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Thread Feedback appreciated.

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Topic Feedback appreciated.
Having recently purchased a Fishman rare Earth I had a tough time getting any (even vaguely) decent sound. It's getting there though. I've put a Real Audio file of a quick test recording on the Web (site below) so you can get an idea of my current position re compression/mixing. I'm much happier having experimentd a bit, but I would be interested to get some feedback on the general compression use/feel and also on the general mastering (which is 'very' basic at this stage due to my very, very limited knowledge).

Any feedback would be much appreciated. (nb. I've recently noticed a few 'squelchy/poppy' moments when playing back the file. These anomalies may just be due to my PC - they are not in the original Sonar file.)


Sorry - for some reason Sonar won't let me export to MP3. I'll try again though.