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Thread Laptop Electric Guitar Recording: Questions

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1 Laptop Electric Guitar Recording: Questions
I've been searching for clear answers to the problem of recording an electric guitar on my PowerBook or iBook. I've just put the simple, elegant and easy-to-use Apple GarageBand on my G4 iBook. I bought a keyboard for my kid to use. I was originally going to get Mobilepre as the device to plug the old Fender into and record with GarageBand. I was swayed off course at Guitar Center into buying a Tascam US 122 and I swear I will never get close to that company again. It doesn't work, the Cubasis software is ugly and crashes constantly upon startup. Terrible experience and much time lost on it! I just don't get it that with probably 500 million guitarists out there that it's so difficult to just plug it in and record. I will dump the Tascam back on Guitar Center and try the Mobilepre. What is the absolute simple diagram on this? You know, from guitar to plug to preamp(?) to interface (?) to laptop software. I'll bet there are at least 100 million guitarists out there that will be looking for the simple solution soon. They may as well come here for their answers, si?

Personnaly, I've a desktop with a Centrino CPU. I insist on that because this CPU don't need to a big fan, and it make NO NOISE!!! I'm definitivly against AMD cpu... I owned 5 diferent Duron, Athlon etc... and it always crash... I think for PC Windows 2000 stay the best operating system.

I owned a Hoontech sound card. It works well, no bug at all.. but this is certainly not the best quality. I'm convinced RME and M-Audio cards are the best product to associate high quality and moderate price.

But... one other solution is the POD XT from Line 6. This is what I use, and it works perfectly!!! You plug it on USB, and it's recognise as a sound card. It's built for musician, not for technicien ;-) You directly have an input with a Jack for the guitar, realy simple to use, really efficient.

i am using the V-AMP II to record my guitar tracks...it is much cheaper than the POD and brings the same features....
The V-Amp has got a stereo analog output from where you can go into your line-in from the soundcard...so its important to have a "good" card with a fine line-in !!!

in the early days i used to record the tracks with a mic in front of the guitar amplifier....but i was never satisfied with that solution

the V-Amp II rulez !!!


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