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  • The best overdrive pedals for electric guitar

    The best overdrive pedals for electric guitar - The gritty details on our five favorite overdrive pedals


    With over 100 overdrive pedals listed on just one gear-shopping website, how does one choose the top five? The first order of business is to define the terms: An overdrive pedal should have enough volume to distort a clean amplifier before adding gain from the pedal. It should also have enough gain to provide a dirty sound on its own, though anyth…

  • Boss reinvents the DS distortion pedal

    Boss reinvents the DS distortion pedal - Review of the Boss DS-1X


    This year, Boss has been releasing new stompboxes at a prodigious pace: two at Winter NAMM and three at Summer NAMM. All are reinventions of older Boss pedals. The DS-1X, released along with the OD-1X in January, is a revamped digital version of the DS-1. How does it compare to its predecessor? We tested them head to head as part of this review.

  • Palmer Automat Review

    Palmer Automat Review - Distautowah


    On the occasion of our recently published Palmer Mutterstolz distortion pedal review, your favorite website decided to revisit some of the German brand's Root Effects, and here we review Automat, an analog distortion/auto-wah that saw the light of day in February 2012.

  • Palmer Mutterstolz Review

    Palmer Mutterstolz Review - Make Your Mamma Proud


    Back in the day when fluorescent colors were in fashion, amps resembled fridges, all the songs on the radio had a guitar solo after the second chorus, and the Berlin Wall was still standing (Bingo!, the '80s), German brand Palmer made a name for itself among guitar players with products such as the very popular PI-03 speaker simulator in rack form…

  • Understanding Those Magic Boxes of Doom

    Understanding Those Magic Boxes of Doom - Distortion… Clean and Simple


    So the bad news is, it’s virtually impossible to tell what the distortion pedal sounds like without auditioning it personally.

  • The Next Big Thing in Guitar Distortion

    The Next Big Thing in Guitar Distortion - A Guitarist's Guide to Multiband Distortion


    If you're a guitarist and you're not into multiband distortion...well, you should be. Just as multiband compression delivers a smoother, more transparent form of dynamics control, multiband distortion delivers a "dirty" sound like no other.