Use Audio Inc. Plugiator
Use Audio Inc. Plugiator

Plugiator, Hardware Plug-in Host from Use Audio Inc..

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
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linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Use Audio Inc. Plugiator
Small presentation of the animal to avoid receiving emails of questions:

The Plugiator (whether as a nightclub like the photo or card keyboard CME ASX) is essentially a "mini computer".
No Windows, Mac OS or Linux within, a particular system that is merely exploiting a processor in order to "calculate" digital audio.
The Plugiator is a host for plugins, but plugins only owner: no VST, AU or RTAS, Audio only those of Use.

This development may seem superfluous, but now that the "VST" are available, some confused.
The "new" provided by VST Use Audio are really just remotes that can be used as plugins. What is important is to consider that these individuals do not produce any VST sound and Plugiator that needs to be connected to the sequencer's audio outputs in addition to the USB or MIDI.

That said, let's shelling of the animal.

The Plugiator, in its box "desktop" is a synthesis module VA, FM-based PCM waveforms.
The control surface is basic: a handful of digital encoders sometimes notched with a secondary function in push-push and some smarties gray share the table. Is stripped and helps design a little stiff from the machine.
The connection is too spartan: USB, MIDI in and out, two audio outputs in TS 1 / 4 (stereo), an input jack for a microphone (no preamp, so we forget the static that require phantom power) and c That is all.
The display is in the spirit "of the 70 high-tech" means a group of LED alphanumeric. It is far from the modern color screens, high definition, even the touch of Roland ...

This recount is justified for two main reasons that fall under the same philosophy of Plugiator: first prize still available and especially the sedentary vocation module closely associated with the tool and the software editor plugins.

In the version I currently 8 plugins are available:

MINIMAX: an emulation of Mini Moog



LIGHTWAVE: a wavetable synthesizer



B4000: an organ drawbars



VOCODIZER or VOCTOR: a multi-band vocoder



PRODISSEY: an emulation of the ARP Odyssey



PRO-12: SCI Prophet emulation



FMagia: FM synthesizer



Drum'n'Bass: a module of percussion and bass


The quality of each plugin is undeniable, it is actually many synths from the development of Creamware.
Since the last update (end 2009) graphical interfaces are somewhat better for some, similar to others, but still fairly rudimentary in design.

I am a strong supporter of the plugins in general, whether freeware or large productions such Native Instruments and IK Multimedia. I also like the outsiders, such as products or OhmForce Audio Damage. Obviously the virtual is my thing (well, I do not spit on a good hardware eq either) ...

With this I am filled Plugiator.
Good dynamic output, its thick and malleable, programming and more complete integration of VST. It's really good equipment. A little video to get an official idea:

<span style="color: #ffffff;"></span><span style="color: #ffffff;"></span>

DJMinoi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Use Audio Inc. Plugiator
How long have you use it? A little over a year
What is the particular feature you like best and least? The sound is absolutely stunning. It's pure juice Creamware on quality sound, but trs, trs stable (those who had the cards in their machine Creamware understand me). I suffered no crashes of the machine over a year.

on the other hand, can not be used srieusement (sound design) without a PC or Mac connected to it. And the quality of the graphics editor is simply disgusting. This is the review in part priori (trs graphics below the norm, not at all friendly approach to save your presets - a blow to both, the preset is not stored correctly in the card, and the instruction of another sound makes you lose your job)

To properly program the ASX, a CONTRL outer surface is absolutely ncessaire. Yet that too, again in a serious effort is done in the doc. Plugins are only four documents, there is absolutely no information about the other four, and hello to assign MIDI CONTRL to the ASX. In addition, it is essential to have two MIDI interfaces on the machine that CONTRL: a USB (because the editor only works via USB), MIDI over another "normal" to control the sound.
As the plugin version of CME keyboard, it is also good at his (same card), but virtually unusable from the front of the CME. MAC or PC required, even live.

In terms of plugins, even when the choice is quite thin, and the website "forgets" to prciser only one plugin can run both. If you want more plugins at the same time, we need as many plugins as ASX. Note also the absence of multitimbral.

I regret that others give opinions on the product of AF are a little "commercial" and forget to prciser certaisn default product. For example, I find that inflated the ASX has the sound of FM DX. It is simply not true. The ASX has a sound INTERESTED, but certainly not that of a DX, especially as the ASX is a 4 oprateurs (like TX81Z) and not June 1 as the DX7 oprateurs. So the sound can never be the same case.

Similarly, since early 2009 UseAudio announces the release of the VSTi CONTRL ... It is still not available on Windows and even less about Mac.

Regulation is missing a line between stro. Mono microphone input can only be exploited for the vocoder. For the other plugins (all of which offer a mix between with this) is compltement crtin and lose the possibility of cascading several machines, and most importantly, would have had to spend his entering plugins (the Minimoog did ... why so good a formulation does not?)

Have you tried many other models before acqurir? No
How do you report qualitprix? Trs good
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? Yes ...

solo84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Use Audio Inc. Plugiator
EDIT 07/07/09: Here it is, they released the version Vsti plugs, meaning that the driver Vsti plugin Plugiator !!!!!

I have version ASX, which consists of a DSP card scheduled to fit in the CME UF8.

- 1 stereo output (unbalanced)
- A balanced mono input for the vocoder. This entry requires a preamp if you plug a microphone only you will have very little level!
- 1 USB
- One headphone
That's all, as the rest (Power & MIDI) is "given" directly by the UF8

Recall that the support is a Plugiator 8 DSP designed to run certain Creamware synths! These are the same algorithms and the same sound! The plugs are currently existing in number 8.


- Minimax: already a classic, it's the best Minimoog emulation, period! It sounds even better than the Arturia soft, more "natural", more Péchu ... For most, it takes a true!

- B4000: a Hammond organ ... There is an exception, but it sounds not as good as Charlie USB (which is based on the sample) and even the B3 v2.0 Native Instruments (which is based synthesis, as here). It's very convincing, but the two apps mentioned above have more charm! Some real joureurs Hammond are still satisfied!

- Lightwave: not really tried, but big big sound!

- Vocodizer: a vocoder in the tradition of pure analog, old-fashioned! Field of musicality, it is known for trouncing all that is done in soft and even a number of vocoders hardware (Korg). Its very musical, very engaging, very convincing!

- Prodissey: ARP Odyssey! Listen to this! It will be better than me!

- Pro12: the famous Prophet5 modeled better than ever! Pads and other leads they mix naturally, without effort! Success!

- FMagia: FM synthesis, DX7 style, larger than life! The NI FM7 is close to the original, but here, when we play the bells typical of this kind of synthesis, we really seem to hear a DX!

- Drum'n bass: not tried

The first 4 are included with the hardware, the other 4 are the subject of a bundle (approx 80 euros! Is nothing!).

SON: I strongly advise this solution to anyone who wants to approach as close as possible to the big analog synths without being able to pay the x thousand euros that a cost Prophet5 MIDI or a Minimoog.

I'm also not agree with the test appeared recently on Audiofanzine Plugiator, in which it is said that the synths are "pretty good" ... Etc. Plays with monitoring worthy of the name, the sound is really stunning! This is especially in a mix it becomes clear: Wow! This thing sounds like a real one! This is the first time I really found the sensation of hearing a synth! Arturia emulation or Native Instruments, yet high quality, not compete absolutely not!

Note that two additional effects are present: a delay and a chorus. Nothing special, they are correct. However we prefer to deal cut the sound when the mix.

Plugin manager: so it's the name of the software management. It is through this soft that one has the GUI for each plugin. Those of the Minimax and Pro12 are very close to their original models.
It is also here that manages banks and presets. You can load a plug, a preset, organize lists, save all on the PC hard disk or the hardware itself.
To make it work, make sure that the midi in and out the window configuration software are well selected the correct USB port (usually "USB audio driver") and to "refresh".

Use Audio: Use Audio responds to questions the same day (in English). It's rare enough to be mentioned! Otherwise the registration process and downloading plugs, keys and others is OK. No brainer special, and it is not required to have an Internet connection on the PC in question to make it work.
Note that there is a bank of presets enriched by users. Not tested!

- The sound, unparalleled in virtual!
- The ratio Q / Price
- The self-concept hardware

The -
- Integration into MIDI sequencer bridge: boring at first, but it works well
- Failure to freely assign the physical knobs

Overall opinion: very satisfied with this purchase! It's been a while since I had not had the feeling of having a real synth hands! The sound is fabulous and the quality / price ratio up to much!