Boss PH-1R Phaser
Boss PH-1R Phaser

PH-1R Phaser, Phaser for Guitar from Boss.

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All user reviews for the Boss PH-1R Phaser

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
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iamqman's review"Nice revise!"

Boss PH-1R Phaser

This is one of the most legendary phaser pedals in the world. When Boss set out to start building compact pedal they introduced three new pedals. They has the Boss OD-1, the Boss SP-1, and the pedal the Boss PH-1. Compounding on the success of these pedals launched a marketing campaign that would put Boss into the most successful guitar pedal company in the world. they have remained on top even since its inception. Several pedals like the TS9 and others have gotten a great hold on the market but nothing like Boss. After the success of the PH-1 Boss revised it with adding a resonance control knob and adding the "r" on the end of the name.

This is pedal that is design to phase much like you would hear a Leslie speaker do but much more versatile than a Leslie speaker. This pedal has only two control knobs and those are Rate and Depth. this will control the speed and how much mix will be in the dry tone.



* Controls: Rate, Resonance, Depth
* Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
* Current Draw: 11 mA (DC 9V)
* Weight: 400 g (.88 lbs)
* Input Impedance: 470kOhm
* Signal/Noise Ratio: Over 90dB (IHF-A)
* Recommended Load Impedance: Over 10kOhm
* LFO Speed: 100 ms ~ 16 s
* Recommended AC Adaptor: ACA Series


The tone of this pedal is quite good. The added resonance control knob added a lot of extra flavor to the tone. The biggest competitor to this pedal back int the day was h MXR Phase 90. That one had only one control knob and was very versatile in its tone.

This pedal has a great sound no matter where you get this thing dialed in. The rate and depth are very easy to control and find a good tone out of. I think both of them in the 11:00 position is the best sounding for what I do. I like a little phaser in some applications but not something that takes over the tone too much. This is nice setting where you can get a good sounding phase effects and still hear the rest of your dry tone in the mix.


These pedals were made form 1980 through 1985. The used market is the only way to go at this point. There are much better phasers now a days so this one is obsolete to me. I wold recommend getting an MXR phaser and that pedal is even easier to dial in than this one.

rouliann's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The base"

Boss PH-1R Phaser
Ph 1r is the second pedal Boss Phaser output. And this is the best.


Ultra simple setup, as it is an analog pedal that wants, whatever the connection, it sounds.


I use it with my Telecaster.
The sound can be super disgusting, but that is precisely why she is excellent.
If you like the sound and pure digital. Go your way.
The Phaser will disgust you.


I for 5 years, bought € 40 in a mag deposit sale.
I do never separate.

hemet's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss PH-1R Phaser
Made in Japan in the 80s, it is analog. it there's three potentiometers Control: Rate (rate effect), depth (intensity effect) and Res (feedback signal). input / output jack (6.35mm mono not stereo output).


Everything is very simple no need for manual


That's fine, we can go a very slight effect until psychedelic effects completely barred. No breath, the sound is of high quality. Only negative when the effect triggers the noise level tends to increase, but we can compensate by attacking text strings or slightly lowering the volume of the instrument. Personally, I use it with a bass ever before the power amp or preamp (never in the effects loop or after the preamp)


I use it for 15 years, first repeats at a friends, and finally I traded him against another pedal. This is one of the pedals that I use the most for years to create atmosphere or solos. I would do this choice without hesitation.

8oris's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good phaser"

Boss PH-1R Phaser
- What are the effects or types of effects available?

- What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)

- Are they edited? Via an editor Mac / PC?

- What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
Jack / Adapter / Battery

- Is this a rack or rack-mount model?

9 / 10: it's compact-pedal Boss, hard to beat. Missing a stereo output but it was not many in 1980 on this type of product.


- The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, child. Like all modulations, the potentiometer "resonance" that for the determination of feedback of the phaser.

- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
The knobs are active throughout their race and that of the settings-simple "resonance" is more subtle, less obvious.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Bought without a manual

9 / 10: you can not use the simplest level


- Effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
A phaser that sounds very very warm. The resonance knob can really wipe out different sounds. It's creamy and it runs beautifully.
on the other hand, it does not get psychedelic sounds as PH3.
I find it interesting that in light saturated.

- Which instruments do you use?
LTD MH 400 + AMT SS-20 in the return of a Valbee

- Which ones you prefer, you hate?
In general, I set the depth and resonance to 1 to 11. And I only play on the rate depending on the context. This setting is perfect to my ear for sounds clear and saturated.

8 / 10: it is versatile, offers a wide range of sound but is very typical non-modern (if not "vintage"). And do not allow for phasing of the extreme (even if not necessarily the goal).


- How long have you use it?
A few months ...

- What is so special that you like most and least?
- The sound warm and versatile
- Setting "Resonance"

- The bypass a little color for my taste
- Does not get phasers "extreme".

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
The Boss PH3 which I found very complete but colder and with a bypass is much more "transparent".
Otherwise, I had a Digitech X-Series Hyperphase I found disappointing and puffed the whole dynamic of the signal.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
It is a little more expensive than PH2 market opportunity. But it's one of those gems modulation laid by Boss there twenty years.

- With experience, you do again this choice?.
Yes definitely ... Simplicity, efficiency, quality, really super phaser pedal.

9 / 10 because it is ultimately a phaser really that simple quality.

Mambosun's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss PH-1R Phaser
Phaser Pedal purchased in the early 80s.
Rings used with guitar, keyboard and even a drum machine!


3 buttons to control the level, depth and feedback of the effect. I find trimming the resonance a bit difficult to use, especially if one wants to move from having clean / crunch to a popping sound while maintaining a color consistente.


You need to spend a little time and care to find and optimize the desired sound.
I recommend placing the Phaser before the distortion for a more uniform and progressive;
Placed after the distortion, the sound is cold and thin, almost when we reached Hifi
the acute end of the loop.

Once properly dealt with and integrated with other effects, gives a superb, both in its clean, crunch as saturated.

my settings: Rate to 12 / Depht at 10am and Res 0.Donc to the effect is not very pronounced Ubut just enough to produce a color to its very vintage 70.

More upstream of the phaser, I use a Boss CS2 compressor that adds a touch of depth and fluidity to her a delight!


I use it for almost 30 years and the pedal works like new!
Nice, nice ..... what the Boss

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss PH-1R Phaser
Boss pedal phasing (it's marked on it), made in Japan, manufactures until 1985: it is simply a PH-1 which has a Contrle addition t rsonnance of those Rate (speed / rate) and Depth (effect) well enough to get a nice variety of colors of effects. It's good analog in an apple green watch case (like Granny Smith) well flashy and indestructible. Connectivity: between output AC-in, a suppo in bed!
Classic, solid, simple and effective: pure Boss really.


Very simple to use, it appreciates-controlling of rsonnance, adding a lot of nuances. One quickly gets and many varis phasing and inspiration. From the little subtleties color into sound, very marked effect and color everything is possible.
The manual I have not had, I can do without aisment ...


The effect is very effective, very appropriate color in all circumstances trsraliste.
I use it on Gibson and Schecter, With SD-1, a BF-2 and a Cry-baby and the whole spring (for now) on a small transistor 15W Line 6 (which suddenly I only use little effect).
In clean, really very good, regardless of the position chosen for the microphones; in overdrive: welcome in the 70's; distortion, it's still good. It behaves very well in the mix with the other effects and allows dmentes exprimentations with a well made Superior high-end multi-effects (I do not speak the same effects of the amp remaining when even very honorable).
It is a color effect to the sound as his watch case, very pleasant and efficient, has rotated very natural fawn.


I use it for a month. This is a rare bird, his views must. I tried Soundtank Ibanez, Boss PH-2 and PH-3 Electro-Harmonix Small Stone (Reissue and epoch): this is the compromise between ergonomics and simplicity that suits me best.
A must, if you jump on the cross !!!

nibla's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss PH-1R Phaser
Phaser analog of the beginning of the 80 green Kawasaki, 80 85 produced in Japan, exactly the same circuit as the PH1 (the first Boss phaser), but with a knob of rsonnance more , which makes it more versatile than its prdcesseur
Technology anolo 100% of course!
ultra simple and ultra good!

oh yeah, yeah, it's a "four stage" phaser (like the MXR Phase 90), this means more transparent and less violent than "12 course" Modern


Config? rate-depth-resonance, of the classic phaser!

quickly found what you want, as long as one is looking for a phaser old-school that respects the dynamics of the instrument


So the hat, it's vintage phaser!

Boss has a reputable coldness, is not true in regard to vintage pedals! I also have a CE1, CE3 and a trs old SD1, these pedals sound ultra warm and beautiful, nothing to envy or MXR Electro Harmonix!

The sound of PH1r is superb, with the grain, a terrible potato, especially in severe that restores trs well, unlike his successor, PH2, I possde but is also tiring as loud .. .

Basically, the diffrence is that with the PH1r, it still has the texture of the guitar and we keep all personals its sound, whereas with the PH2, it has more than its a phaser, which is more cold enough ... and who ended up breaking the ears

In addition, if you send him a little too into the cone, it lgrement overdrive, is for those who love the sublime sounds typs 70's ...


Really great!

Boss pedals and the Roaring Twenties are really worth nothing do with the current!
I highly recommend the pedals all the old nostalgic sounds of the seventies, because it is much closer to the MXR phase 45 and 90 as other phaser Boss

PS: in fact, that made the pedals in the CATEGORY "other effects"?