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Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar news

  • Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Tube Compressor

    Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Tube Compressor

    07/09/10 in Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Tube Compressor

    This effect's signal path is 100% analog and built on a hand selected photo-cell, polyester coupling capacitors, metal-film resistors and NOS (new old stock) tube operating at real amp plate voltages.

  • FEA Labs Opti-FET

    FEA Labs Opti-FET

    05/20/10 in FEA Labs Opti-FET

    FEA Labs announced the latest product in their pedal lineup, the Opti-FET Compressor.

  • [NAMM] G-Lab BC-1 Boosting Compressor

    [NAMM] G-Lab BC-1 Boosting Compressor

    01/15/10 in G-Lab BC-1 Boosting Compressor

    The BC-1 Boosting Compressor is a classic analog footpedal design with an optical component designed to ensure ultra-low noise performance and superior sound quality.

  • DN540 Creative Quad Compressor

    DN540 Creative Quad Compressor

    06/18/09 in Klark Teknik DN540 Creative Quad Compressor

    Klark Teknik has launched the DN540 Creative Quad Compressor, one of two new products in a brand new series.

  • [Musikmesse] New White Finger

    [Musikmesse] New White Finger

    04/01/09 in Electro-Harmonix White Finger

    Electro-Harmonix has announced the release of the FET (Field Effect Transistor) White Finger compressor in a small, rugged XO die-cast chassis.

  • MXR '76 Vintage Dyna Comp

    MXR '76 Vintage Dyna Comp

    11/14/08 in MXR CSP028 '76 Vintage Dyna Comp

    The MXR Dyna Comp that was produced in 1976 has by some been regarded as the ultimate stomp box compressor.

  • Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor

    Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor

    10/31/08 in Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor

    Carl Martin presents the Classic Opto-Compressor, a new optical compressor pedal in the brand's Vintage Series.

  • TC Electronic Nova Dynamics

    TC Electronic Nova Dynamics

    04/10/08 in TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics

    TC Electronic announces the shipping of Nova Modulator and Nova Dynamics, two brand-new guitar pedals in the Nova Series.