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Thread Sound Settings for Guitar

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1 Sound Settings for Guitar
Hallo all, my problem in recording has always been the sound of the guitar. I want to record decent guitar sounds that match well to the specific style of each song. I have tried hard but my ears burn after a while on switching round the settings and i am never satisfied. Even worse, after recording the digital recorder provides a thousnand more settings and effects that can make you listen forever to choose. I have a Mesa Boogie amp and a Korg DK1200 recorder. My inspirations (and therefore the guitar sounds I like best) play arround Dream Theater, Guns'n' roses, Pink Floyd (lets call them 3 phases of guitar-sound escalation)

Can anybody provide me with
-- basic practices for Bass, tremble, middle, presence, gain settings (what for rhythm, what for chords, what for solos, what for metal, what for rock etc)
-- basic practices on effects put after recording (exciters, limmiters, compressors etc.)
Like you said, find the tone that works best for the song. Without knowing what the songs sound like, I really couldn't make a good judgment in the poll.

However, make sure when you're recording that you're not scooping the mids! The mids are where the guitar is heard...to take them out makes audible static and little else. Also, for recording, pull back on the distortion (especially if you're doubling parts).

I'm running an ADA MP1 for most of my stuff, and usually double it with a POD or Marshall....For the tone I like, there is some bottom (around 6), mides (4), high 6, presence (10). It may also make a huge difference where you're miking...get right on the cone for the brightest tone (though you may want to aim the mic just off center) and the further away from the cone to the edge of the speaker, the more 'bass' you will have. I personally like the 'cone tone' for what I'm doing.

Don't worry about playing with all the effects...and if at all possible, add them after the track is laid!

er....ok...hope that helps
I make my music in the computer and guitars are the same to me: Slash, Gilmour & Petrucci!
I usually record directly w/ BOSS ME50 & Marshall vs65r plugged through line out to my soundcard and it sounds very good, but u can´t push over the gain to double guitars!

hope it helps