Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Xotic Effects SP Compressor

SP Compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Xotic Effects.

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marcan71's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Magic with my telecaster"

Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Volume control output adjustment blend (mixture thereof untreated and compressed, super useful) a 3 position switch that changes the compression ration (low, medium, high)
4 internal switches to adjust torque attack / release (2 switches -> 4 possibilities), a low pass switch, anti switch peak level


It's worth it to open for testing switches settings attack / release and low cut (enabled by default). Once found its settings, is closed: no need to touch


Plugged my Tele AVRI 52 'Hat, compressor supuer without crushing attacks (with the proper setup switches attack / release). I used compression ratio mid or low. on clean sounds, connected in front of the ep booster, it increases the sustain, faivorise joint phrasing adds "body" to the sound. Crunch is ecstasy: the sustain is multiplied by 10, while keeping the attack for solos, it literally carries the sentences and brings musicality phrasing is stunning, ditto for rhythmic bluesy


I had tried before a boss and a mooer, it has nothing to see, more than a compressor, it brings expressiveness my game I use it for one month connected to an EP booster of same brand and before attacking the entrance to my TubeMeister: I found the sound I was looking for a long time (especially with my telecaster, less obvious on my MIJ tokai love rock). If you like blues phrasing, raspy, his fender to Hendrix or SRV, it is a treat

Reiep's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent small compressor"

Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Ross type compressor, very small, perfect for crowded pedalboard. Although small, this pedal is heavy and solid, you can walk on it without worries! She walks to the DC 9V, center negative, 5 mA.
The weak point is the presence of dip switches inside the pedal (see below). This is the price to pay for such a small size, but it is very annoying especially if you like to have different settings depending on the guitars or pieces. In the limit a large thumbscrews as the Polytune.


As such, using the SP Compressor is not complicated. In front we have three settings:
- Blend, which manages the mix between the dry signal and the compressed signal. Very convenient to accurately dose effect, without overwriting anything.
- Volume
- 3 compression settings: low, medium, high.
With that there are already enough fun. Then there are 4 dip switches in the case, therefore mandatory screwdriver:
- Attack: long or short
- Release: long or short
- Low Pass Filter: active or inactive
- High-pass filter / filter for powerful microphones: active or inactive
After testing I use attacks and long release, and the filters are disabled. Given the number of possible settings is a frustrating hair constantly having to return the pedal to adjust these switches. I managed to find a "universal" setting so now it's okay.
The manual details all that well and gives some examples of effective settings.


Once we're done with these swicthes cursed, we enjoy. For me the main quality SP Compressor is the Blend. I like the compressed sound, but not crushed or too clacking sounds. The pedals have always tried before gave me that impression. It was tapper in the multiband compressor to find something that I like ...
In the case of SP Compressor can just set the amount of signal you want to compress. With this, I could find a setting that allows me to leave the pedal on and forget about it: attacks and long release, filters are disabled, low compression unit volume (volume pedal volume pedal off on = ) blend at 9am. This setting allows me
- Have a clear its fullest, without a sound mass
- On rhythm (hard rock or metal) can compensate left hand sometimes a little left, but also a little lower gain
- The lead, have a greater sustain
These settings, far from being extreme, let me still improve these 3 points without being invasive on my sound.


In the end, a good little pedal. The dip switches are located on the side, it would be close to flawless.
Compressors I've tried so far have not liked (like Boss, EHX, MXR, the references escape me), where it was love at first sight.
A good choice, but if something goes wrong, I will try my luck to other shop to see what it looks (like Diamond or Empress) compressors, you never know ...

LeBoun2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Very interesting ..."

Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Compressor for guitar, analog technology.
6.35mm connectors for audio, standard boss for 9V (center negative).
The presentation is super compact, a good place to "aerate" the pedalboard. The case weighs its weight, it looks strong. I think the aesthetics of the whole quite successful with its transparent potentiometers.
The set comes with non-slip pads that can be removed easily and replaced with Velcro for integration pedalboard.
The originality of the product compared to the competition: presenting a compressor in a super-compact size by adding a blend control, ie the ability to leave a portion of the dry signal. This is a fairly new concept in dynamic processing, but that makes its way in recent years, especially in the digital treatment as a plug-in for many publishers (Waves, Massey, RSS, to name a a few ...). The advantage is to keep the settings with high rate of compression in many situations where it is difficult or impossible with a "classic" compressor.


Purchased abroad, so doc in English. I find moderately clear and moderately accurate.

In fact, there are two levels of use:

1/The basic settings available on the top and then it is super simple: Volume, Blend (mix signal between treated and untreated) and then a Hi-Lo-Mid switch that plays on the ratio.

2 / Advanced accessible via a DIP switch to 4 sliders settings. Here it gets complicated:

One can indeed play on the attack time and release (Release) or activate a filter "cut up" or low-pass if you prefer. By default the active config this filter is good for single coils, perhaps to double, it would cut ...
It can also trigger an attenuator (pad), especially for active users or humbeckers powerful microphones. The doc told us that it can also be used as low-cut filter. Fortunately, there are some example config type for single and dual microphone.

To change the 9V battery (included) and access the advanced settings it is mandatory to remove the 4 screws, so not practical. For now the config factory will, and I think the manufacturer is betting that users will not need to continually change these settings, and the pedal will be mains powered. But, I personally would have preferred a way trapdoor Maxon Ibanez, TC ...
U.S. manufacturers often overlook this point. Obviously it is more robust and easy to manufacture, but the user is not always best!

In summary, the basic usage is simple, if you want to go into detail and optimize based on its config. it's tedious. We must get out the screwdriver. Disassemble, test, and reassemble. But after all, compressors MXR (Dyna Super) offer Trim inside the pedal no more practices ...


Regarding the sound, I currently own an MXR Super Comp. Comparing the two, I agree that this little SP Compressor is devilishly clever. Why?
Because thanks to its three basic settings (volume, blend, and Hi-Lo-Mid ratio), we quickly find a suitable position, and once the pedal pressed, they tend to leave ON for chording like solos.
For now, I have used with a U.S. Strat and my Fender Deluxe Reverb amp and Blues Junior.

The compressor is probably the most complex to understand and use effect because we can do many things with the following settings: squash effect, increased sustain, dynamic filtering, booster ...
So what about the substance?
With tube amps that I use, I feel I need to add a compressor for the famous guitarist of SQUASH country effect. The natural compression obtained by the lamps of these amps is enough. So I use the XP Compressor for:

1 - Get more sustain its clear
With modulated delays or chorus + type OD tube screamer, it's perfect for atmospheres U2/Police

2 - To sculpt the sound conjunction with other pedals, solo
With single OD (OCD) or stack (Tube Screamer + Fulltone OCD) it works pretty well for solos. Gilmourien sound is perfectly conceivable.

Anyway, for now, it is rather positive on these two points.

In summary, the effect is very versatile, he plays like a "Enhancer" in the sense that it adds body to the sound. It often gets more lower midrange, but at the same time, the sound is never plugged into acute (thank you the Blend setting) or aggressive. The report is generally natural, and when you remove the effect, we tend to prefer the sound "with", which is a good sign. I agree with what is said on the YouTube demos about it (cf. the long demo and comparison of Michael Thompson). on the other hand, a regret as soon as you attack the compression ratio high (Hi-Mid) or as soon as it greatly increases the initial level, the breath is increased significantly, especially with single coils of my strato . This is often the case with compressors, this pedal is not a miracle in this regard. So pay attention: micro connectors via cable, everything will be good ...


I use it for a week. I tried the MXR Super Comp. I know if some studio compressor rack or plug-in.

- The compactness
The versatile hand-made probably by the Blend setting (one could also say wet / dry) which suddenly greatly expands the scope of use. Xotic talent is to have been able to adapt this idea to the guitar in an easy to use and compact pedal.
- The price is reasonable compared to boutique pedals

- The absence of a hatch to access the battery and additional settings.
- The level of breath quickly invading. Maintaining relatively low gain (without increasing too much the level of the signal without effect), it is doing pretty well anyway.

Final AU, a product not perfect, but very attractive, with a real personality compared to what is already done and is affordable. Unique to my knowledge today.