TC Electronic Vintage Delay
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All user reviews for the TC Electronic Vintage Delay

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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Millido's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Vintage Delay
Delay numrique
Pots: a feedback, a delay volume, an output volume, a time
Switch: Filter, Manual Triplet
Slecteur: ON / OFF and Tap Tempo

I put 10 because that's all I expect from a delay: rgler tempo foot and rgler feedback and volume, not more.


Config simple.
No manual but no need!
The knobs are quite sensitive to the feedback or the volume of rptition the race is between 7 and 10 max for standard use ineffective psych.
With saturation, you really tickle the knobs to find the right dosage.
But this may be to have my EMG active pickups.


Trsrussi effect.
Used with an ESP M-II and a Carvin amp.

RPET the signal perfectly. It does not interfere with the sound. It is crystal clear.

The "filter" has a lightweight dgradation effect on the signal but it's not as maddening feature.
The "triplet" seems to simulate a sort of mark time against a semblance of ping pong. It's pretty hard to apprcier. Little impact to the global.
Overall, these features are not convincing and trs do not add incredible opportunities basic delay function.
Indeed this is the pedals for a dLive trs trs good delay and that's it. No frills.


I tried a lot of delays before choosing: the replica T-rex is a REFERENCE which is really not far from the trs delay (due to its appearance and functions, I agree with the opinion that it must be Previous subcontracting a) SD Boss or Ibanez, it is really up in the big leagues. A claret incredible, each note gets along well and we respect the signal.

Ancillary functions are not INTERESTED trs.

Personally I was not looking for a big machine with features such as bizarre can be found on the Boss DD. L is simple, clear, clean and prcis. It's pro!

nakadai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Vintage Delay
Digital Delay

Controls: DelayTime - feedback level - level delay - filter - triplets
Connections: 1/4 input & ouput jack - midi in
Power supply: 12V
Dimensions: 100 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm


The configuration is simple Gnrale
It provides a delay from October 1500 ms allowing a wide range of possibilities rockabilly until pinkfloyd!
The pedal is lightweight but bnficie a solid case for the price ... obviously it's forcment of quality.


Like all digital delays, the TC VINTAGE DELAY is transparent, but where some other type of digital delays BOSS DLivre a delay dry and clinical, it is fluid and musical!
This is who I think actually his main quality he takes the transparency of digital and analog musicality.

The function (manual) "filters" allows you to get a simulation of an analog delay.

The function (manual) "triplets" you can triple the time between rehearsals according to the rate of the tap tempo .... it so much, I'm not finding a tural difference.


Obviously, some international users VINTAGE DELAY TC finds as good as the T-REX, it is in fact two Danish societies, and it does not m'tonnerai that one outsources the other.

I am also always amazed to see the pros guitarists, mainly utiliss THE LINE 6 DL4, the DELUXE MEMORY MAN or BOSS DD! ???

In the end, its only defect is its price, between 250 and 300 euros depending on the dealer, even if it is largely like its promises.

defguitarist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Vintage Delay
Delay with tap tempo and other settings see below ..
c "is the analog (I had a great play on words but good j'viens to read the charter and I was cool)
MIDI controlled


Already this pedal is super light, the housing must be serious carbon or I do not know me but my first reaction was to hand pedal: 400 brousoufs for ca! But after I plugged in and yes, I understand. ..
pretty simple config, must be used which is not easy to adjust the feedback and everything, but it just comes.
The manual is useless, just to make the promo so ...


Delay brilliant, transparent, versatile (oh one means!), The best I could test
Used in a ltd emg is terrible, not cold at all contrary to what "is said to tc, especially since I tested with my microphone which is also called" cold ", in short, to stop the cataloque it's all good
do not abuse the feedback, unless we want an original effect (test you'll see ..)
Simulation of delay to the former (natural degradation of sound) great, triplets mode that I do not understand loool, tro not see the difference the moment (ie for 2 days lol)


I use it for 2 days
What I like most is the sound, the least question, the color! nan the price ... the price hard drive 380 euros
Nah not too many models tested, only the digitech and boss, but hey it's incomparable.
Value for money probably a little abused, but hey it tc, and keep the pedal all your life, in my case I hope eh ...
on the other hand I waited two months, the last two weeks of being "a snow storm in Denmark" lol ... it seems Zave 4 meters of snow hairy NAN BUT THEY COMPLAIN KOI
ah if only they engaged in luge ..
j'mets 7 for the price and the wait.
Scott Bis11/10/2006

Scott Bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Vintage Delay
Well then, it's a digital delay, easy to use, rglages are effective, tap delay excellent, excellent bypass (bypass when you leave really digital) and means.
Noon and external power connectors 12V book with.


This pedal is pleasant to use, nothing to add.


The right we enter the heart of the matter, I have a few months, I still jou over tonight and that's what makes me write an opinion, I can not get enough, It replaced a Maxon AD999 (Analog) who did not give me complete satisfaction despite his respect of the total signal.
The Tc vintage delay cutting some of the highs signal is the only thing I blame him.
The effect on him, trs is good, dosed, trs clean and a small switch (filter) gives an analog button without changing the parameters.
I never understood the usefulness of the switch (triple)!?


I do not know if the price of this pedal is justified but in any case I do not regret my purchase.

ricouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Vintage Delay
I had a good TC2290 the Rolls Royce of delays ... I also tried a BOSS DD3 time ....
good opinions are divided.

-For me it is not a delay TC.E. but a copy of TREX delay, even in green pedal functions, housing
almost identical but a bit cheaper.
-The first one I tried messing with serious serious .... lots of audio cracottement ....
return and exchange after it told me that some pedal was defective .... it's pretty personal unusuel in CT ... I have a lot of old pedals TC (watches Chorus / Flanger / EQ / Sustainer-Comp .. ..) and old walk like the first day that is to say very very bie. So I think that the chip can burn out or a capacitor from messing .... chgt of pedal no problem


Functions triplets and high-cut filters to mimic the vintage is shit ....
do not buy it for effect.

I have a lot of evil proper resolution to the delay time of 400ms was stalling the style ... everything is done either by knob or foot tap-tempo. The TC 2290 I could settle down to the millisecond is for this reason I regret it a max.

Otherwise it is very basic though, feedback, line level out ... classic


Ben is not bad at all, less "precise" than the TC 2290 is a model of its kind, for me it come from the differential circuit, the sampling, the type of memory ... but ... in short everything remember that it is a pedal and qd is very well his job.

If you find an analog delay ... do not buy it. I do not like personal BOSS DD / Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and his ilk ...
the analog delays. are too vague for my taste.

I use my amp before and it makes good .... I went into my pedal to simplify stuff .. in size and price ...


I personally think it's price is that if the TC has put 300 250 E bcp see more people buy it.
It is clear that to 400E is having some delay rack full of good home .... TC / Korg or elsewhere.