TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics
TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics

NDY-1 Nova Dynamics, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

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All user reviews for the TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 5 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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areyoudeadyet?'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics
Two-channel compressor. Analogue controlled digitally. Jack connector.


Simple. Manual clear and French. We groped a little early and found the sound that suits us. Save the settings would have been a plus. We can set it to 2 guitars and an amp or vice versa, this feature is pretty cool.


The effect is what is asked. That is to say? It compresses / her limits, all in a very transparent and subtle. It does not alter the sound. Used only with my Universe UV777BK lacks a bit of gouache with passive pickups and my SS20, which also has a very natural sound. The noise level does not rise much.


I use it for a year. Studio and recording again. I am very satisfied. Simple clear and direct natural light. Excellent value for money.
9 / 10 everywhere. For it is perfectible. I said, preset recording is a plus.

nicolasmarty-omega's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics
more noise gate compressor
connection jack 2in and 2 out


good very precise manual configuration on all possibilties that gives the product.
The edition is very accurate.


of very very good material does not alter the original sound.
I use it for guitar


precise effective sound good finish
possible configuration over a noise gate compressor
2 noise gate acting independently on certain frequencies
2 compressors

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Class, total balèze"

TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics
Well, I've had three days scheduled for primary use with guitar amp input electroacoustic piezoelectric. The idea is to eliminate the relative sterility of this type of sensor and also reduce the volume difference between fingers and pick.
Fashion studio for me so in fact it is a multiband utrasimple to use the pedal in that class compared to the instrument (I choose the mode studio, the LEDs blink and I max balance potato that I am setting practice. The pedal takes this as a base and I have nothing to do ...)


Given the limited time and limited use that I do ... This is intuitive but the manual is poor here compared to his sister's innovative drive.


It's been a while since I galley with compression for electroacoustic, and now ter-mi-born!
Treatment quality is unbelievable, everything comes out sharp and clear, nothing is pinched or flattened in the frequencies, nada. I only have the benefits of treatment, a constant volume but leaving the intentions seem to play, and the sound is super nice, warm and rather sweet without sacrificing accuracy or detail.
I do not think it was actually possible, suddenly my bin piezo (nylon over steel) are doing very well!
I am a channel for nylon, one for metal and it's over worries!


Halluciné by the quality of the result, and I am bitten compressors. Forget all the pedal compression, not really the weight.

Next use the input preamp for electric guitar (ada programmable) to adjust the various guitars without touching the preamp.
This type of use is interesting because the pedal has a mode more noisegate to be useful in the loop of the preamp, it saves a pedal and a power supply more ...

In short you will not find better than this compressor in pedal format, and the price includes the second section a more independent power supply featherweight. I think it's been given the quality.

Where I am sick of it by reading the praises of the boss cs3 ... the real crap and I weigh my words (unfortunately I have one, the money thrown away if any)!

badface's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Patch on the sidechain"

TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics
I just want to add that, contrary to what is said on the previous opinion of course you can use both channels together (A + B) or alternate (A or B) thanks to the switch "toogle A / B" ( see photo). Eg compressor and gate A to B.
Other than that nothing to say about the beast. I am very happy but I do not give advice because I just have it, I did a repeat and I would not be objective.



edit of 14/10/2010: Adjustments are made easier thanks to LEDs that indicate the reduction of theft in dB. All its functions ybien thoughts and used very easily. The manual is clear. I see no default.


edit of 14/10/2010: studio mode is right, I go out there and sound the same (very little staining). That's exactly what I was looking for. I use this mode all the time, set rather subtly, I spend my fingers and slap Med.
The noise gate is great, with 4 knobs hard not to get an adjustment to the coat.



edit of 14/10/2010: very satisfied. I waited a long time before I decide to buy a comp. But I had used several, more or less long: Maxon tube compressor, EHX black finger, DBX 266, alesis 3630, Guyatone tube comp, I know which boss. In short, I feel I have an idea of ​​what you can expect from a compressor, and I can say that the Nova Dynamics is part of the good. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have two compressors / gate quality in series or in parallel, all in a pedal format, with the 4 usual settings and LEDs to indicate the volume reduction.


krodelabestiole's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics
two machines side effects:
can be chosen independently for each machine is a multiband compressor, compressor simple, or a noise gate, while digital.

I find the idea of ​​a dual noise gate / compressor in this format really attractive ...

pedal rather small 13 x 13 cm, metal case, heavy, it inspires confidence.

no battery, power supply provided (good)

traditional connection: an a priori input and output jacks for each machine (4 e / s so)
"A priori" becaufe the routing capabilities can be more complex:
see examples in the manual

Despite these possibilities, I searched in vain for the sidechain:
<blockquote> Is it possible to use the dynamics of the signal A to signal B applied to?
(Eg for use in loop using the momentum from clean to reduce their saturated) </blockquote>
that's what I asked the salesman who assured me that yes, she was even studied for.
Ben is wrong. no sidechain. dynamics obtained by analyzing a signal applies a signal point to the same bar. you can just have two different effects to each side of the other.

it's a shame, especially as the number of e / s would have been sufficient


multilingual manual in the box

Because all it is is not intuitive, but we still quick tour of the beast


Personally I bought this pedal yesterday becaufe I needed a noise gate, only, and not a guitar.

the idea is to distort my battery electronic excessive.

most of the noise gate delays for a guitarist to have opening and closing long hair for drum sounds.
here it goes to the rhythm. attack and release to zero really fast.

over most of the time the gates guitar are not transparent: a filter is applied to remove the sounds other than a guitar, like the crackling of a cymbal distorted.
unusable for me.

Here the sound is transparent frankly, it was a real gate, simply.
I tested with my mixing desk (the original one hand, noise gate by nova on the other), and I'm infoutu feel the difference (even on my good monitor), the convertos do very well their job
the pedal is not blowing a hair (good news for a noisegate ^ ^)
and suddenly it was truly beautiful silence, as the distos bruitent does not alone

I do not comment compressors.


a good little pedal, happy with my purchase (new € 130)

just a shame that a sidechain function have not been implemented
it would have increased the efficiency of the gate (I was able to totally let go in the analog Feedback distos)
and it was also interesting on the cuts for those who mucking around a bit more than simply to swell the sound of their guitar.

it is funny and makes doubly good job (at least in noise gate)