Ibanez DE7C Delay/Echo Pink
Ibanez DE7C Delay/Echo Pink

DE7C Delay/Echo Pink, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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MGR/Steve 07/18/2004

Ibanez DE7C Delay/Echo Pink : MGR/Steve's user review

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I bought it from the music store around the corner from my house for $69.99. I bought it because I needed a delay pedal for my solos!

I have the Ibanez Fuzz pedal, I don't use it anymore cause I don't really need it. I bought this pedal because I needed a cheap, but good, delay pedal, not a delay that will cost me $130+!?!? This pedal is great for what I need! It has a short delay that sounds sorta like a reverb(like you are in a big room!) The other delay is great for solos! I don't really use the long delay mode, I think that is pretty stupid, why play something, sit there and hear it play back?!? The long delay is only good for sound on sound, then it sound pretty cool! The best thing is how they are Tone-Lock! You can push in the knobs once you get your setting, so you won't loose it if you accidently hit the knob!

The delay is great, I never use the echo mode, sounds really bad, like the old tape echos. The echo usually gives off some strange unwanted feedback noise?! The other thing, the little switches to switch between delay times and delay mode, they are made of plastic, seems like they could break at any time? Also, sometimes the stupid pedal doesn't go on or off when I step on it, so I gotta step on it a little harder now?

Alreafy talked about it up in the don't like area.

Great delay, very worth the cheap price! Who cares if it doesn't have "reverse mode"!

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