ProCo Sound RAT 2
ProCo Sound RAT 2

RAT 2, Distortion from ProCo Sound.

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All user reviews for the ProCo Sound RAT 2

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 38 reviews )
 28 reviews74 %
 7 reviews18 %
 2 reviews5 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent
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songboy's review"Gritty and in your face"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
This is Distortion/Fuzz style effects pedal. There are only audio and power hookups, no midi, usb or other type of connections. This is an analog pedal. The only audio connections available are a 1/4" input and output.


There are only three knobs on this pedal for manipulating your sound, Distortion, Filter, and Volume, so yes, I would say that is pretty simple. Setting up this pedal is a breeze if you have two standard guitar cables and either the power supply (mine has a male power supply tip as opposed to the standard female) or a 9 volt battery. I have never seen or desired to see a manual as this is a very easy to understand effects unit.


I use this pedal with just about everything. I now run my guitar effects chain in my aux channel on my mixer. This way I can run all my instruments/samples/ and whatever else into the effects. I particularly love this pedal for Synthesizers. I also use it for Guitar (of course), Rhodes, Clav, and also on plain old audio tracks to give them some nasty grit. I also really like it on vocals too.


What I like most about this pedal is it is relatively versatile. I have friends who actually use this in there Jazz band guitar rigs. They sweep a lot of frequencies out via the "Filter" knob and get a pretty nice warm tone reminiscent of Wes Montgomery. I personally use it more for the "Screaming" distortion aspects which this pedal is wonderful for. Again, I love it on Synthesizers and my Vocals too. It's a bright enough (when dialed in to be so) distortion that when used even heavily, won't mud up your sound beyond recognition. The only thing I can see being a hassle is the strange male power supply tip. Luckily I have a VooDoo Lab Pedal Power 2 which came with a male tip adapter. So thankfully I don't have to go to Radioshack and dump $25 + on a new one. The sound quality in this pedal can range from smooth distortion to screaming fuzz/hiss. I love it. I have used a lot of distortion pedals including Ibanez Tube king, Damage Control's Distortion and Ibanez TS9. I use both the TS9 and this together to get some excellent distortion tone. I got this unit for a really good price ($50), if I find another at that price, I will buy that one as a back up.
Also I should mention this thing is built like a tank. It's made of solid, heavy metal material and weighs a little more than you would expect.

moosers's review

ProCo Sound RAT 2
The ProCo Sound Rat 2 is a distortion pedal that is designed for use with electric guitar. The pedal is an analog one and has the standard make up of two 1/4" connections for input and output and has an easy pull off battery compartment for powering it with a nine volt battery. The pedal isn't rack mountable as it's a stomp box.


If you've ever used a distortion or overdrive pedal before, you should be able to use the ProCo Sound Rat 2 pretty easily right from the start. It's only got three knobs to control your sound, but this will give you a good amount of varying tones. There are knobs for distortion, filer (tone), and volume. These are pretty much the three parameters that you'll find on most distortion pedals, so this make up isn't anything out of the ordinary and for this reason I don't believe a manual is necessary.


The ProCo Sound Rat 2 gives you a super thick distortion sound that in my opinion is best suited for heavier forms of rock. It's pretty much the same sound that you'll get with the original Rat pedal, although I haven't had a chance to shoot the two of them out side by side. I've mostly used the pedal for tracking rhythm guitar with a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar. I don't own it, but I've used it in the past at a studio I used to work at. It's not the kind of pedal I would personally use on every song, but it did work at bit here and there for me when I was looking for a little bit of extra gain...


Overall, the ProCo Sound Rat 2 is a very solid little distortion pedal. It's certainly not the most versatile distortion pedal out there, but for what it can do, it does a great job. It's also cheap enough where pretty much anyone can pick up one to have around, even if it's not going to be your main distortion pedal. I think that the Rat 2 is the perfect compliment distortion, but wouldn't be my main one...

Enix49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Character!"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
I was looking for a pedal that could get married with my Telecaster pickups mounted with Lollars. As the character is strong but is not intended for the big distortion at the base had to be typed but powerful pedal. Rat meets this criterion.
The pedal is really solid and heavy. On a pedalboard that remains in place. I plugged into a power supply, I have not used the battery 9v.Enfin turn knob accurately.

The Cut filter is perfect for managing acute sharp cutting of the Telecaster. Actually going to the right gradually cut. The Cut allows you to find a good balance of frequencies: precise bass and treble precisely dosed.
The gain is a means to an overdrive distortion fuzz that turns toward the end of the race. I plugged mainly on Tubemeister H & K. By boosting the pedal type with TS have a little on his perfectly intelligible and powerful on a solo. I approach a sound Gilmourien adding a little delay. Around 12 am we obtain good sound thick with vintage touches.
Overall gain is gradual and does not disintegrate at an end.
This pedal is revealed with the right equipment with him and knows when to use it. Many people judge without knowing the material REALLY operate and that is unfortunate.
Note that the first versions seem better but the difference is not obvious either.
In short a pedal that teams well with single coils and Telecaster in particular. On humbucker we pass in a fatter register for big beats.
No blame if we know why we research.

rotmeo77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" PROCORAT2"

ProCo Sound RAT 2


very simple, three knobs, the filter works in reverse direction


very effective on single coil, its a little "dirty" with a slight overdrive upstream it gives a very effective big distortion. rating 8/10


much better than my Boss DS-1 wiser than my big muff
good value for money rating 8/10
Zanko T.s.C09/07/2014

Zanko T.s.C's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Distortion pedal. Turn off, left distortion, filter and volume in the middle right. Super solid case except the power button I farted once (in 3 years) rather recurring problem from the service department. hum.


POINT NEGATIVE: the power supply. These idiots have screwed a standard jack Allim end. What a crock.

To use it is very simple, the knobs are very sensitive and react quickly, which allows you to find THE perfect setting. Pure happiness. Rock 80's, 90's thoroughly.


Looking for a pedal that sends? A unique and recognizable among its 40,000 pedals? Let's go ...

Since I bought it is simple, I said bye bye to my boss and my mxr, even my harmonix elec I bought before ... be careful Proco Rat distortion is to have a its very distinctive have to be careful with what pedals bind ... but Joy Division Radiohead fiddling we come to have the same type of "grain".

Basically love it or hate it, being a fan of 80's rock I'm in my element.


I've had 3 years and I've never found the equivalent in the type of sound I wanted.

I'm the type to buy the pedals on a whim so I have a sacred collection. Since I have it I sold my other distortion. When you have the top at home why go elsewhere ...

The feature I like least: the hot and the. audio jack, rather sucks when your pedals are plugués on a typical boss Allim garland style headphone ...

I do it again this choice without hesitation. Besides, I'll try to convince my bass player ... Then like us, it has a sacred mouth !!

Libertopanik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" nickel"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
A Super OD which turns to distortion with a small modification see TIP AF ^ ^ and as said in previous reviews the fuzz when you put a background.

this is analog with cheap but super effective components. For me 3 1 effects and quality very correct.


Using simple volume, filter, and Disto, volume tone 12h to 12h-13h and distortion according to your desires.

in short it is just plain know how to turn a knob.


Talking about qualitée OD is a very typical OD, there are the sounds of M and Black Desire for a distortion to 13h beyond what is OD Green Day, California rock and sending good background a slight fuzz, good is far from a Hendrix or ZZTOP but we are in a single pedal several effects that we can work with others to complete.

Anyway I find it very nice when we couple with a small cruch upstream personal TS9 I stick him just before, as said in other reviews, lightweight, for a given equilibrium because the EQ Filter (Tone) and limited and has trouble finding a clean TS9 therefore shows a beautiful OD EQ.


This is a very good OD pedal to start because it has a great price / quality ratio and we have, if we tinker a little 3 effects 1 OD / DISTO / FUZZ what the good life :)

Given the price made yourself treat yourself tested there and at worst it sells very well in Cygnus so there will be no regret.

I personally have one and I pensse in aquérir for another verse and give me more possibilities.

ricou8312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference."

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Analog effect could not be more simple.
Not too big and solid as a tank.


Very easy to use.
As usual in this kind of pedals, 3 knob settings.
Suddenly no need for manual!!
We quickly found the right sound, and then this pedal so tested on the net that it is not hard to find examples.


Large range of sound underfoot, you can go use boost filter with the fuzz and distortion.
Like it promises.
For me it is an essential pedal should not hesitate to put in his pedalboard.
Whether with humbuckers or single sounds great on my Fender.


For me this pedal is the reference distortion, I've tried tons or made a few.
Every time I come back to it.
To further improve the potential mods are very numerous on the net and very simple to make as long as we know how to hold a soldering iron.
Next step I intend to put him LM308 fitted to the original rat sounds better to my taste.
Perfectible one point that I found is the power supply jack.

-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the distortion that suits me."

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Analog format distortion pedal for guitar. a 9v power supply format mini jack (not practice), three knobs, one volume one tone (upside down, pay attention to the treble and bass left to right), and a drive. A jack in a jack out and roll youth. All this in a solid shell appearance, although I would have preferred a big metal shell (history search for defects).


It's simple, what a distortion, not to panic, nothing is superfluous in this effect. Only the lack of an eq instead of a tone put me 9/10.


Welcome to a world of distortion, overdrive the researchers did not find their happiness. At least we have a tough quelquepeu warm distortion given the little switched gain. In this amount gradually gain knob, you arrive in grunge land, the sound of Nirvana and others is not far ... And the tone is fuzzy in the final laps, but is still sufficiently accurate. Pure distortion, selective but excellent.


I use it for 2 months on my rig, but I've been a big user studio before, his only fault is the power supply to the format mini jack, and if you are a fussy 3 band eq we would, but for this price ... It is already excellent. I remake that choice without hesitation, and in passing I will buy other Proco!

Drive8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "LA" distortion?"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Solid in his little metal case: it has a pure sound that goes a great crunch to fuzz galore.
LED dens placed on top of the "A" RAT is the most beautiful effect when switched.


Simple to use:
The knob "Distortion" is used to set up a crunch first quarter, then it goes into distortion up to half of the race. After it leaves fuzz ...
The knob "Filter" adjusts the tone.
The knob "Volume" ... volume (amazing right?)


The sounds are great crunch and diso. I love this pedal. I note that all guitarists who have even regulate such (filter 1h, 2h volume, distortion: in). I never use the distortion with the last half of the race knob.
Losque I want to spend the mix solo, I simultaneously activates my overdrive Biyang OD-10. As a result, the cascade of two pedals gives me full of harmonics.
on the other hand, it is proper to "my" pedal, but once in ten volume output rises or falls during concert ... while the pots have not changed position. In these cases, I replace it with a distortion Biyang DS-10 that I keep "just in case" time to finish the concert.


I have my ProCo RAT years. It is well suited to the sound I like. It is far sounds Boss, Digitech. It is a distortion that ballad of OCD to the Big Muff (it is only my opinion).
If she lets me one day, I replaced it with the same fail.

frankiki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" close to perfection"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
distortion analog true bypass
very robust housing
all types of instruments


no need for manual
the distortion knob allows the first quarter of the race to get the sound of a TS9 type drive in less creamy and where TS9 stops, the rat flew to the 80's rock distortion and then half way back into the metal to finish 3/4 by the very large dito slightly fuzzy.


First the seven years I found coarse, I played on es-type 335.
Since 2006 I rediscovered thanks to my strat us ssh twin rev laughed.
with all single coil sounds are possible, simply switch to double to go solo.
I also regale with my Jazzbass it sublime.
to my ear is the best after the distortion of the amp laney vc 100 I had (sniff boo) there is a decade.


MA is distortion with it a octave and delay, I am the master of the world! very versatile and faithful to the intent of the game if you know how to use its main feature: the sensitivity of the input level. otherwise (for example with a micro config too punchy,) it turns against you, you lose half of the light spectrum settings.