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Gloomyseb 04/21/2008

Jensen P10R : Gloomyseb's user review


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I was looking for a 10 Hp "alternative to put in a viel 15W bass amp into a guitar amp for small apartment easily transportable and versatile trs.
The sound of the apli as fairly neutral and free of distortion, I wanted to use it to connect my pod or my vooduvalve.
I was surprised at his t "s all connected to a 2 X 12" Engl instead of the original HP.
So I bought this secondhand HP without expecting much though, just something better than the original low HP, convinced that a 10 "ring ALait aigrel Triqui miss low ...
My prjugs have envolls.

I t surprised. It Exceeds all my esprences (I do not much mattendait): Submitted but not low invasive, beautiful mdiums, and trs clear and sharp but never harsh contrast prcis of V30, and a lot less tight grain.
Sounds bright and clear but still slamming balance, and the road is Carment distortion, no sound shrill. It's a little lightweight concurrency to the bassist, but the extent everyone must keep a place for sound and perfectly audible homogne ...
It's simple: for decision before with the V30 sounds I had to cut lots of bass, treble correct ... etc, the SM 57 to replace any that Manir exploitable, and if we take the time to make a good investment, there is virtually nothing to correct. In the mix has not n'empite low, low on battery power, and suddenly the sound of guitar dtach all is well prcis trs. Also it only 25W so we can make it work with a good yield without muffled.

I've had three weeks, I can not take the default, pout fund the amp where it is, is crappy, it MRIT me to give him a good box.
A versatile HP trs that excels in the blues, but works wonderfully in jazz, rock, and even the metal.
The original price 82 for the given qualitc'est compares V30 or celestion green back.
I do it again without that choice I will take hsit even a dozen. I wonder what will give a small 2 X 10 or 4X10 with a?
I takes only nine because ... I do not like their green color, and because nothing is perfect.