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Amt Electronics Guitars news

  • AMT introduces the TPA-50 amplifier

    AMT introduces the TPA-50 amplifier

    03/27/13 in Amt Electronics TPA-50

    Russian manufacturer AMT Electronics adds to its guitar product catalog the TPA-50 power amplifier equipped with SolidState tubes.

  • Amt Electronics Stonehead

    Amt Electronics Stonehead

    02/18/12 in Amt Electronics Stonehead-50-4 (SH-50-4)

    AMT Electronics presents the Stonehead 50-4 50-watt 4-channel solid-state guitar amplifier.

  • AMT Drive Series

    AMT Drive Series

    06/29/11 in Amt Electronics B-Drive

    AMT releases a series of seven overdrive pedals for guitar, reproducing the effects of various famous tube amps.