Marshall CAT
Marshall CAT

CAT, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from Marshall in the Effects series.

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vodevil 02/02/2007

Marshall CAT : vodevil's user review


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I use it for about 4.5 years but he (Ula) over 20 years! I love this look is its "vintage", its like a little less precision in size (compared to other tuner, but it is relative) and the fact that I used more for a while because a seal is dead no longer supply a small but good solder to use in 20 years we will not Chipot. What I love is to have a tuner compltement diffrenrs of my friends who drive all the Korg (which I hate by the way, imprcis, ugly ...) I have no ide the price I have been LGU ...