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TheJeff666 11/08/2013

Eko Manta : TheJeff666's user review

«  Do not miss ... Cleans superb! »

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Eko is an Italian brand, my manta in 1972 or 1973. Production in Italy at the time (current Eko are manufactured in Asia).
The body is Yellotong ... as almost all production Eko at the time. If you know what is the wood I will be grateful you enlighten me, can not find anything on it, apart from the fact that it falls within the composition of chewing gum in the 60s ... if so! Fibrous and soft enough with a beautiful and strong resonance wood. Probably equivalent to the current agathis, cheap and easy to work with, the Eko electric models 70 were rather low-end ...
Maple neck with rosewood or wenge, 21 frets, short scale, the guitar is small and very light. it was equipped with a tremolo I originally bought mine massacred by its former owner, painted in gouache, without the tremolo, but with a lyre easel and a tune o matic ...
A 3-position selector, volume and tone, 2 single a larger size than a standard square and microphones. These microphones are magical ...
Since the massacre at it suffered from its former owner, and his venerable age of 40 years, the guitar has aged superbly.


short scale neck, telecaster mind rather thin, the guitar is very light and small, once we got the format a little toy (especially if you're a big rig like me ...), it is very comfortable and easy to play.
When to get a good sound, it's very simple, I never managed to get bad ...


Should I still tell the story ... I found this shovel to € 100 on the right corner next door to me, it clearly felt the vintage and the shape was funny, I thought I had nothing to lose for the price and it would be a nice to be a pretty fun custom basis. I bought the machine, I get home and I still try without much hope, especially with ropes fifteen years of age ... by chance I'm in the middle position and I "SAMPLING" .... I'm on "the name of God what is this?!!" I immediately plug my Real McCoy between the shovel and the amp and I share on how 1h funck blacksploitation ... Perfect! I try very serious beautiful round powerful position, but without drooling, from jazz to walk through the blues everything works. When the bridge pickup, typically sixties, but powerful and very accurate too, it operates over the surfing plans or R & R time in nasty drive or distortion, but also takes all sorts of effects without losing its personality.
Overall these amazing microphones are between P90 and simple supercharged bliss ... It's right that I love ....
Needless to say I immediately stopped all project customization of the beast, I do not even dare to touch it so it sounds ...


I've had more than three years and this is my best guitar for funk plans, intermediate position is masterful and bury my strat pickups in MS tornado and my vox 25 bare knuckle. In addition, power, clarity, definition and accuracy of these pickups full of character, make it a perfect weapon for all plans in plain stuffed effects (arpeggios, licks, casseroles, picking) ... Finally, it is a skyscraper of 1973 and we are in the same court and the same sound mind that Danelectros the burns and other unlikely shovels these years. A small spring and go ...
If you cross a secondhand and you like this kind of sound ... go for it! value for money is exceptional.