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Phasers for Guitar user reviews

  • KMA Audio Machines Horizont

    KMA Audio Machines Horizont - "Advanced Phaser also does Tremolo, Touch-Wah, Vibrato" has images


    SOUND: The HORIZONT’s is inspiring to use, with its crystal clear JFET phasing tones. The sounds generated vary greatly, as there are dozens of possible combinations. In essence, you can think of the HORIZONT as a combination tremolo, vibrato, wah…

  • Zvex Vibrophase

    Zvex Vibrophase - "The Most Beautiful Sounding Tremolo?" has images


    SOUND: The Vibrophase can produce sounds from subtle to complex, can mimic a pulsating tremolo or phase-type waves, but with its 4-stage phasing technology it produces incredibly beautiful sounds that take a tremolo-phase to new levels, as demonstra…

  • TC Electronic Helix Phaser

    TC Electronic Helix Phaser - "Best of both (phaser) worlds !"


    After a long hesitation with the MXRs (especially 90 script and logo models) and the EH Small Stone, I came across (through forums, videos...) this gorgeous, all dressed in yellow TC Helix which looked like it gathered all features from the aforement…

  • Aria APH-1 Phaser

    Aria APH-1 Phaser - "Unfazed until now..." has images


    I bought this in the mid 80s when BOSS ruled the show and everybody copied their design and aesthetic. Price on sticker on box reads £33 and I remember the limited choice of budget pedals in the store on the excited Saturday morning I had some spare …

  • MXR M105 Phase 45 Script Logo Vintage

    MXR M105 Phase 45 Script Logo Vintage - "A true vintage phaser"


    The MXR Phase 45 reissue is a faithful recreation of one of MXR's most sought after boutique pedals from the 70s, the original "script logo" Phase 45. According to MXR, every aspect of the original circuit has been recreated to period-correct specifi…

  • MXR EVH90 Phase 90

    MXR EVH90 Phase 90 - "Phase all the way"


    Excellent, versatile little pedal for a range of classic, usable phasing effects. Not just for Van Halen fans, this pedal with it's "script" button gives you both effect types found in the standard MXR Phaser, and reissue "script logo" models. (It's …

  • MXR EVH90 Phase 90

    MXR EVH90 Phase 90 - "not a passing Phase"


    This is a simple setup: 1 on/off toggle, 1 knob to adjust speed, 1 button to change from tradition mxr phase to EVH phase. It is said to be true bypass. UTILIZATION Controlling the sound is ridiculously easy; simple speed control and EVH switch. I …

  • Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

    Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter - "cool color and sound"


    The Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter is a phase shifter in the form of a guitar stomp box. It is an analog pedal and has a 1/4 inch input and output for your amp and your instrument. It is also built well and should be functional for a long time if treat it…

  • MXR M101 Phase 90

    MXR M101 Phase 90 - "Modern take on the Phase 90"


    This version of the Phase 90 is the more modern "block logo" type that was introduced in the later seventies and built up 'til now. It has the same basic look as the classic models, except the logo is in a block of printed text, as opposed to the scr…

  • MXR CSP101SL Script Phase 90 with LED

    MXR CSP101SL Script Phase 90 with LED - "The Atomic Punk!"


    The MXR CSP101SL is a newer reissue of the Phase 90 original script logo version made in the seventies and used by players like Edward Van Halen. The subsequent block logo models made in the later seventies and through to the present day are more "ch…