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Marshall Accessories/Supplies for Guitar user reviews

  • Marshall SE100

    Marshall SE100 - " Very helpful"


    Very useful tool in a variety of live use / studio / workshop. At home I always plug my amp on the SE-100, even without mitigation. With the load function, it saves me explode my amp if I forget to plug in a cabinet behind. In mitigation it goes…

  • Marshall SE100

    Marshall SE100 - " GOOD BEAST!"


    I bought it used a few years ago because a friend was selling. Practice what is this box, you plug it between the head and cabinet. If desired, after the amp, the sound you want, we can reduce the power (6/12/18 dB). And can be recovered in its…

  • Marshall T-shirt
  • Marshall CAT

    Marshall CAT - vodevil's review


    I use it for about 4.5 years but he (Ula) over 20 years! I love this look is its "vintage", its like a little less precision in size (compared to other tuner, but it is relative) and the fact that I used more for a while because a seal is dead no lon…