Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide TimeFactor

TimeFactor, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Eventide TimeFactor

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 22 reviews )
 16 reviews73 %
 4 reviews18 %
 2 reviews9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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iamqman's review"One of the best"

Eventide TimeFactor
I know that many musicians claim that this is the best digital delay units on the market. I wouldn't disagree, but I just couldn't jive with it. For me this unit is in someways over produced. There are so many tweaking capabilities that I found myself playing with this thing more than playing the guitar itself. There is so many options that is got to be too much for me. I like things simple and easy. I don't like things to be too complicated. I like plug in and go.


Eventide TimeFactor Features:

* Studio-quality Eventide sound in a stompbox
* Two independent 3 second delays
* 20 presets/unlimited via MIDI
* MIDI sync, tap tempo, and an input for an expression pedal
* True analog bypass
* Instant program change
* Guitar or line level inputs
* Class compliant USB for computer control
* Rugged cast metal construction
* 10 of Eventide's best delay effects in mono or stereo:
* Digital Delay
* Vintage Delay
* TapeEcho
* ModDelay
* DuckedDelay
* BandDelay
* FilterPong
* MultiTap Delay
* Reverse Delay
* 12-second Looper with VariSpeed

Inputs 2 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Power Supply Included Yes
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.12"
Depth 4.8"
Width 7.5"
Weight 2.15 lbs.


I played this unit with an assortment of rigs. I tried it will my Gibson Les Paul and I tried it with my Fender STratocatser and several different amps and I just couldn't get a tone that I liked. I also found that the volume would drop when I would engage the unit. I had it on the guitar line out puts and inputs and there was a noticeable differ3nce in volume when I clicked this thing on. Perhaps I need to have the output the line level out or whatever it read. Either way it was enough for me to dump it. I'm sure I could have with a little more time figured out how to run this ting properly but I am impatience and it didn't hit me right off the bat. There update via the internet are very easy and I like that capability. I really like Eventide but my patience in thin and they have so much tweak ability in their products that I would not find pleasing.


At new these units come in at around $399. On the used market you can get them under $300. Not a bad price for this unit. It definitely is the best delay out there but too much figuring out for me. I don't use that much effects in my gigging rig anyway so this thing was just overkill for me.

Seeya007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Eventide TimeFactor

I invite you to read the manufacturer's website for further information or comments of my predecessors :-)


It's a great machine, complete. Editing presets is provided, you can go really far in the setting.


It includes, in addition to classical times, excellent creative tools (I think the band-delay in another). I also use a G-Force, a nova delay, a DD3 (I'm quite a fan of delays and for me :-) , the eventide is the most updated version of what is done in terms of delay.
Very useful effects studio prod.


I use it for about 1 month.
I still have quite a flat, which is why I wanted to share my opinion (I guess I'm not the only one but I invite users to correct me if I tell crap :-) .
Me, I play in a band where we play live with a click. I usually set my delays depending on the tempo of the song. Yes, you can program presets users. The big problem is that there's only bank and no bank UP DOWN! As in V2 y '50 banks, for example if you say: ok, gonna give me my presets depending on the playlist (already shitty thing, if you change the playlist, but is), comes the second song , you say, ok I spend on the bank and 2 ... oops, I pressed one time too, the bank Chuis 3. How to return to bank 2? Simple, you press the button 50 x bank up, go through all the banks to return to square one :-) Easy live! But pkoi devil did not he planned a bank down ????? Results, for users who like to program the tempo of the delay, you are obliged to use external midi pedal to select the various delays. And hop into something :-( +
I can already hear some say yes but there's a tap tempo. It Vree. I do not care of tap tempo, for 2 reasons: first, I do not like tap tap tap ... is in full concert, it says me and ESPECIALLY not, this machine being so "creative", that is so happy she could spend more time changing mode delay (digital to tape, to tape delay etc.) in one song.
All this to say: you use a midi control pedal? This machine is fantastic !!!!! The ultimate in delay. You do not use midi control pedal, but you like the tap delay? This machine is fantastic! :-) Are you like me to use a click, songs by various delays, etc ... you need a MIDI pedal in addition ...

Am I the only one to experience this flat?

Salutati music!