Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

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MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

179 user reviews
Prices starting at $100 Average price: $100

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Boss
  • Model: MT-2 Metal Zone
  • Category: Distortions
  • Added in our database on: 02/20/2009

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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 179 reviews )
 88 reviews49 %
 36 reviews20 %
 15 reviews8 %
 15 reviews8 %
 17 reviews9 %

MGR/Steve's review"Boss MT-2 Metal ZonE Distortion PedaL"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Was about $84 when I bought it a few years back. I bought it, tried using it for a while, put it aside for about a year or so, took it out again to try out, then ended up selling it. ***I bet this review probably will or already has bad ratings on it, mainly because of "cool kids" and their sad music of today. ***READ ON***

Yeah, nothing really to put in here to be truely honest.

I don't see why Boss even put the mid range frequency and mid control knobs, the idiot kids who buy this piece of junk are just going to put them both at or about at 0 and boost their highs and lows to get the worst sounds ever! When you add in the mids and mid frequency, you realize, wow, what a piece of $hit! This pedal sounds horrible! You add the mids in and you get a nasaly over the top distortion. Even when you turn the distortion down, it's still sort of a lot of distortion. Word of advice, if you are some kid who buys this pedal because you think metal or punk is cool and boost the highs and lows and turn down the mids, take your family photos off the wall, all I can say is you are going to produce tons of rumble out your amp and whatever is on your walls in your little room is going to fall down and hopefully break. If you are into that rumbling distortion that sounds like crap, go right ahead and buy the piece of garbage. I hated the pedal, wished I didn't waste the $80-something on it, so I went and practically gave it away to this person I knew who played bass and guitar, hope he's having fun with it, because it's like a little pile of dog crap on the floor that produces sounds that sound like crap!

It's a Boss pedal, very reliable stuff. Unfortunately, these crappy little Metal Zone pedals will probably last longer and be on the market longer than the good distortion pedal will be around for, which is very, very sad. Let me say it again, very, very SAD!

You can't even get a decent crunch out of the pedal, all you can get is rumble and sound like a little 14 year old kid who just picked up guitar because "it's cool". BOTTOM LINE: IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE MANY KIDS WHO PICK UP GUITAR TO BE COOL, GIVE IT A REST 'FOREVER', SELL OR GIVE AWAY YOUR CRAP AND NEVER PLAY GUITAR AGAIN! The only reason Boss has been making some of the $hittiest pedals I've ever used, is because of the kids and the crappy music of today! Boss is now making pedals like the DS-2, the MT-2, and the MD-2 to sell and make loads of $ on idiot kids who want to play songs from the crap music of today! Boss makes good distortion pedals, the DS-1, the BD-2, and their overdrive pedals are really nice and transparent, you can get the sounds of a nice old tube stack using the DS-1, BD-2, SD-1, and OD-3, that's if you don't have a tube amp or head. Those 4 Boss distortion and overdrive pedals sound really good on solid state amps also. REAL MUSICIANS, GO FOR ONE OF THOSE FOUR PEDALS, EITHER THE DS-1, BD-2, SD-1, OR OD-3, if you are looking to get a good sounding pedal by Boss.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Music Man02/13/2005

MGR/Music Man's review"Boss MeTaL ZonE Distortion PedaL"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
I bought mine a few years ago and never really used it. I bought it for like $85 new

It's built pretty well and has a lot of EQ'ing options, but they don't help you out too much with the way this pedal sounds.

I took this pedal back out of its box a month ago to try out, and it took me so long to dial in a decent ( <- key word there) sound. Boss really emphasized the mids way too much, it's mainly there because they knew anyone who's gonna buy the pedal wants to get that no mids at all sound and just boost the highs and lows to get that HUGE-$HIT distortion that covers up pathetic guitar playing. If you add in the mids, it sounds pretty bad, very nasaly no matter how you put the EQ's. I did dial in a decent sound, but it still wasn't what I wanted, so I sold the piece of junk to my friend for $40.

Boss makes very durable and long lasting pedals, too bad all of them don't sound good. They should try to make every pedal sound good and last for a while instead of just making long lasting but semi-decent sounding pedals. (that goes for the distortion pedals only) The only good Boss distortion pedal I like is the DS-1, because I play classic rock and it is PERFECT for classic rock!

Go ahead and listen to some of the idiot reviews here and on other websites, but believe me, most of the people who use this pedal and say it is good say that only because they get rid of or use little to no mids at all to get that "nu-age", rumble "rock" sound, which is PATHETIC and terrible!!! I won't even consider it as rock music because it isn't! The metal zone isn't Boss's worst distortion pedal, but one of their many bad sounding distortion pedals, it's down there with the DS-2 and the Mega Distortion pedal. I guess this is good for that new age sound, but if you are a real musician that plays real rock music, don't even waste your time by trying the metal zone out, it's crap.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Jason V.01/20/2005

MGR/Jason V.'s review"Boss MT2 Metal Zone"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Dont remember....I think about $150

I have owned the Metal Zone for about 6 years now. I play thru a Boogie 50 Calibur head with Boogie 4x12 Cabinet. I have Pros and Cons with this pedal:

Ungodly rightous metal sound. And Justice For All'ish sound. By clipping the mids and turning the high and low up a bit with the distortion set to 100% of course, its a great metal petal with killer bass. Chunk Chunk palm mutes bring a smile to everyones face everytime. Love adding some subtle delay to the tone to round it out a bit and also for lead.

Cons: Cannot be used for gigs or even band practice. The tone is just way too "thin" when cranked up. Now, maybe on a very powerful amp it would sound different. But on my setup you have to crank the amp to like 7 7 on the volumes to be heard and by that point the crispness of the tone is totally gone.


This review was originally published on
MGR/Neven Vukic, Croatia01/18/2005

MGR/Neven Vukic, Croatia's review"Boss MT-2 Metal Zone"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
I bought this for 150$ in a local music store. It comes without a power supply adapter.

A great sounding pedal. Ability to manipulate your sound to a studio level. Perfect for "Metallica-...And Justice for all" sound and power metal sound.Looks great too, black satin finsih with red markings over.

Well, it's hard to find something wrong on this almost-perfect pedal, but there is that lack of real mid crunch in the sound, you can twist the sound knobs as much you like but you can never get your guitar to sound like Godsmack's or Machine Head. It's just not fitted for new metal.And there's also power consumption, it uses a 9V battery which can last through 2 or 3 gigs.

Metal casing, heavy. Pressing point is cooked rubber as well the bottom of the pedal so it can't slip under your foot when you press it.

This is a heavy-trash-power-death metal pedal and nothing else. if you want a more crunchier cound you'll have to manipulate it through an equilazer on your PA or your amp.

This review was originally published on

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