ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
ProCo Sound Turbo RAT

Turbo RAT, Distortion from ProCo Sound.

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moosers's review

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
The Proco Sound Turbo Rat is a supped up version of the classic Rat distortion pedal.  This is an analog pedal with a 1/4" input and output, and has a 9 volt power supply jack as well.  The pedal is a very compact one, as it is just about as small of a pedal as you will see out there.  It is rackable since it is a foot pedal.


No one should have trouble figuring out how to use the Proco Sound Turbo Rat.  It has some of the most basic parameters possible for a distortion pedal, and are ones that are pretty ubiquitously found on pedals of this type.  The Turbo Rat has three knobs - one for distortion, one for filter (EQ), and one for volume.  If you look at most simple distortion pedals, these are the three parameters that they will have, so if you've got experience with any distortion pedals, chances are that you have seen this sort of configuration.  I've never seen the manual for the Proco Sound Turbo Rat, so can't really say anything about it.


The sound quality of the Proco Sound Turbo Rat is comparable to the original Rat, but definitely has more oomph.  I've used the pedal for recording with a 1976 Fender Twin Reverb amp and a Fender American Stratocaster.  While the Turbo Rat wouldn't be the distortion pedal that I would use in every situation, when the pedal works, it works very well.  The sound can be described as thick, full, and vibey distortion pedal.  It almost has kind of a fuzz sound, but is a bit more transparent than your average fuzz pedal.  If you like the sound of the original Rat, just imagine that with more beef.


While the Proco Sound Turbo Rat isn't a pedal that I have in my live guitar rig, for occasional use in the studio for certain situations, this is great pedal.  This isn't to say that this pedal wouldn't work for live shows too, its just that for the sound that I'm going for, I don't find it necessary.  I can definitley see people using this pedal all the time for heavier genres of rock though.  The price is a bit less than $100 USD, so it is only a tad more expensive than the original Rat.  If you're a fan of the series of Rat distortion pedals, or are just looking for a thick distortion pedal, the Proco Sound Turbo Rat should be on your list.

Marty62100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
Analog distortion pedal.

Simple but effective.

low pass filter (or a tone inside out to keep it simple)

Alim 9volts mini jack.


Could not be more simple.

The only difference from other models is the famous knob filter that acts in the opposite direction of a tone.

It's actually a low pass that allows flitre to stifle the sound more or less. The rat origin are provided with a lot of treble and thus putting a tone would have been unnecessary.


The turbo delivers a rat that can be both clean and dirty, according to the settings on the first half of the gain knob. There will be a big overdrive already muscular when compared to a Rat 2.
The second half will begin to drool a little, it becomes very low in fat and playing with the filter it finds its limits in a color "fuzzy" (the sound is almost a tendency to crumble nicely).

Overall the sound is very typical, very "garage", a little dirty and rough but not too much. is a color that should be in its design and, originally, to the operational amplifier LM308. Model that sounds terribly cold and fever in any other model.

The rat models of more recent embarks lm308 but keeps the character. (Or nearly to the purists).


In short a good pedal type, model, now well established.

Most his character, controlled roughness, the atypical model dasn all and this, as strong as its integration with electronic design.

The -: a little less versatile than the rat 2 (but hey you do not ask him at the base), these too low making it impossible to go even more gain. The power supply mini jack is not always practical.

noord's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
PDAL any analog supplies 9V continuous.
An input jack and output jack. 3 of rglages knobs (gain, filter, volume).
Box in mtal, super strong.
Simple and well built pedals.


Well, it's one of distortion pedals ... The manual is not really indisensable.
For whom this kind of manipulated adj pedals, there's nothing so I will xotique m'taler on this point.


Ironically LORD in the battle between digital and analog technologies, I sound RAT Discoveries by intermdiaire my bass POD Pro. Yes! A distortion of modlisations proposed by the POD is based on a RAT distortion (yeah I know, not a Turbo RAT ...). And as I liked that sound really good on the POD, I DCID to pay me the real pedals. In the era, the RAT simple n'tait not available then, impatient as I am, I bought the Turbo RAT.
Like what, POD, even if it is sluggish and live recording trs not always convincing, at least has the ca MRIT initiate the ear of the nophyte DIFFERENT mat riel "cults" and their own sound CHARACTERISTICS.

I am a bass player and I use the Turbo RAT with my passive basses Warmoth (rpliques Fender Jazz Bass and Precision of good quality trs. Prampli The Aguilar Tone Hammer is a compressor and a BBE Opto Stomp. The whole is a powerful amplifier QSC RMX 1450 amp sound that stirs a baffle TecAmp L410.

I will not beat around the bush: I love the pedals!
The three are formidable potentiomtres of efficiency. The range of available gain is really standard. It's going small vritables crunch of "layers" of fuzz endless sustain. In between, there are various saturations and distortions. The knob "filter" is, as its name implies, a filter. A low pass in order to be more prcis. That - that it only allows to cut the treble from a non-adjustable frquence prdfinie. And this filter is useful since trs rvle the sound of the Turbo RAT can be really aggressive trs top of the sound spectrum. I use the volume knob just to adjust the output level to prampli but for those lamps Tage power, the Turbo RAT is sufficient to saturate Reserved for red ...

It is true that the distortion is plutt dirty and that's why we love it! Personally, I do not think the characters have a Turbo RAT "lamp". Rather, it is a good disto trs based amp oprationnel just in the kind of saturation Aguilar (see prampli Agro or Tone Hammer). In comparison, I also possde EBS Valvèdre that she's really a typical lamp: warm, soft, compress. The Turbo RAT is much more "direct" and less "soft", more "dynamic" and highlights trs mdiums clearly (at least on a passive bass) and more aggressive gnre harmonics ( odd?). That's my prfre CHARACTERISTICS: Jazz Bass crunchy sound with a good dose of mdiums, it passes through any wall of Marshall ... (Very close to the bass sound of the group sudois "Lack", for those who know ...)

Obviously, depending on the rate of gain, there will be more or less loss of momentum. Knowing that with the gain and treble back almost compltement shots, you end up with almost a synth-sound distortion that rvle handy to ... of Pop! Dplaise do people who see the pedals use a "garage".

It does not seem that the Turbo RAT is designed for bass players t which explains the weakness of extreme severe (below 100Hz) and therefore ct "mdium" sound obtained. Great for punk, hardcore, pop (yes, yes ..) and unsuitable for heavy mtal trs. Compared to scratch, it will almost act like a guitar that adds troisime mdiums of serious well-snarling guitars and sharp those highest perch. Gnial for unison riffs with the guitars. Do not make big sound esprer new mtal playing on the rhythmic bass / bass drum. The RAT is not made for that.

The Turbo RAT gives a sharp low saturation mdiator game with nice tablecloths and fuzz with severe acute strokes. The pedals breath a little bit but since the gain levels that can be obtained, it is normal. Even with a low, there's way to toy with the Feedback ...


I use the Turbo RAT for three years, on occasion, and I always find new applications. I plan to install it on my DEFINITIONS Effectboard ct of BSE Valvèdre, the two types of sound n'tant not compete.
To get an ide, here are the pedals for distortion with which I dj jou:
- EBS Valvèdre: its warm light and soft, sometimes sluggish, passive equalizer.
- BOSS ODB-3: trs grain synthetic but I got good bass response and plenty of opportunity to rglage.
- Aguilar Agro: trs good but too expensive for what it is. Not bought.
- Various small pedals like Danelectro, Rocktron, etc. ... Personal and without much always a big default (too many blows, crappy grain, distortion slobbering, no dynamics ...)

With exprience, I would do without this choice hsiter!

Most of the Turbo RAT:
- Rglages effective, versatile trs
- Trs wide gain range and volume
- Simple, true analog bypass
- Indestructible
- Eats a lot of extreme severe
- Power jack mini-jack (compltement dbile ...)

Report qualitprix honnte. This is the kind of device that achte worship once in his life and we care because we know how it feels and how it RULES. The advantage of simple analog widgets!

pierrelaforge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
Small pedals in an enclosed blind super-solid, confidence-inspiring (the only positive point vritablement).

Too bad the EQ is not 3-band is trsgnant even today there are almost the same price pedals with a 3-band EQ and even a scoop. .. So you can not adjust quickly loud sounds trs.


Trs easy to use, it's plug and play ... On this point I do not see what you can blame him ... if not, again, the absence of 3-band EQ.


DIFFERENT used on amps (the small tubes transo to two full body), I found the loud sounds, without a body. I do not have AIM at all, trs change soon, well I can. 2 / 10.


I have not found my happiness in this trs trs type pedals: the sour, lack of aggressiveness & bass, his flat ... But it may be appropriate does mtalleux to the extreme?

In any case it is much better now in the same price range, with the pedals out "simulation of HP," legalization three bands, etc etc ...

Meur'saw's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
every time I say "go do a little hop chronicle" I obviously read the other opinions on the machine ... opinions are sometimes so divergent that I wonder where does objectivity or begins the history of taste ...???...

blablabla see other ... a small change needed to the power supply ...


Very simple! Manual? are you kidding? one branch and forward!


This is where it gets complicated ... I use it in general with the "distortion" to + - 10 am ... but I have fun qlqfois to push a little ... is a distortion that has a very special grain, we like it or not ... but by distos against one of the most accurate that I used ... that drool? it spits out? ho! it's a distortion! but do not "drown" not notes ... important part of my set-up ...


I use it for more than two years and I am a fan ... I would replace it immediately if I let go ... I tried moult distortion pedals, overdrive, fuzz etc ... but there is more than she (and a tuner) between my guitar (tele deluxe) and my amp (mesa boogie caliber 50 +)

it seems to have paid € 50 new ... so I do not get it too the prices quoted above!? it is € 100 in Cologne ... odd I remember very well the price paid € 100 but certainly not!

Eяяаtom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
This is one of the pedals crunch / overdrive / distortion (and yes.)
Powered by 9V battery or "mini jack" (as the old Dod)

Site builder ( )


Trs simple to use
Small spcificit: SETTING THE Tone is the filter.

Its use will be in a "loud and noisy", the pedals garage par excellence. The "big sound" as they say, with no pop!
Feedback good but do not go in any direction I can assure you.


"Sound of the underground" we can not better résumé.

revolutions of the gain from the beach:
0 1: a crunch roquailleux not bad at all
1 3 overdrive that loads
3 donf: one is the heart of the Turbo RAT, saturation, heavy, fat, fuzz (especially when put in obviousness the auigues), dirty but controlled.

The sound is trs crdible, the Turbo RAT and RAT pedals all have a sound called "lamps" (very far from most of the saturation Boss for example)

Samples ( )


Report excellentt quality price.
Strong personality in the pedals.

Comparison with a RAT:
- The configuration is the same, only the sound changes
- Output level over levbr /> - gain greater
- More fuzz, more cumbersome
- Turbo Rat has its strong points when the gain is consquent
- Less flexibility
- Is labeled "Turbo" cot of "RAT" ...

Here is a RAT nerve.

kzimir's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
See description above ...
I put 9 because of the power supply 'special.


Settings ultra simple, if you have ever used any other distortion.
a manual? why?


This is the most important.
good, it must immediately explain to blueseux / rockers to Dad / metal / popeux & other syrupy that this pedal is not for them!
it is perfect in my opinion to the big nag, but certainly not like trash ... etc.. No, we're talking about huge nag with a huge gain, the fat bass sounds really disgusting, not accurate at all.
The aim is to make a lot of noise rather than a lot of notes ...
it is so for me the music (very) alternative, not very fm.
I forgot: perfect for large strident Feedback pasting your guitar on his amp, gniark gniark.


My pedal reference for music I do: yucky alternative rock, inspired by ex. Sonic Youth and dEUS, but also simple and dirty.
I also use a little big muff (Electro Harmonix) and an dirtbox (trace elliot), which sounds very different and are indeed not compete.
I bought my turbo rat for about 60 euros OCCAZ. it was a steal in my opinion.
I would do this choice with his eyes closed.

Galaad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
A good distortion pedal to the timeless look super versatile (unless the RAT2 anyway)


Bah euh 3 buttons to find a sound, you still have not a tray for 6 run


And it's hurting the mat as they say: I think the sound is very too fast (see very very) dirty.
It's been a year and a few that I fiddle and I have more and more difficult to be convinced.
I'll try it on an epiphone valve junior see what happens, and if not please me => Ebay!


Edit: I use it for quite some time now, even if it occasionally.
First it becomes too dirty very very quickly
Good even when after a single use
Little less, diet specific to that pedal

I think I've been around, and I do not know if I would do this election ...
pierre etoile05/27/2007

pierre etoile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
A solid and practical case mtal place in a set of pedals
A simple analog pedals volume, low pass filter and gain.
Between Jack / jack output
A trap for the stack below
Alim 9-volt minijack.


The configuration is very simple volume, filter, gain.
The sound is rglage dlicat because the sound obtained dconcerte beginners just between the marshall distortion or fuzz overdrive. The sound obtained dpart seems a bit messy but most agree on a lamp with a good amp volume all your exact change is surprising.


It is therefore a distortion type pedals fuzz / overdrive with a palette of incredible, of course always in the spirit Proco. Between the first and 2 nd quarter of the gain are obtained divine marshall crunch type can remain for several minutes the finger on a string with a smile ba. Once half of the race sound Exceeds s'paissit and frankly we are moving towards plutt a real fuzz rgale for solos.
I use it with a Jazzmaster, Jetstar or strata PDAL is accompanied by an exprience (Prescription Electronics) and a mercerbox overdrive ibanez + II in volume and noise rducteur home boss. In it is a combo amp peavey 5150
To get an ide of sound: / soundsamples.php


It is an example of analog pedals affordable, I use it for 7 or 8 years it has its place in my sete of pedals. She possesses a quality standard and a unique sound, less prcise RAT2 her sister's, it is more powerful nanmoins.
For the guitarist who likes saturation, with the exprience I remake that choice without pb but I'll be right by the same tent dencetone and solo.

octoonerxc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound Turbo RAT
A first button named "Distortion" that gives you overdrive until the middle of knob and a Fuzz once to half Exceeds.

Deuxime a button called "Filter" which carries a medium or attnuation of frquences Aiges.

Finally troisime a button labeled "Volume" which allows you to rgler the output volume of the pedals.

Four effects available for many possibilities ...


No need for manual even my grandmother would put mre on the way, the diversity of possibilities is the word of the cl of distortion pedals ... The sound changes Fawn enough magic throughout the handling of pots.


This is just personal opinion, but I think this product sounds PDAL trs drafts ... and the noise level and stop rllement when he is asked too much ... I think it is not at all what I was looking ...

I test on a 1000 Fender RockPro, and a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL100 with my les paul classic double cut (micro needle: 57 'classic plus)

I ended up with a much more runny than the distortion of my amp, and not all need more powerful ...


I'll Sparer because it does not stick at all my musical style ...
I like the price and cons by the versatile object (it's a little magic ...)

I will hide me today on a Big Crush Compressor Rocktron home to get what j'esprais have with the Turbo RAT from home ProcoSound ...