Carl Martin Compressor Limiter
Carl Martin Compressor Limiter
Qill 01/07/2014

Carl Martin Compressor Limiter : Qill's user review


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Compressor Pedal by Carl Martin
1 Threshold button
1 Compression button
1 Response button
1 Gain control
1 switch On / Off
Alim integrated sector


I use it in front in a Mesa Mark V in drive, clean mode, high gain ...


This is a pedal comp studio quality that is not a very transparent color effect or another, we easily get the sound we are looking for attention to not put too much at risk of Comp loss and conversely for the Threshold filter that acute ... can play a little on the history of gain boosted the signal
Pedal clean fashion no problemo, it's drive and high gain (amp on) it gets harder, the pedal will add noise which is annoying, it is by removing the chain that remark difference and not just off mode ... blow must provide a noise ...
I have the MXR Custom Comp dynamic, as saying that the Carl Martin offers more opportunity in a modern studio and register while the Dyna Comp is in simplicity (2 buttons) with a vintage grain ...


Pedal compression acclaimed John Petrucci, it is seeing in his pedalboard that I took and I'm definitely not disappointed with the product even if it uses another Comp / Gate rack format as TC Electronics C400XL the DBX 166XL ... there is one more on the same product
Bought € 145 on occasion I would do in a modern spirit rock / Metal ... if you looking for something straight and square, after fans of vintage is more in the Dyna Comp MXR Custom Shop