Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Reload

Torpedo Reload, Guitar Power Attenuator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

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Value For Money : Excellent
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Bloodysatch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super, THE sound in all circumstances"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Reload
The torpedo reload unlike Torpedo Live Torpedo Torpedo VB101 CAB and is fully analog and is designed to cover almost all the needs of guitarists and bassists, home-studio owners, studios etc ...

Here is the connection:
- Input Guitar / Bass Hi-Z
- Guitar Amp Output
- Level Line
- DI Output
- Output Loadbox
- Entry Loadbox

The reload rack is provided with ears buy it simply screw.
As analog nothing can be edited via PC / MAC except of course the speaker simulation part and the micro torpedo WOS III but not supplied with essential
- Baffle Output

The use is very simple for some people to understand how this machine works, I recommend to read the manual to find out how we connect and the manual is actually quite easy to understand.
Basically if the signal path is followed, the guitar is plugged with a cable jack guitar / bass in the Inst input In is then plug the DI output via a cable jack / XLR or jack / jack line that goes to the map sound (depends on the connectivity of the sound card, I'm XLR / XLR), an output of the sound card with a line cable (jack / jack for me) to "Line In" input on branch (part replay the reload), then we branch out "Amp out" with a cable jack guitar / bass to the input of the amp, then the speaker output 4.8 or 16ohm amp is plugged with a speaker cable to the entry "Speaker In" taking care of selected impedance, finally a branch outputs "Speaker Out" to a cabinet and hop all connections are made!

Once all the connections done is not at all the fuss, thanks to the "Match" function and the "Replay button we set the level of replay until the light turns green match function and as it was an equivalent level between what comes out of the DI to the sound card and what comes out of the sound card to go to the amp.
In short this little button allows the spring to your amp is strictly the sound that comes out of your guitar.
Finally it only remains to adjust the "speaker" button that sets the amount of attenuation that comes out of the amp to the speaker and the contour knob is used to adjust the sound.

I do not serve me at all part of the mitigation against but I used a lot of the DI and Loadbox for recording guitar and bass.
I also used the reload to make re-amping

Level, with the plugin Torpedo WOS III we can say that it's all good, I probably sound almost as good as in a real studio with real taken his microphone to the speaker except that there I none of the drawbacks!
I made my her in silence and I change the microphone / speaker as I want when making or later than it is for guitar or bass couple.

But beware, the sound quality also depends in part on the sound card used for the signal that comes from the guitar before going through the amp, through the sound card; more must be sufficient inputs and outputs on the card to use the reload!
That is why before acquiring the reload, I invested in a little more upscale and sound card with enough inputs to use the reload, in this case I took the Focusrite Scarlet 18i20.

It has been 5 months since I use the torpedo reload and I think the price / quality ratio is excellent as there is no equivalent product on the market!
I appreciate being able to do my shots in silence and with a great sound but also can make re-amping if necessary without losing quality in the sound and the easiest way!

Of course I would do this choice, especially at present, there is no equivalent product!