otherwise.

matos1977's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Boss CS 3 (analog compressor) as amended by the experts of the MSM Workshop


The configuration is not obvious, like all compressors! One must use his ear and show finesse!
Editing is more difficult than on a Dynacomp since there are 4 knobs to adjust, but once you know the effect, it is a treat.


Warning! I said that the note which I attribute here refers only to the changes made by MSM WORKSHOP, because the sound and texture of the pedal are those of the original Boss.

The amendment corrects the "defects" of the boss sold new (wind, etc. ,...).

Then we like it or not the grain of the CS3, then nothing changes.

We should add that the pedal is really boosted from the original model and allows the shot nice tweaks. I admit that in funky rhythmic pedal is great. There is a boost to hell!


It should be noted that the workshop WORKSHOP MSM makes the job of quality. A team that takes seriously its commitments (delivery time, very friendly contact).

For my part I would say that if one likes the sound Boss, this change is more than recommended and do not cost nearly nothing, however if you prefer the vintage claw Dynacomp, this pedal change will not make you love the most CS3. Everything is a matter of taste.

In any case, the change is quality! I will call the MSM WAS for my other mod 'it loud and clear!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Pedal compression / sustain base. Analog I think?

The problem of it lies in a large breath, the compression too coarse and large with the Feedback knob turns sustain 'a background ...

PROBLEMS improved with all the mod MSM Workshop ...


The configuration is in no way changed. The blue LED is nice for use in dark ..


THEN, cest days and nights between the pedal base and version modde'e ... The breath is gone, more feedback, and above all what I expected: a compression fit for a T-REX COMPNOVA ... We switch to the high end. I expect a tube amp for maximum use, even if I am beginner ..


I use it for a month and with the help of a friend for easy installation of the mod is finally in the hands of an object which contradicts all the evil that one could find him before. The blue LED cest the small detail that kills. Compression range for the final: 35euros opportunity to pedal mod + 12 euros + shipping costs included = 47 euros pedal luxury ... GENIAL. THANKS MSM WORKSHOP / / /

duguy182's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
4 knobs:

Tone, Level, Attack, Sustain

Cs-3 as the original what.
Only the LED has changed and stickers msm workshop t have additions.


The use of the pedals is the same and I have not even changed my rglages (which sounds ten times better now.
I also want to prciser as mine was being directly modified in the workshop and it really work fast srieux and trs.
In addition, the MSM guys are really nice.

The address of the site:


The effect remains on the cs-3 compression of the original but sublime as no more breath in clean background even with the sustain, trs little saturation compression and more transparent and warm as before.
It really takes all its meaning on an amp lamp APRS me.


I come from rcuprer and I am very pleased.
I look forward to the next rintgrer my pedalboard rpt because now it's a really really great pedals with the quality.
Do not hesitate to change your. (I even bought me my cs-3 OCCAZ for once)
Compression of this quality the price is really the deal.