Dava Grip Tips - Nylon
Dava Grip Tips - Nylon

Grip Tips - Nylon, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dava.

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MountAnDewMe's review"Great for an aspiring young player"

Dava Grip Tips - Nylon
For Christmas of 2008 my wife and I decided to buy my daughter what she wanted more than anything in the world, a guitar. She had just started playing violin that school year and wanted to learn to play what Daddy played as well. I loved the idea and went with it. The only concern I had was what to do to help her picking technique. That was always a sore spot I remember when starting out and to the lessons I gave friends in highschool. I looked through the racks and ran across the Dava controll picks. I knew just by looking at them they would fit the bill.

The store only had the nylon variety to choose from. As I suspected the pick was a blessing for learning the proper way to hold a pick. The picks designed to offer a proper area to hold the pick so there is no question to where to hold it. Unlike other picks the child's hand stays put instead of wandering around. It is far easier to learn things right the first time then to unlearn a bad habit.

When another of my younger children tried learning to learn guitar this summer I did not have any of these picks around for her. It was a nightmare, so much time was lost dropping the pick and there were countless questions about how to hold it right shortly followed up by the pick being held wrong. I quickly ordered another set of these for her and the problem of the pick quickly went away.

I personally would not use these for myself for anything other than a training tool. For that they are unbeatable. I do not know anyone who uses them personally but I will be buying another set of these when my next child wants to learn to play guitar. I believe every Instructor could benefit by keeping a pack around for their new students.