SM Pro Audio V-Machine
SM Pro Audio V-Machine
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All user reviews for the SM Pro Audio V-Machine

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 1 user review14 %
 4 reviews57 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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plesecq's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super small box"

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
At first the concept is not clear, but after reading the documentation it is not doing badly.
I'm mainly on Mac and I installed a lot of freeware effects and VST instrument. For those with authorization I stayed in compatible list Site SM PRO.
I use a 16GB USB key for plug-ins and samples are mostly meter SampleTank Free (I do conversions with translator)
For controlling DC I use a BCR2000 without any problems.

Vst using the SSE2 instructions do not seem to load it.

I use it for 15 days.

I is not tried other model of its kind.

The feature I like most is being able to use it as a fully configurable multi-effects and the ability to use VST midi (arpeggiator)

What I like least: 1 Mhz processor speed so do not go hungry VSTi. Complexity to create a wizard.

The price / quality ratio is excellent.

I remake that choice without a moment's hesitation.

ledamie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the concept is good, not achievement."

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
How long have you been using?
March 2013.

Did you try many other models before buying it?
the host vst are quite expensive (receptor and others), for once in her was the leap.

What feature do you like most?

being able to put some nice soft (for me the keyboard GSi: VB3, zd6)
the size of the insect, can be put on the edge of the keyboard.
the possibility of internal configuration fx send, chain multiple vst.

the least?

ergonomics is really botches the documentation very light (really the impression that you leave with a word written Fend you!)
the product support forum that closes when I bought it. (to see the site of SM audio).
audio input jack 3.5, I think there is room for a real connection.
RAM feeble (the product of 2008 it seems to me therefore I will not tease too)

With experience, you do again this choice?

I think not, I hesitate to take several (one for the instrument and the other for effect), but it must be profitable.

A303's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" pity that the concept has stopped"

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
I have this little expander for almost a year, I've tested many other expanders and sound modules ....
The big highlight of this machine is that you can install a surprising number of VST, allowing an infinite number of sounds. Most free VST that I could test it is installed without problem. I tested the MS20, Polysix the, monopoly and the excellent ZETA2 + I think that given the cost of V-machine and plug well worth the investment.
You plug any USB controller or MIDI and it works, you put on a control parameter, you press "midi learn", turn the knob and it works magic.
With the software, the keyboard can be divided into 4 and install the plugs or install four different instruments on different channels twelve o'clock.
There's a handy audio input to use multi-effect.
But all is not rosy. When you buy the V-Machine, immediately do the update firmware since has used the presets already installed, you can not install anything, it does not work, it's crazy to sell such a product. Once the update installed, you can start having fun. The software allows the integration of VST is a real wound, it often crashes and sometimes you have to reinstall to recognize the v-machine. transfers are a bit long especially if the plug uses samples. Fortunately, once in the box, it works perfectly, even if the buffer is saturated, there are some blip but the machine does not crash. can also increase ceux_ci to run plugs greedy, of course increasing the latency. This is not bad if you play the keyboard but entant when you sync with a sequencer.
Another negative point, the v-machine does not receive clock noon, it will determine the BPM of your patches in your expander oscillators can synchronize your example. For me it is not very troublesome, it works well like that.
At that price, this is a fabulous sound module, it can do anything even if it is a lack of power. Can not use a Sylenth1 (damage) or any other plugs hyper greedy. Connecting a controller or sequencer is very easy, is really terrible, the only snag is that the software provided Pante but the machine is stable.
So it's great, too bad the project is stopped and that there is not a more powerful version 2.

yed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a magic box ..."

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
two weeks, machine unique and at this price.
+ + This box is what to do in most cases (VSTi compatible). there's almost no need for the pc connected to but works great as expander (lots of vsti) in the export of software daw.le vsti is perfectible but already effective.
+ + + Export on hdd or usb key.
- The fan means in effect but no problems with the inputs and outputs (although isolated).
- I wanted more power and output but there have to buy the range above.
I think I would do this choice, I expect even good for Cygnus me take a second, what seems to be the best solution to have more power and outputs for cheap ;-) .

mathos78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" If you want easy, go your way!"

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
I give you my impressions after a few hot days of testing on this little machine ..

Unsuspecting users, not hobbyists; GO YOUR WAY!

The software supplied with the machine and serving to connect the PC to the machine are totally ergonomic.

After unpacking and connection of the little beast to my PC, I try to install the software included in the box.

First surprise, the installation software, supposed to connect to internet to install the latest update immediately stops with a message in my friendly "Unable to find Setup.exe, blah blah blah"

After being manually download this file and installed it manually in the right place; Whew, finally accepts the software to install ...

Second surprise, the software does not recognize the machine connected via USB ...
After several trials and research (do not expect to find your answer in the manual or the manufacturer's documentation), I finally deduced that the updated version of PC software is not compatible with the version "firmware" of the machine ...

A ride on the English forum and I find how the updater firmware of the machine (something that is not explained or recommended in the manual) ..

Finally, the software and machine communicate ...

Third step, and probably the most painful ... how it fonctionen you it?
AND there, the trouble begins ... the documentation is terse on the subject. Install a plugin on a machine seems almost as complicated as to get an elephant in a 2CV ... and software could not be more difficult and complex to handle ...

Each command (delete a plugin, format the memory machine, etc.) is a real torture and a headache ...

After 5 hours passed on, I still have not managed to install a plugin that runs when I am not a novice in this area ...

Apart from that, the unpleasant surprise to have crackles (rare but still annoying in the case of a use "on stage") when the machine plays the sounds ...

The sounds come with the machine base are zero and more like the Casio synth of the 80s as a real sound library worthy of the name ...

Anyway, I still eventually managed to install the plugin VST Native Instruments B4 Organ, thanks to the Wizard of the machine (which will install some plugin for which the company VMAchine the designer to create small Wizards files can help you install the plugin on your machine) ..

Otherwise, when the Wizard function is not available (in 90% of cases) is just a c ... unbelievable galley ...

Well, other than that, I will also mention the incredibly slow transfer time between the machine and the PC and I will summarize the software side with the vague impression that the program designers have tried to make it unusable as possible ....

-The good machine ... this enormous potential provided we know how to use it ...

-There is a huge community of users and lots of very interesting topics on the forums mainly English that will help you in your journey.

- The machine is well made, strong, beautiful and made a signal with noise quite pro. (Too bad the audio cabling is not a little more pro-unbalanced output jack, mini jack output for headphones).

- It is sold new € 200 (down from € 600 at launch) on some sites selling online Europeans (who seem to want to get rid of their stocks :-)

At that price ... and if I can and put my favorite plugin, this choice will be worth well worth it ...

Damage that are used and especially its configuration is as tedious, and the software suite is truly "crappy" (pardon me the word).

Handymen, technology experts and computer music, it's there's hope ..

Novices, busy people, and not go your way ... DIY!

Maxidingue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mixed review"

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
En route from one week
First impressions pretty bad, presets cans, laborious manipulations, soft capricious (Mac addicts PLACE YOUR WAY)
and then with the little brother of my netbook that runs XP, happiness.
We first format the memory and you install the latest version of VFX and there, it starts to do
Lots of little shareware VSTi super nice (FM Heaven, a must)
In fact it is a small PC like a box of mackerel in white wine
The sound is excellent. No specific grain (it's digital) but very correct. The little fan noise a little exasperating but ... used to it
In fact, the manipulation is very simple. We chose synth (Bank) and the preset and then modify the parameter and the last 2 buttons at the bottom used to change the setting. And now

Like many, I rev (ai) e of a Muse Research Receptor but ........ unaffordable. I like this little machine though on balance

I keep the best for last at Thomann € 205 with the port.

notice, at which price it smells the end ......... then it gives away ....)


fangus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SM Pro Audio V-Machine
- For how long have you been using it?
From 26/03/2009 I am working on it every day

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
Being able to put plug-ins opens up quite important possibilities.
But on the other side, it is quite difficult to put some vst (and vsti) due to the protective system by serial numbers and other authorization.
It sometimes takes a little time to load plug-ins, such as:
-Vb3 + Minimogue VA  + Amplitube ---- 16 sec loading ...

I was not able to install as the B4 II VSTi native or  moogmodular V, but the solutions free (or almost) and there are quite usable.

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
No ...

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
If the firmware is progressing well and that the SAV is present then yes I think it's worth it.
We could compare the V-machine with the Muse Receptor 2 in all but it's like comparing  David with Goliath ...

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Yes although you must spend some time to make its presets, not because of the complexity or lack of ergonomics but by the possibility.