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SlapKid 01/02/2014

Jensen P10R : SlapKid's user review

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Y were four in my late bassman, and with hindsight and full testing I realize my deep disgust responsible for this amp yet holds up.
The bassman reissue got a good reputation in its early drafts mounted eminence (hot and creamy hp, very rock), and wham marketing geniuses 7ender stuck we jensen as a selling point, seller very obviously.
In fact these P10R are aggressive, have skinny mediums, and far too low in 410 (but it is normal).
The problem is that their sound is narrow and quacks, and not well support saturax.
I recently bought two 10 inch jensen chicago series and guess what, exactly the same sound disaster ... quack too aggressive acute nasal zero creamy ...
Anyway I totally recommend any jensen 10 inches, and the c12k100 I is not pretty either, very cold and aggressive. Yuck