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Eko Guitars user reviews

  • Eko Rio Grande VI

    Eko Rio Grande VI - "Great vintage guitar" has images


    I use this guitar for finger picking - but it sounds better being strummed. It has a mellow tone. It is somewhat less loud than some other guitars. But it is quite loud enough. The cool things about it are that 1. It is a prettier guitar t…

Translated user reviews
  • Eko Manta

    Eko Manta - " Do not miss ... Cleans superb!"


    Eko is an Italian brand, my manta in 1972 or 1973. Production in Italy at the time (current Eko are manufactured in Asia). The body is Yellotong ... as almost all production Eko at the time. If you know what is the wood I will be grateful you enlig…

  • Eko Les Paul Custom copy

    Eko Les Paul Custom copy - " A good copy of LP, now "vintage"


    In reality this guitar brand "EROS" not EKO as shown above (to date, "Eros" is not referenced on Audiofanzine). For the record, after some research it seems that this model was produced for a few years (late 60 - early 70 ') in Recanati in Italy, …

  • Eko Rock VI Reissue

    Eko Rock VI Reissue - " We smoked on the moon"


    Italian guitar but certainly Asian manufacturing! mine of beautiful green and chrome any quality paint painted but with many gaps that do voyent merçi day as against the relocation! , Adjustable bridge with tremolo, 23 frets, 2 pickups, humbucker i…

  • Eko Ranger 12

    Eko Ranger 12 - " sound and robust"


    EKO guitars are manufactured / assembled in Italy. Models "Ranger" are acoustic guitars, 6 and 12 string 70s. Easel (Rosewood) Large enough to handle 21 boxes back fairly flat. Rosewood also Very solid spruce top and mahogany body. UTI…

  • Eko SK-600

    Eko SK-600 - ryad strat's review


    combo amp 100 watts made in italy celeston a baffle (made in UK) clean channel and "saturated" a master volume a reverb of settings such as bass, treble, volume ... 2 inputs Low and High a footswitch for channel and reverb saturated o…

  • Eko Ranger 12

    Eko Ranger 12 - " excellent value for money" has images


    new edition of the 60's store Asian manufacturing of original plan verified / validated / meeting by EKO Italy Body Type: Dreadnought Top: Spruce Top Bracing: X bracing Rosette: Binding inlay Back: Mahogany Sides: Mahogany Neck join…

  • Eko Cobra 12

    Eko Cobra 12 - " Not bad"


    I bought at random. The thing is that it is a 12-string electric (which is rare) and light (even rarer). UTILIZATION It's a nice guitar, but I would have to change strings and set me to do. SOUNDS Frankly the microphones were not at all seem …

  • Eko Ranger 12

    Eko Ranger 12 - " 12"


    Guitar Italian brand manufactured early 70. The handle is wide enough to play consistent, frets ring true from top to bottom and the sound is that of a 12 warm. The action of the fingers on the handle does not require pogne hell out sound without hi…

  • Eko Cobra 12

    Eko Cobra 12 - jimnastic77's review


    Made in the 60s in Italy, KO is a branded VOX. The Cobra is a model that has guitar, bass guitar and 12 string electric. UTILIZATION His original playable! A small pice found in attics and resists another 40 years after. SOUNDS It is lgre …