Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah

SW95 Slash Signature Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Dunlop.

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All user reviews for the Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah

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Hatsubai's review"Very versatile"

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
Slash has almost always used a wah pedal, and I'm surprised it took him this long to get one. Along with Kirk, he's one of the more iconic guitarists of this era to use a wah pedal. This one is super versatile, too. In fact, I think it's the most versatile out of all the wah pedals that Dunlop offers at the moment, rack wahs excluded. Not only does this have a wah feature, but there's actually a built-in distortion to go along with it.


These pedals are built like tanks. They can withstand nearly anything you throw at them, short of spilling your beer all over them. The casing is extremely durable, and you can chuck it across the room without much of an issue. About the only thing that occurs is dust and grime getting inside the pot, but you can just spray some contact cleaner in there to fix them, most of the time. The wah is extremely easy to setup, and everything is laid out in an easy to understand matter. This has a few knobs on it, so there might be a quick learning curve, but it's nothing bad. Just turn the knobs until you get the sound you want. The manual explains everything in clear detail, anyway.


The most unique feature about this is that the distortion circuit. Given that I'm a heavy metal player, I generally shy away from things like this. This distortion circuit is extremely aggressive, after all. However, it actually added some sweetness to my overall sound when I set the pots pretty low and let most of the wah take over. When I tried it with a Marshall set to mostly clean, it sent it into a world of chaos that sounded pretty awesome. It can get a bit buzzy, so be sure not to max it out.


I think this is the first Dunlop wah with a built-in distortion circuit. It's not that bad of a sound, and it's extremely versatile. For those that are playing high gain amps, you might want to lower the gain real low on the wah simply because it's so powerful. Those playing with clean or slightly dirty amps will most likely love the extra boost and oomph it gives to your overall sound. The worst part is that this thing requires either a special adaptor or two 9v batteries.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
this is wha wha all is that there is more simple analog distortion integrate with the most beautiful effect


iper have confi single apui and op ps: not too much volume meter on there if not distortion oula


for m'à yes, I played on standard sg anscienne verssion. Are little diférais an amp to another I have a vt 40 plus that has very good amp simulation and route there diference between the amplifier


I use it for almost 3 years I try Morleys t rex ....... etc. morlez not only for assertions distos polivalente
I was in the store, I entandu there and I ask what it was, and m'à said it was the slash I try for 1 happiness and voila I buy without ésiter
I love all of cete pedal, the race there fasel
I would do is choice without ésiter

OdysseyV's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" INTERESTING PRODUCT"

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
Slash Signature

High Gain Distortion / Wah (activated separately or simultaneously)

Circuit with coil Fasel

2 LEDs for status

Metal housing

Optional power supply not supplied 18V.


Setup is simple, I use it at home in my studio.

Wha wha must be placed between your guitar and amp head and not the beginning of the chain effects loop if you have a compressor pedal, the sound will saturate during operation. So you get a max cable to move on stage or in studio.

You have a little button to put a distortion effect, I use it because I have my head afd.

Upon activation, two blue LEDs on the left and one on the right is another light.

My connection is as follows:


2 - In wha wha

3-Out wha wha

4-In isp Decimator guitar chanel 1 (noise gate)

5 - Out isp to head marshall afd

6 - Out effect

7 - In two isp chanel

8 - Out isp to out of the effects loop

9 - Return of the loop effect to effect in your head.

Operation is easy for you to see which sound you want.


In my case the sound is generally quite dark.

I do not like the distortion knob on the side.


General opinion means I'm not fully convinced by this pedal, anyway I'm not a fan of wha wha but it is pretty on the intro.

The look is nice for cons, I have to try the new slash.


Qill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Carrot by Slash"

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
all is said in the previous comments RAS




Suffice to say that this is for fans of Slash, the kind of person who blindly buy anything because it's master "SLASH" as his latest album is shit (Apocalyptic Love) is as archi pourrave Moreover, new way, the sound is loud, the Q is too strong, it is sharp and dark, not very musical ... it looks like a Hendrix wah "more" disguised in red with optional drive crappy far from the reality of the JCM800 used by the master, the sole purpose is to dégueulassée sound mode bouillabaisse, to make Grunge is the they would have had the top called Kurt Cobain wah, boost the drive I've ever heard a story like Slash in his boost is a clean boost ... otherwise in Wah EVH signature it is the one that is killing, Wylde and Kirk Hammett that stand out I have not yet tested the Bonamassa (it will not be long) and Dimebag ... anyway Slash uses the Dunlop cry baby rack and used this pedal in front as a controller, yes advertising requires, Dunlop has not given an injection of the presets in the controller as the wah Kirk maybe we would have been entitled to something more successful than the dung, so between that, the amp Marshall VM, celestion V30 clone reissue of Gibson Appetite Derrig Chris Gibson (the original copy copy), Duncan Slash Signature APH2, the master calbute soon in stores in limited edition at Sun, the more you wear it the better you will enjoy with your guitar ... stain warranty


That is to say I'm a fan of Slash ... I have all the CDs, DVDs, seen at the Bataclan concert solo or with Velvet Revolver and I'll brief review October 20 ... So suddenly I was offered this pedal, there is still the big mouth foutage series Dunlop on this one ... but not in December ... € 166, Slash is the core business objectives ... let ré it must be more than 8 months since I see this pedal on occasion Pigalle ... and no one rebuke in the street so it stinks now am using it when my wife sucks, at least it gives me an instrument of torture at home ... and the kids shout "stop it is our duty" at least I know when they bossent, thank you Slash

FAiRLiGHT's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
Wah with distortion circuit built, delivered without food so you need to iron the body especially that it is 18v (allow the pedal manufacturer Dunlop / MXR ECB-004E)
It comes in a beautiful red dress metallic look great with a wrench to tighten or make the pedal softer.
2 knobs are present on the beast for the volume and the gain of the distal (activated only with wah)


Not need the manual, which is useless anyway and succinct, is fed, you plug the jacks in front and rock & roll!
A single click limit is sufficient to activate, two blue LEDs puisssantes enough, one in the upper left corner and the other in the lower right corner, and not a little light! They are very bright, impossible to doubt the fact that the pedal is activated or not: p
I found the race pretty short compared to my old wah (Behringer HELLBABE) but in the end it even more enjoyable.
A foot pressure on the side button and it engages the distal, 2 red LED light next to the blue. Note that the button is well placed, you can activate it without problem at the foot pedal does not move because it is very flexible.
Once the distortion, well studied at the curve also can be activated to send large solos that stand out. Just by swinging a bit of Civil War found the sound of Slash (especially if you play over Marshall with an LP which is my case)
But be careful not to put too much volume, or gain additional share otherwise it quickly lollipop. (Feedback, harmonics & Co.)
That said, this little circuit distortion is perfect for a clean wah + distortion to play without tap dancing.


The wah has a great curve, the sound is warm and an LP just to get on the neck pickup to get a good sound. I'm not very good at the maneuver, but we quickly get to the game and is trying to put the pedal to find the position which is best for each note played.
Regarding the distortion is very good, even if you snap on an overdrive or distortion, you will have a different sound, enough to propel you to the frenzied rhythmic solo!


Ultimately, this pedal has one drawback: the PSU is not supplied with and for the price it might be a little abused by Dunlop.
Personally, I bought it because one, I love Slash and two because my HELLBABE did not satisfy me and suddenly I did not use hardly any, especially because many adjustments and minor defects but nothing of all this with that of Slash
Brief all good for me and if I could go back I'll buy first wah!

Slashounet27's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
All is said prcedemment, adapter not included!


Intuitive, they have forgotten to mark IN and OUT under the pedals, from reorganization of my things when I'm wrong every time I
I am a bit of it can not transfer the cables to battery power, it makes gling gling when using the pedals <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />


I use the pedals with a gibson les paul standard changes with Seymour Duncan Alnico pro, plug in a Marshall VM 2466 + 425A cabinet. In''Clean''the pedals gives a good sound, I am satisfied, however, with my gear when I go into distortion, I have a horrible sound, it goes into feedback, ca whistles, the receiver blowing super hard, it's inaudible!! Oula la la la la!


I have been using ending for a year, I bought this one for the pedals Wah the slash because I love his sound, but in fact I noticed that a product c'tait that targets Slash Addicts who achtent aveuglment the pedals (I criticize me, even I did).
The ratio quality price is low trs I got, I think we pay a lot for the signature of Slash on the back of the pedals.
that price, it would at least have provided the power adapter ...
With the exprience I do not think this choice again
Mr Fish06/22/2008

Mr Fish's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
Super matos.circuit printed trs complex, with pots the indoor best to configure the son.Leds blue when wha is on and red disto.La distortion does not work without the wha.Belle red dress, the food pedals a few acute => not really true by-pass.Fonctionne under 18 volts power adapter required, therefore, of course not included despite the price of the pedals .... exorhbitant Warning not to take n 'matter what else hello souffle.Adaptateur Dunlop ECB-OO4 rigor.


The problem with the wha, that is that in the middle of the madness of the DLIR chorus of hell are furiously triggers the effect and bang the level breaks the balance severe acute form a slurry ingrable, then desesprment trying to stop all this, but it gnral n 'is no indicator showing prsence or the abscence of etc.etc.etc effect.
None of the Dunlop evec ca.
Wha-Wha cutesy, Blue LED
Wha-Wha screaming Press the little mushroom on the right, red LED. (Do not put too much gain or volume)


It can hardly be better for the style 70's 90's Rock
Used with a copy of Fender Stratocaster pickups with Custom'Shop 69 '
Wha-Wha Finally one that projects the sound forward, which bends the screaming feedback and notes by blocking the pedals in the right position according to the note played.


Used for about a year.
The + is the distortion that is adapted to incorporate spectrum frquences the effect Wha.
Too bad the bypass is not the height of the quality-General for the pedals and that the power supply is not provided.
Replace the set in my Vox.
The pedals are too CHRE, but m 'with the arconcili Wha.

tonists's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
This is a wah wah with distortion of cicuit (Slash signature model). The all analog. Pedal power supply (18v) not included.


Config used in simple "two ways":
- How "clean" (non-distortion circuit enabled): you push the pedal to the bottom and go to the wah ;-)
- Mode "drive" (you need this time press the small switch on the right): as you push the pedal to the bottom (if not already done so clean) and go to the wah with the distortion. In this mode you can then use the volume buttons to adjust and drive as you prefer!

Please note a change in cell super easy with a little trap on the top of the pedal!


Frankly I did not buy this pedal because it's Slash, I like the sound of wah but I tested a few others in advance (I have a Morley for many years to scrap its too-clean, not enough "Wah" for my taste-, Ibanez Weaping deamon-its too synthetic, base-Cry Baby its too loud in trebble-...).

My choice is focused on this pedal:
- How "clean" (non distortion on) is very nice, a nice bump wah with a good volume level of the hump against by even if it remains in full trebble sustain is not the best. Perfect for the wah wah wah funk of excessive or crunch or distortion lines passing over the hump on a regular basis
- Mode "drive" is really good, even if the distortion is not very hot but some say it offers great possibilities really amp with a clear sound but also crunch or distortion. The drive to 0, it gives more scope in relation to how "clean" an increased sustain, and pushing the drive there is the flood of harmonics, feedback, etc., if desired, all controllable up staying at the hump of the wah to maintain or grow in the trebble to leave.

This pedal offers a lot of possibilities.

I use it with a tube amp, Fender and scratches (and yes even LP) ;-)

Funk, reggae, rock, hard for me it all fits in my opinion!


I use it for one week, and my clear that Morley will not come out of the closet for now ...
Chero hair for a Wah but it's worth it!

Last thing, despite what is said in the doc this wah is not true bypass, if you plug the guitar into the amp live or passing through the non-activated wah sound is slightly different, but it is very very reasonable, and just a little fix its settings if necessary ;-) Or do the mod or the switch then use an A / B box. But for me it's not worth it I think ...

Wolvie06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
- What are the effects or types of effects available? Wah and Disto


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy? Yes, you plug, play, and it is part of Rock n 'Roll!

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Manual in English, but not need to know how to use it! lol We set foot rolls and always alone.


- Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?
For me yes broadly, "November Rain, or Do not Cry", the sound is ... Wow! I can even confuse my guitar and that of Slash '! lol
It's terrible

- Which instruments do you use? I Gib's a Les Paul Wine Red (Slash'Pit Signature) REQUIRE!!

- What are those you prfrez, you dtest? Wah, (well what the sound of Slash) and I hate the flanger! Yuck!


- How long have you use it? Since its release (hihi)
- What is the particular feature you like best and least? The color is TOP!
This is a signature of Slash, right? Then there is NO DEFAULT!!
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir? No, I headed straight dessu!
- How do you report qualitprix? One can xcife for pedals, a signature is ok but hey, 260th, vrment be playing what.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... Yes, definitely

acdcdavid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah
Wha pedals Dumlop Slash signature
"Without power supply!"


Ct connection, it is not easy writing on it.
it comes with a guitar jack CTBR /> we resort to the jack from the other amp.
two knobs you permetent volume control and gain
a small switch on the well-thought-ct law to enable / disable the distortion
a small flap on top allows you to put the two 9v alkaline batteries because the buggers did not provide the power supply of 18v spcial price or is the pedals.


Ct sounds then I would say tomorrow is because I have not even tried it on my amp
with my guitar.
but my friend got home last night BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! a Gibson SG Marshall over a lamp configuration of the RVE what ... No unpleasant almost innaudible
the sound is loud no variation in mdiums
we move from high to low directly. sound slash pfff
fortunately for him he currently does not this sound!
Big disappointment for me who expected the pedals of my idol since October!
There is the fool who does not change his mind

Here is good wha I tried with my stuff, and APRS tweaks, a sound
I test the chorus with some bte (civil war, sweet child of mine ...) and you have the Slash!
I confirm by the opinion against prcedent, the distortion of the pedal is not great, use your saturated and has come!


Next time I would not buy without trying before.
strongly tonight I see that gives a 402 Dsl with my and my les paul.
but I am under no illusion.
No illusion of happiness!