MXR EVH90 Phase 90
MXR EVH90 Phase 90

EVH90 Phase 90, Phaser for Guitar from MXR in the Phase 90 series.

roukingcher 03/11/2006

MXR EVH90 Phase 90 : roukingcher's user review


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-phaser EVH
-3potards: Attack sensitivity and output


-The configuration is simple to use
-It Is easy to find a good phaser


-For Clear, this is the top. In contrast to the saturation, the sound is not quite my velvety taste.
-I Branch in front of my amp, not on the effects loop. that's only his best work.


-what I like least about this pedal is that it has no battery and evil adapter fit in the pedal. Anyway the overall level is good and the qualitprix report is satisfactory.